shall i or not?

i am thinking of paying private and seeing a rhuematologist who i know knows about fibromyalgia,and to ask him to fully examine me and explain his findings in a letter to me and my g.p .as the first person who diagnosed me with fibro was in 2003, and my health has certainly deteriorated since then,that way i would have more recent proof of my mobility issues. it will cost me £220 - £250 but then maybe even though i was put in the wrag group and the tribunal left me in wrag group not support group maybe i could send the dwp new evidence and see whether the decision could be changed(as a rheumatologist will carry more weight than a g.p) if it doesn't help at least i have a more up to date report for dla next year ,what do you think? good idea or bad idea financially??( i know who the rheumatologist is)

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  • Personally, if you have access to the money (safely) I would go and see the specialist, if he can give you some real, detailed and knowledgable answers then it could REALLY be worth it, It could even gain you money in the long run if you can re-apply for money. Especially as, as you say, he's a specialist in this area and would be more highly regarded then just a normal family doctor.

    Good luck! Beth xx

  • good luck if it helps and you can afford it reckon it would be worth it xxx

  • Hello there,

    I know it's different in northern Ireland where I live to living in England, but I would say do that, if you can afford it, because I'm still waiting for my doc to get a report, and to be called back and my rheumy's sec., keeps giving me the run around, telling me one day she's giving me a cancellation and the next denying she ever said any such a thing, and also my first appointment was the end of February, truthfully if I'd the money I would get an app., with a private one, although the rheumy did say I had the full 18 points of fibro, just dealing with his secretary is such a pain, good luck anyway love xx

  • cheers guys, seeing as i am in the wrag group and by rights my contributory esa stops tomorrow ,i won't get paid if i have to go on income related esa as my partner had his retirement payout 2 years ago and has invested it and he also works part time ,i have a bit saved up so we won't be entitled to any money, but i think it is worth taking money out and doing this,if the rheumatologist feels he also wants to do some tests even blood tests ,he is obviously going to ask me first,and if i say i can't afford it could he do them on the n.h.s if i go on the waiting list i am sure he will(he works at the nhs hospital more or less opposite the private hospitaL!! (i met him once before at the nhs hospital as my neck was really painful and he said we won't mess about we will do a scan,which he put me on the waiting list for and i have a bulging disc in my neck,he is youngish (mid to late 20s and seemed genuinly nice)

  • If you have access to the money, it could well be worth it.

    I applied for DLA years ago (so the climate has definitely worsened for claimants since!) and was initially refused, but I had said they needed to approach my private consultant and not my GP and they'd gone to my GP. After getting the report from my consultant I was awarded DLA without tribunal which even back then was quite unusual.

    They may also be able to make treatment suggestions for your GP to take forwards.

  • cheers lindsey, i know this rheumatologist works privately and nhs,so if he does suggest tests or such like i shall ask if i can go on a waiting list on the nhs if he does suggest that, i have to get a referal from my g.p ,can't see him refusing especially as it is going to be private.

    i will just say to the rheumatologist if he can give me a thorough examination because i would value his opinion as my fibro has worstened since 2003, and like you said he may be able to make suggestions to help me ,anyway i have now decided it is the way to go and my partner thinks it is a good idea so i will try to find it out if i can the exact amont he charges for a consultation as his secretary there said about £220 to £250, so i will see if she can give a more exact ,so over the next two weeks i am going to go for it, and i know if he examines me his findings are going to be so different than the 5 min medical the atos "doctor" gave me!! i shall post when i am going and what he finds out cheers lindsey

  • Can't your GP refer you to this rheumatoligist and save you the money? I've been to several different hospitals in my county and neighbouring ones so I don't see that it should be a problem if you have a cooperative GP.

    Julie xx

  • he prob would julie, but it will take months and i want the letter of his findinging now rather than later as it may change things with dwp

  • oops!that should read findings!

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