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Spring is here and I always have a new hair cut because it makes me feel better so

I looked my lovely hair dresser in the eye smiled and said up on right down on the left. He obliged and wow I am so pleased nice to have something nice going my way. It looks fantaastic.It is short on the right and thenit gradually builds and wishes to the front wicked well done my hair dresser :) Has any one else been for a change of style? It does give you a lift xgins

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Wow gins, me too, had mine cut and coloured on Monday, it's a bit of a pallava as I can't sit still for too long and I definately can't sit with my head going backwards into the sink. Anyway, though its not a drastic change of style, I go for a blunt cut bob as I have a long thin face, but I am going a bit blonder each time, which is great , something I've wanted for a long time, but didn't as my father always criticised me.

It does lift the spirits though and I'm grateful to have a really good hairdresser close enough for me to get to.

I'm sure yours looks wonderful and I'm glad it's made you feel good. :-) :-) Foggy x


hey snap foggy I bet you look fab xgins


seen your pic looking good gel xgins


Spring always makes you feel like a haircut - it makes you want to mow the lawn as well! :)

Moffy x


I would love to mow the lawn ==too much snow at moment :) and it is a task beyond me now :) xgins


I have a mobile hairdresser she cut iy short in February and last time I had blonde highlights

Very uplifting and all in the comfort of my own home...



are you staying the same for this year VG or something racier xgins


Hi again gins, just a though, I wonder how many of us are unable to go backwards at the hairdressers? I think I read an article some time back about how fibro effects the neck and the particular action of leaning back as in a hairdressers sink, is utterly the worst thing we can do, even if we can tolerate, it. I would be really interested to find out, perhaps I should suggest a poll?

Foggy bimbles off muttering away to herself......



Well honey I cannot go backwares anymore I have the chair removed lots of towels and fortunately the sink tilts and it is forward I go but not for long :) Usuallya I wash at home and Chris my hairdresser squirts it with water when I get there snd then cuts or whatever :) but you are right a good one for a poll Well done Foggy xgins


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