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What is going on today my arms hurt so much i cant even lit them up they are so heavy and painful and burning too it is horrible i need to wash mty hair but no way can i hang over the bath and wash it with the shower head i am gonna have to have a bath and do it that way or get my little nieces to wash it for me but dont want to start to have to rely on them little girls to do that not yet that is the slippery slope looming isnt it?

hope that you are all ok this morning and had a good night love to you all diddle x

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Hope you manage to wash your hair - I'm just about to have the same fight in the bath... not fun!

Take care sweetheart xxx

Hope you manage to wash your hair - I'm just about to have the same fight in the bath... not fun!

Take care sweetheart xxx

Morning diddle,

My shower is broke. :( I have real trouble getting in and out of the bath and washing my hair makes me cry, i have to ask my 12 year old sometimes and i hate asking people to do stuff for me.

Good luck hun and i hope its not too painful for you. :)

hugs, kel xxx

MissKittycat in reply to jazher

Sending you hugs too kel, totally understand where you're coming from! Try and take it easy today xxxxx

jazher in reply to MissKittycat

Morning tracy, Thankyou, you take it easy too. :)

I am doing nothing today, i am aching after yesterday and need to sum up some energy for that dreaded bath later lol.


Hidden in reply to jazher

teah ditto love to you diddle x


hi yes thanks all or your love will leave hair till tonight can get awat with it so will wait not really planning anything today jus take it easy i think love to you all diddle x

I know the feeling diddle i have to get my partner to wash my hair, bit embaressing at 40!! xx cuddles to all xx


I know the feeling although I have a bath board and grab rails in my bath/shower i just dont have the energy in my arms to lift, even typing is hurting a bit and im resting on the table (laptable) but i bought some dry shampoo this week will see what that is like, just like hairspray and i reckon even my son will do that for me, as long as he dont have to help me to the bathroom lol.

Hope you get some rest diddle.


Hi all,

Like kialaya, I use dry shampoo on days I think I just can't do the whole shower thing! Golly they have improved it from when I was a girl. It's spray form and absolutely brilliant. You don't look like you have poured a load of talc in your actually feels ok. It's been an absolute god send. Would recommend to all my fibro friends!

Gentle hugs x

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