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Itching is getting worse!!!

Hi there,

I have been to several doctors and none can figure out what is going on! I itch all over my arms and legs, but nowhere else. Some days it does not bother me and some days, I itch from the time I wake up and try to go to sleep but can't sleep. I will itch so bad that I cry, and cry from being tired. I have no rashes, no food allergies and haven't been changing any soaps or anything like that.

I have tried Benedryl and every anti itch location and cream I can find. I have tried coconut oil and nothing helps!!! I scratch until I have red lines and sometimes bruises. Even cold compresses don't really help. There have been times where I have taken paper towels and soaked them in ice cold water and just vigorously scratched my legs and arms with them. I do not have dry skin at all.....I have very moist and soft skin but can someone PLEASE help me or point me in the right direction?

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Hi jdtlong, I also have itchy skin, it is part of fibro. Sometimes I sit and scratch my arms and scalp while watching tv and sometimes I even wake up in the night to find I am scratching my arms in my sleep! I'm on loratadine, an anti histamine from the gp, but it still continues, although it's not as bad now as it is in the sunnier summer months. I really wish there was something I could point you to which could help you, gentle hugs and good luck, Julie xxx


Thank you!! I have not asked my PCP about possibly having Fibro, but I do have a lot of the other symptoms.....I know I know....make an appt. Last time I went he said, well, try benedryl LOL. Thanks for the response :)


I would get itchy arms and legs mostly but sometimes all over. I WS told to use dermol lotion and dermol shower cream which helps a little. I was also given antihistamines for a while which did help :) I have been advised to pat dry after a shower not rub and try to keep the water on the cooler side.

It is not pleasant to be sitting scratching and can drive you nuts, so I hope you can get some form of relief :)


Unfortunately, it does seem to sound as though it could be a fibro symptom as part of fibro is nerve endings being over sensitive so I presume it is the nerves just under the skin overeacting. I do have that but it is normally if I have overdone things or if I have been wearing synthetic clothing rather than cotton or wool.

If it gets no better I would ask if you could be referred to a dematologist to make sure there is no underlying cause. Hope you can find some answers.xx


I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you



hate it when i go through a period of terrible itching. have no idea why it come and goes. it's awful. i even sleep with gloves on so i don't scratch so badly that i bleed. i wonder if it's allergies mixed with fibro and perhaps a medication that has decided it wants to have itching as a side effect. what works best for me is taking lukewarm baths with epsom salts or a non-scented oil. lubridor or aquaphor (not sure of spelling on either) creams which were recommended by my derm. of course what works for one of us doesn't for the next and always think we need to talk with one of our doctors before doing anything even if it's something as minor as a bath. good luck..try to gloves!


Could it be a reaction to any of your pain killer meds ? Co-codamol, co-dydramol, codeine, and morphine patches etc all make me itch to the point of drawing blood. X


Hi, I'm so sorry to hear you are suffering with intense itching. I suffer from this myself.

There are two things that spring to my mind to look into that cause systemic itching.

One is Sjogren's syndrome.

Another is Hypothyroidism.

You can ask for testing for both.


Hi can you ask someone to write a word on your skin with the lid part or bottom part of a pen not with ink (top of back or shoulders if that is the itchy part if the word takes time to fade you have a photosenitve skin if the word goes away without you being able to see it then it could be factors like stress ,something you are eating making it worse,shower gels if you could make note of what sort of stuff you are using and eating or getting stressed. I too had itchy crawling skin like something from under the skin was aggravating me i tried cold flannels infact i use to sleep with them every night as i could not get to sleep from scratching i was sent to a dermo and now i am going to have light treatment and also on 2 different antihistmines the evening one helps you sleep and also shower with a cream called Hydromol if you need to know anything else if i can i will help

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Hmmmm....I am drawing all over my arms and nothing..LOL. I haven't changed my eating pattern, but keep in mind, I don't itch every single day....Maybe it is nerves and stress, but honestly, I have no idea what I am stressing about. Work is calm, family/marriage is good, bills are paid LOL.

I do plan on seeing a NEW specialist soon. The last allergy doctor I saw said they were going to do testing, but I could never get them to set it up and she said that the itching was probably a phase....SERIOUSLY?

Thank you for everyone's help!!! As soon as I find out what is going on, then I will post!

FYI - I have been tested for my thyroid and it is normal. Hormones are good except progesterone is a little low and I take a low dose of progesterone for that. Again, the itching is not all the time, but 3 -5 days a week is too much!!!!!


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