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I feel my fatigue is getting worse

I seem to be gradually getting more fatigued in that a couple of years ago I slept most afternoons but not all. But in the last year I've needed to sleep every day, almost without exception. The year before I would sometimes just lie down and not sleep. Now I always do. Sleep can range from half an hour to two hours.

This may be fibro but it also may be confounded by pre-menopausal symptoms. I was tested for diabetes last year but it came back fine. That was the 'fasting test'. However, my mum had a test which took an average of her blood sugar levels over the last 3 months. I wasn't offered this. Is this something that is generally available or does it vary from area to area?

I realize I've just asked two questions in one but they are related!

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Hi Kirby, I don't think there's any limit on the number of questions you can ask :-) I am completely with you on the exhaustion. I always used to take a nap in the afternoon but then I found it impacted on my night sleep. My problem really is getting up and going in the mornings as I often don't get to sleep until the time when others may be getting up. I feel like I've turned it all upside down :o

You could ask your GP if you are worried about diabetes, if you could have similar tst to that which your mother had, though my understanding is that the fasting test gives a pretty good indication of diabetes. However, I am not a medic and I think a word with your doctor could do no harm.

Sending positive healing vibes your way :-)

Foggy x

Ps. Have you changed your avatar? I thought you had two apricot coloured may just be me tho,....


Hi Foggy

Thanks for your reply! I wish I could do without my afternoon/early evening nap but I can't! I am also bad in the mornings although the later I go to bed, the later I get up. Sometimes I take meds to help me sleep but not always. Thanks for the info regarding the fasting test. If it's more accurate then I'm reassured by that but I will mention it to my GP next time I see her. I am saving up a list of things.

Yes, I have changed my avatar! Well remembered and not foggy at all! It was actually three gingery cats doing a group hug but felt it was time for a change. I think you've changed yours too(?) :-)



Top marks Kirby :-) Poppie in the light rather than lost in a dark background, you can see she's a dog now, rather than the nondescript object previously :-)

Foggy x


And a fine-looking dog she is too! :-) x


Awww bless you, she is a sweetie :-)


Hello Kirby,

I can totally understand how you are feeling with increased fatigue, mine has slowly become worse since August 2013. I have spoken to the GP about possible reasons, as I feel my health has made a sudden decline. So I am wondering if there is a trigger that I am currently unaware about or whether it is just circumstance ?!

I have had my bloods checked and they showed Vitamin D & Folic Acid deficiency and I have been treated for this but I am still finding fatigue to be a big problem. I have also spoken to the GP about my symptoms of PoTS as in my case I feel this is impacting on my Fibro. Just for your interest here's some information about PoTS which awaiting a referral to a specific hospital to see a Specialist in this area.

Do you feel your fatigue has got worse as you have been experiencing pre-menopausal symptoms? Are you currently taking any treatment for the menopause or has this not been discussed as yet?

In regards to your Diabetes test the fasting overnight with morning blood sample is the first course of action. Do you think you have symptoms of diabetes? Is this the reason behind your question?

I personally believe that other conditions do impact on Fibromyalgia as it may be an extra stressor on the body which may cause increase symptoms. I have noticed that each time I have dipped so far it has usually been associated with changes in blood test results, infection or traumatic events.

However, it may have been coincidence or my inaccurate perception of the situation, who knows ?!?!

I look forward to your reply

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Many thanks for your reply, Emma. Sorry to hear about your fatigue too. I did have Vit D deficiency last time it was checked but then they stopped checking it because they said it was cheaper just to prescribe the Vitamins instead. The problem is that I was getting side-effects (constipation) to the vitamins they prescribed so I bought my own from the health shop. But as my GP said the sun is the best form of Vitamin D (if you can get it! it's been in short supply a bit lately) but I also noticed that even the sun wasn't helping that much last year because it often comes with humidity. It sounds as if the vitamins haven't helped you much either.

Yes, I have heard a bit about PoTs so thanks for posting that so I can refresh my memory. Do you find it's becoming more recognised or do you find that it's harder than even Fibro to be recognised?

Yes, I suppose my fatigue is getting worse as I hit the menopause. I am 54 (55 in a few months) and still having periods, a bit more drawn out, so I'm hoping they will stop soon! Plus I'm getting more sweats, but not hot sweats, cold clammy ones!

I mentioned about the diabetes because when being tested for my thyroid over a year ago they found that my blood sugar was high (it was over 9) but when I came back to do the fasting test it was normal. I suppose I've been thinking about diabetes because my dad had late onset diabetes, my mum's just been told she's pre-diabetic (though she is in her 80s) but she had the test which takes an average over the last three months. The other thing, apart from the fatigue is my weight. I was always 8 to 8 and a half stone for years. Then it increased from 9 to 9 and a half stone in my 40s but now I am 12 stone!! I think the anti-depressants I'm taking may be a factor because the weight increase corresponds with that.

K x


Hi Kirby

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

There are quite a few blood tests available for monitoring your blood sugar levels, so if you continue to have problems that you think may be diabetes related I would go back and see your GP again.

Please take care and good luck with finding the answers that you are looking for

Ken x


Thanks so much, Ken, and for taking the trouble to reply. I do think a visit to my GP is overdue! Have a relaxing weekend.

K x


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