Guess what colour I dyed my hair

I dyed my hair today. Had to do it several times before I got it sort of how I wanted but in any case I persevered through the pain of lifting my arms and gritted my teeth at the agony of bending over the bath with the shower attachment and my hair is now a lovely shade of.....violet. I'll say it's for Fibromyalgia Awareness lol

Storm x

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  • Good on you! I did mine last weekend, Neck has only just recovered but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I went CLARET coloured :)

  • Fab I love that colour too had red hair ranging from maroon to pillar box red for years :-)

    Storm x

  • ha we must av all been at it, ive just gone from bloned to my natural boring brown.... I did it to make myself feel better. The blonde drained the colour out of my face, which is quite pale of late feeling so ***tty for so long, my new dark matches the bags under my eyes, thanks to the lack of sleep over the last 6 weeks. But ive played safe and used a up to 8 washes lol. Ive had a rhianna red under cuboard to weeks and dont have the guts to do it lol.


  • My spelling and typing is amazingley rubbish at the moment lol.

  • Hi

    Please do not apologise for any spelling or typing mistakes as without the spell checker I would be hopeless.

    I used to be so proud of my spelling and grammar but these days since I got this iMac all the keys play every night and i an sure they don't always get to the right place every morning, plus I am getting this problem of as i am typing my fingers suddenly think they will type that letter so there is a lot of backspace use.

    Sometimes i type it out in word and cut and paste as it is much easier.

    Cake Tare and dinkest gerards


  • Love the typos Terry.

    I couldn't send my efforts through without first checking. I am sure as you say the keys have a dance at night and all change places as I type utter rubbish sometimes.

    Cake Tare to you and dinkest gerards!!!!!!!!

    Love and hugs Saskia XX

  • Dinkest gerards!!!!!! :D

    I am sooo going to use that one!

    Moffy x

  • I love it, too, Moffy. It really tickled me.!!

    Terry will never live that one down. I am always transposing letters too and some words bear no relation to what I have thought I have typed.

    Keep smiling! Saskia XX

  • Aw EHI think you should go for the red maybe do a few streaks if you are not feeling brave :-) I hope you get some quality sleep then you can look fabulous

    Storm x

  • Loving the violet ... My mobile hairdresser came last week i had to have my shoulder length bob cut short to be more manageable for me , so this time she put some blonde highlights in for me and I totally agree a colour or cut Definately cheers you up...

    VG x

  • My hair was down to my waist and I had it cut short like a pixie cut and my daughter said Oh mum you cant just leave it grey well nearly white! So she did the top platenham and the underneath serice Pink and its cheered me up. Needs doing again now ! x x x

  • Cool what a colourful lot we fibro mites are :-)

    Storm x

  • >>> Rushes off to buy bright red hair dye - bit tired of brown with grey bits!

  • wow, good on you, mine is supposed to be plum but my hair is so dark only the grey bits show the colour, lol, xx

  • Awww lol. I'm on a detox so Decided against hair dye since before Christmas. I wad quite self conscious but people seem to think I've gone blonde lol

  • i have a question , why does my hair come through white at the roots

    even in winter ? in the summer i can blame the sun for bleaching it hmmm , off to find some violet hairdye that will teach my Brothers right for suggesting a purple rinse cheeky monkeys ha ha xx

  • Bright pink here, and have been for years.......groovy granny. We all need somthing to cheer our selfs up. I may feel like death warmed up but not going to look like it. Xxxx

  • I so love this`, i`m a groovy granny too - only trouble with not looking your age is trying to keep up with the grandchildren, but I wouldn`t be any different,! good on ya for the pink!xxxx

  • The Neice (who lives with us) has gone pink on the ends...and so has the bathroom!!!!!!

    Shes 13, and when she moved in with us last year she straightened her afro hair and dyed it blond (went orange, though). It looked OK, however - in keeping with the trends (!!!), and hairdresser ok'd the condition of her hair as still being good, so last week we said she could crazy-color it, as long as her friends who have had colours hadn't got into trouble at school.

    Well, it looks really good now to say, but it washes out quickly, so next time we'll have to get the bathroom covered in clingfilm before she starts!!! :-)


    (Half of me is hoping that the novelty will wear off before then, tho.....).

