Worsening fatigue , I'm not getting it still

I'm back again and I'm still not getting it, since the middle of last year I've dropped my pain meds drastically after my last operation on my elbow, before the op I wasn't far off being my normal self Altho in pain I was ok energy wise, I was on 400mg of morphine sulfate, 3600 of gabapentine and 60 mg of duloxatine, now I'm down to 120 mg of morphine 1200 gabapentin and 30 mg of duloxatine, I've also added in 10 mg of escitralopran this week up 5 mg from last as directed by psychiatrist , if I'm out the house for more than an hour or two I spend the next day exhausted on the bed, only just about getting up to eat and pee. Am I missing something here ? My last lot of bloods came back good, I'm not overweight . I was going to try and switch morphine to tapentadol but I'm putting this off for now as I'm not up for any added problems, so what on earth is going on, I've had ecg's and they are always ok. Why I'm I so depressed?? And fatigue / tired??

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  • Hi Baddog

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to this issue. I am not a doctor but it appears that many Fibro suffers also have ME / CFS to accompany their Fibro, and so it may be worth discussing this with your GP, and ascertaining what they think?

    I have pasted you a link below to the NHS Choices cache on CFS / ME, so I hope that you find this useful and / or relate to it?


    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Morning, I was going to post the exact same problem as I don't know what to do and I'm in total despair with it. My gp is referring me to the chronic fatigue clinic but I don't know what they can do to help me. I'm hoping that you get some replies as I could also do with some help. Thanks for posting this, it helps me to know that I'm not on my own with it. Helen X

  • hi helen,baddog

    no you arent alone.i have been feeling more fatigued the last few weeks and feel exhausted dressing.i told my gp this to no avail.hope you both get the help you need

  • Hi Helen , purplecover, are you both on any meds? I don't have fibro just chronic pain that seems to have settled to a fair degree? I'm hoping that mine is due to tapering off a few sting meds because I really don't fancing another condition, I've got a few that I'm struggling with at the moment? Haven't heard from dan for a while ? He's a world of knowledge and sense, can't remember the number he uses after his name?!

  • hi baddog

    i am on amitryptiline for fibro and codydramol for pain.

  • Hello Baddog

    Following on from Ken (The Author)'s post I have had Fibromyalgia over 30 years. I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome along with Hypermobility Syndrome, etc!

    I agree with Ken that over the years we have seen so many people on the forum discussing their Fibro and they also have ME/CFS.

    Just having a shower and washing my hair exhausts me.

    Being in chronic pain and being constantly fatigued is enough to make anyone depressed so please don't beat yourself up about that.

    Do speak to your GP about it.

    Wishing you calmness and peace

    Lu xx

  • Thanks for your concern ken. Top man, thanks to the rest as well, some great people on here with a world of knowledge. Glad I found this site🇬🇧👍

  • Hi purplecover, those meds are not that strong so I don't think they would cause you tremendous fatigue although co dydromol is an opiod but only 1 tenth as strong as morphine. Have you any suspicions of what could be causing it ?

  • Gabapentin robs your life!

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