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Has anyone had problems with hair? I used to have lovely long hair but I found it incredibly difficult to look after because my illness has affected my arms that much that I couldn't even brush it or put bobbles in. So, I told my husband that I wanted my hair cutting. He took me to the hairdresser and I asked her to cut my hair short for me. I'm made up with it and it only needs a quick going over with the comb (something easy that my hands can handle). It struck me just how easy it is maintaining it like that too.

I just wondered if anyone else had problems with their hair that way that I have?

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just booked appointment shoulder length today cropped tommorrow. just cant cope anymore

babebatista in reply to snappy1

It's so hard isn't it? It's so much easier for me to take care of this way. Gentle hugs hun xxx


Hi Babebatista, My arms and hands get sore trying to do my hair so I have kept it short for quite a while now, it is a little shorter than I normally have it and I find it a lot easier to handle :)

babebatista in reply to Hidden

I'm glad I'm not on my own. It's just so difficult all of this we have to go through. Lots of gentle hugs xxx

Hair is short and I have it cut so I can just wash and leave. means you have to go to hairdresser often

Even though I find it hard to manage at times I have a classic bob just sort of chin level, same length all the way round, but it's so fine I only have show it the hair dryer and ping, it's mostly dry, which is great as my shoulders and neck wouldn't be happy if it took much longer !!

Foggy x

Your hair looks nice, I feel a bit stuck just now can't stand going to the hairdresser, I'm sporting the Dougal ( magic roundabout) look I'll get round to it eventually. Lou xx

I have just left my hair to grow and kept the same style for years now. I had it 'poodle permed' years ago to add volume as it's so fine, and now it's just straggly long and I just flick it over my head to cover my scalp as my hair is so fine now you can see it through my hair. When I worked I washed it almost every day, now I often only wash it when I'm going somewhere, plus it comes out while I'm washing it which i hate, of course, so with that and the pain of leaning over the sink, (we don't have a shower), I don't enjoy taking care of my hair now as I used to. I'm dreading having to colour it for Xmas! Think in the new year I am going to see if I am brave enough to grow grey gracefully! Julie xxx

I've took to just letting my hair be lol I put heated rollers in once naturally dried occasionally an just leave it with natural waves. Lasts longer that way but I've put the heated rollers away and can't find it. I tend to just not care went to my pals wedding without doing it sometimes put it in a bun (scrunched) and it naturally curls too and that just does it. I don't fret about how it looks its the best way to think :) The messy volumed hair is on trend too (well that's what I tell myself )ha

Though my hair dresser does curls and up do's cheap sometimes use that for a night out an odd blow dry can keep it straight too. I've always had extremely long hair had to get about 5 inches off it as it was just hard work :( It's still long though so people say. I'd say there has been about one day I've styled it properly this month.

Your hair looks lovely :) and can imagine it's alot less bother.

Thank you. My hairdresser is actually so nice because I buy the boxed colours and take it to her and she puts it on for me. Works out so much cheaper too. If I went to the hairdresser in town and had them colour my hair with their colours it would cost me £35-£40 where as with my hairdresser and me taking my colour its only £20. My hair is so thick that when I went recently it looked like my hair had been dead long cos even a trim looks like had a load taken off. Gentle hugs xxx

It suits you so I would keep it like that if I was you. I too used to have quite long thick hair but I just could not manage it and with the illness I reckon it has only have the volume it used to have and it is certainly not in such good condition despite all the pots and potions I use. I unfortunately have a horrible birth mark in the form of a wide red band down the line where the spine is so having very short hair would be a bit of a no no for me unfortunately. I keep mine in a long bob so if I am desperate I can clip it up. I also have a fringe as I find just washing that if I am desperate can just lift the style. I have also become best friends with dry shampoo.x

I would just love to say thank you so much all of you fir your lovely comments. Thank you and gentle hugs to you all xxx


I also used to have lovely hair, always beautifully cut and low light, I loved it. But have moved to a new area, and was so ill with many things by very, very anaemic as well. I just couldn't even care about my hair, I just felt so ill for about 9 months. When I had had a blood transfusions and iron infusion, it was like I had woken up, by that point my natural colour was about 3 inches from my parting, so went and got my hair cut, took of about six inches, it is well above shoulder mow and all the colour is out. I'm a Dort of salt and pepper colour, but my hair is very thin, not my crowning glory that it used to be!

But so easy to manage. I had a part shoulder replacement, so holding a hair dryer is a no how. I've had a fan heater placed hi on my bathroom wall, where I sit on a chair after a shower and it dries me and my hair! (((Gentle hug))) sorry about the rambling!!

Hi babebatista

I think your hair looks really lovely! I have found that my hair now lacks life and vitality? It doesn't feel the same and doesn't have the natural shine that it use to? I do not know if my medications are causing this or what?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Thank you every one for replying to me it's so nice to have the support network that we are all are in. I may not be on here now before Christmas so with that in mind,

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year,

Hope that 2015 is good to everyone and lots of love and continued to support to you all



Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you also.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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babebatista in reply to Hidden

Hello Fibro,

Thank you so much for you wonderful words. I wouldn't worry about the physio as I'm sure when you tell them you had a fall they will understand. I know what you mean about our hair looking nice. I'd let it grow for so long as at the time I couldn't afford to get it done. It was shoulder length and I was using kirby grips to keep it all in place!! It really is one less thing to worry about as its a simple comb in the morning and ta-da I'm ready to welcome the world in. The only other thing that has stopped me in the past is that I try not to make any appointments because I can't tell how I will be that day. I've had to cancel so many appointments even to see my own gp. I should do more exercise to be honest but again I'm either to tired or in too much pain.

Hope that you aren't in to much pain after your fall last week, Sending lots of gentle hugs your way.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



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