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I had a visit to the hair dressers

I am delighted I have a new color well it is actually my real color put through and it is like soft gentle corn waving in the sunshine:) I once made the mistake of coloring my own hair and it went green yes very unattractive but I was lucky' a club I was a member of had a demonstration at the hair dressers and this lovely young man took one look at my abomination and swept me of to have it cured. He has been my hairdresser ever since some 30 years (cringe I am getting old)

They used to say You are as old as you feel (bad news for me my partner is 70 yipppsss)

I am about to be 58 and proud of it I intend to enjoy the rest of my fifties and then life will begin when I turn 60 :)

Happy days x gins

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Good for you, Gins! :) I'm still colouring my own hair (currently bright red), but it turns out ok, for the most part. I do, however, remember a certain time in my teens, when I had been dyeing my waist-length hair red, and decided to go back to my natural blonde ... with a very strong 'Nordic Blonde' colour. To cut a long story short, I had to go out the next day, with fluorescent orange/bright yellow/white hair in a gradient in order to get something to tone it down! It was different ...

Sara xx


you go girl green hair and all love to you and hope you do something really nice today like go to the park and go down the slide whilst shouting weeeeee at the top of your voice ha ha that wuill make everyone smile and you will enjoy it so everyones a wimnner lol love to you diddle xx


you know wot im pleased that you had your hair done us ladies need stuff like that to perk us up and make us feel sort of human again.

i would love a manicure every week but cant afford things like that just cheer me up.

i only dyed my hair once from blonde to brown and my ex boss said you need to go home samantha becoz you look like you have dipped your hair in a chip fryer.

ive never dyed my hair since thank god...


Good for you Gins. i find the hair dressers a bit of a chore these days but as I can't colour my own hair these days it is a something I have to do.

You sound like me as in your a glass half full person. good on you.I am knocking at the door of 50 and no one to feel to make me feel younger.

I am recovering slowly from visit to hairdressers on Tuesday and I would say my look is sort of tiger, had high lights and low lights. xx


Morning Devonlady like the sound of your high lights I tried to get my hair to match the real white ish color coming through but it is actually a soft gentle blonde quite a pretty color for me lol Happy day to you x gins


I haven't had a hair cut in 6 years! it's a blasted nuisance, cos it's down to my butt!

Cheers, Midori


Hi hair people I used to dye my hair red and then I started doing it bright pink hard to think it was only about 4 years ago but I've toned it down now when I get around to doing it it will will be a mahogany colour oh what fun .Sithy


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