  • We must have all been bent over baths last week and suffering sore necks and arms, I did mine on fri night, blond was draining my face as I am pale, so went back to dark reddish brown, it's a little more red than I'd not sure if I like it....don't want to go light again though, makes me look like a ghost!

  • good on you, i got a dye yesterday bight orange, my husbands face was a picture lol. going out sat night so hope i will have the have it done by then, hell its only a primary school reunion. that should be fun. lots of soft hugs to all

    ellie xxx

  • Let us know how that goes!


  • thanks xxxx

  • We must be like a rainbow, glad we are all getting on with life and making the best of it. So FIBRO we are not giving in to you. We can all hold our BRIGHT heads up high. Lots of hugs Quines ( Aberdeen word for girls) xx

  • Ooo sounds lovely one of my friends had purple and green streaks in her hair and I loved it but I'm not brave enough to do it myself - she did it to cover her grey and I think it was a great idea. Now you'll have to buy a new outfit to go with the violet hair!!!

  • Hi everyone who dyes their hair ,, I due mine too,, I've managed to get a organic range off amazon ,, I'm lucky just out it on dry hair and wash it off in the shower easy no toxic fumes no bad reaction no burning my scalp with chemicals and it doesn't have any smell heee x

  • Would be really interested in hearing results of using any sort of organic colour. I have really cut back on colouring mine after realising the toxins involved - but the grey is fighting through!

    tried one but it was total cr.. and left no colour at all after rinse!!!

    there must be a huge market for someone to market hair dye without toxins - but you dont hear much or see much advertising. Any ideas please?

  • Love it.I have dyed mine rebel red.


  • Yay to all the pinks and reds and oranges and violet rinses :-D

    Storm x

  • I dyed my hair red/chestnut for years, then decided to just let the grey grow through. But something a friend said prompted me to dye it again. Red of course. But I wanted something a little bolder, so I bought that new dye...sounds like Olay!! Deep red! And I love, love, love it!! XXX

  • Is that the new oil based one, is it good? My hair gets dry after colouring so think it might be better. I'm getting used to my red now and everyone loves it! It's called deep reddish brown but the red is quite deep but at the same time bright, especially in the light.

    Wonder are we all going red to let of a little of the anger we can sometimes feel;-)

  • Well I've used it twice now Mary and I really love it. I've always gone for a ledd obvious colour but I decided to rebel and go mad!! The colour I use is 'Deep Red' and I love it, and everyone who's seen it thinks it's great too. I would tell anyone to give it a go, and you get a huge tube of conditioner with it too!! XX

  • Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue etc

    The due I used is all natural, semi permanent. Of course I had to lighten it first :-(

    Took a photo for FB and it came out electric blue!

  • Hey colourful hair club iv been red and bright pink before I've got burgundy waiting in my bathroom but as my shoulders have been bad and my hair reaches my bum its gonna be hard I could rope in my hubby but he complains about doin it as he always did our daughters an they changed theirs almost every month. I think I'll have to bully him into it . Sithy

  • I dont feel so bad now my mobile hairdressers using me as guinea pig with colour extentions so far caramel and blond

    blue green red andvyellow to come hail the rainbow granny lol

  • I dont feel so bad now my mobile hairdressers using me as guinea pig with colour extentions so far caramel and blond

    blue green red andvyellow to come hail the rainbow granny lol

  • mine is pink and how brave am i i asked my hubby and he said yes to having a go at dying it how brave was i and it turned out better than when i did it even the hairdressers said he done a good job so guess what in a few months time when it needs doing again hes going to be busy lol

  • if your on my keyboard you will be typing wrong, as its not a british keyboard. i have a z where the y is and a y where the z is. the thing is if you want a y you have to type where the y should be instead of where it is, and the same for the z.

    everybody confused yet? lol

  • Hey "dye hard Fibros" i haven't been on for a while due to change over on broadband.I'll tell you i hate dying my hair,i end up being absolutely lifeless afterwards not only that i come out the shower the same colour as my dye hence dread the thought of green or purple allover, i can't bend over the sink or the shower so i have to get in the shower to wash it off.i wish i had the nerve to let it go grey or something like that,something that will look fresh without looking older that would do for me.jacksiex.

  • My OH dyes his hair purple and rinses it in the bath so then the bath is purple!

  • Hi I colour my hair it's silver this week I always stand in shower to take dye off as I find it to hard to bed over bath or basin,I bet violet looks lovely xx

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