Worse night this fribo is getting me down. Every day pain

I had one of the worst night i was in so much pain didn't sleep kids kept waking me up at nigth wich made it worse wish the pain will stop. Hubby took me out fora meal last night for our 3 year wedding anniversary and had drink but for some reason everytime i drink the pain gets worse is it just me or is everyone else experiencing thats as well. I have been getting new symptoms don'tknow if its link to the fibro but i keep having the urge to go to the toilet for a wee its like i can't hold my bladder. And also my is not regular and when i do have them they last long and are very painful

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  • Hello rari I cant drink because it gives me heartburn. But I have read that some fibro`s get an intolerence to alcohol so that may be why the pain is worse after having a drink. the constpation can be sorted out, so I think can the irritable bladder. somebody else could tell you more about that I do suggest that you have a word with your doctor. hugs sue

  • Hi sue thank you for ur reply really appreciate it. Xxxxxxx

  • Hi rari,

    I'm like Sue with alcohol, I like to have a glass of wine but I pay for it with stomach pains and bloating, hot sweats and flushing, and heart burn the following morning. The bladder symptoms could very easily be irritable bladder which is part and parcel of Fibro but it's always best to let your doctor check you over, however there are plenty of effective drugs that can control the bladder problems, so go and get checked out and within a couple of weeks of taking the tablets, that should be resolved


  • Thank you Sue and Alex. Does it ever get better with treatment?

  • Hi rari. I found when I was younger and I had a drink I could barely walk the next day, so I gave it up for good, wishing you better, gentle hugs Dee xx

  • Hi Dee sorry for the late reply been abit ill but feeling better now but still in pain wish that i could have one day of pain free and a goodnight sleep.thank you for ur reply really appreciate it. Xxxxxxx

  • I solved the problem of drink by giving it up. no prob since I no longer like the taste and cant stand the smell. I get lactulose liquid off the doctor that helps with the constipation, but I do find that I have to juggle the dosage every so often. Sorry I cant help with irritable bladder sue xxx

  • Thank you sue. Do u still get alot of pain after treatment, and if you dont mind me asking how long have u had the fibro for

  • hi ther im glor I to am in a lot of pain with this I cnt sleep at nite lucky hv 2 hours duc I myself hv stoped drinkin to I hv bn to physo docs hosp u name it f diif treatments but it always comes back it nv goes away I hv to walk with a stick now and nearly housebound fibro ds knock u off yr feet when the pain is si bad u feel like crap when yr pain gets abit better try just a few simple excerises duc if u can it helps alittle iv hd mine now for 2 years plus other thgs wrong with me we r all in the same boat on here duc take care rari82 message me anytime x

  • Hi Glor sorry for the late reply been abit ill but feeling better now but still in pain wish that i could have one day of pain free and a goodnight sleep.thank you for ur reply really appreciate it. Xxxxxxx

  • Hi there sorry for the late reply been abit ill but feeling better now but still in pain wish that i could have one day of pain free and a goodnight sleep.thank you for ur reply really appreciate it. You have been so helpfull thank u againnXxxxxxx

  • I am very lucky in that I had a mild form of Fibro for over 20yrs, I had period problems. irritable bowel, restless legs and a mystery illness that I now know was a really bad flair brought on by a virus.There were other symptoms as well but because I only had mild pains occasionaly and could carry on as normal I just got tired easier. Then 3 yrs ago I had a bad flair which although it has improved a lot it has left me unable to even cook a meal without stopping for a rest. The pains in my back can get pretty bad but does ease with rest. My skin and muscles burn constantly, but only need painkillers occasionly. For me its the fatigue that is my biggest problem. most days i struggle to walk from the kitchen to the living room. its a joke in our house that by the time i get to my chair with a coffee its gone cold :) :) sue

  • Hi rari82

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that your evening out was spoiled by not feeling well.

    I was wondering if you may be having an alcohol reaction to any of your medications? I do not know what drugs you take but many have interactions to alcohol. It should tell you on your medication leaflets.

    If you are having pee problems their is a medication called 'Oxybutynin Hydrocloride'. This medication helps regulate how often that you go to the toilet and how it feels when you do. I am embarrassing myself in relation to this drug once again! But it really works for me. It may be worth discussing this medication with your GP?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi there sorry for the late reply been abit ill but feeling better now but still in pain wish that i could have one day of pain free and a goodnight sleep.thank you for ur reply really appreciate it. You have been so helpfull thank u againnXxxxxxx

  • Hi rari82,

    I'm sorry that it Has been so rough!!! Hang in there!

    When you're on medications, your body excretes the toxin mostly via either your kidney or liver depending on the meds. The toxin from alcohol is excreted via your liver. It is possible that both your kidney & liver are over worked or overloaded with toxin already prior to drinking. After you add alcohol to your already overwhelmed system, it just can't cop with that anymore. It has no more buffer left. Basically, the alcohol is the last straw that breaks the camel's back.

    I think your body is telling you it has reaches its limit. And, alcohol pushes your body over that limit. More medication at this time might make things worse unless it will be life threatening without adding another meds. Ask your pharmacist regarding which med excrete via which organ if you like to know.

    Detox is going to lighten the burden on your liver & kidney. You can do that via Epsom salt bath, infared sauna, body brushing. Google these terms online along with detox and you'll find more info. Also, you can see a naturopath or acupuncture, they're good with detox.

    sleep is your body natural self-healing system. When you don't sleep well, it makes it so much harder for your body to recover and that includes your over worked kidney and liver. So, getting you to sleep is a no 1 priority. A lot of people with fribo find taking medical marijuana not only reduce the pain but improve sleep pattern to close to normal. It doesn't have all these side affects in a lot of the prescription drugs? Just something to consider.

    Re: bladder. Have you check for bladder infection? Regardless of whether you've bladder infection currently or not, if you've difficulty in emptying bladder, you're more prompt to bladder infection. Cranberry juice is known to increase acidity in your bladder which is a good way to prevent infection. Hope you feel better soon. Acupuncture might also able to help with bladder issue. Not all acupuncturists are the same. It's a very difficult art to master. Perhaps ask a few Chinese people and see if they know and try someone who is good. If you live in Vancouver, BC canada area, I can recommend someone to you.

  • Hi there sorry for the late reply been abit ill but feeling better now but still in pain wish that i could have one day of pain free and a goodnight sleep.thank you for ur reply really appreciate it. You have been so helpfull thank u againnXxxxxxx

  • Hello rari You don`t say what pain killers that you are on, Every one with fibro reacts differently to different drugs. but there are quite a few drugs than can help. Unfortunatly at the moment there is nothing that will totally take away the pain. But with trial and error a drug or combination of drugs could be found that will help you with both pain and sleep. I suggest that you ask your doctor to refere you to pain clinic. If you have any more questions please ask hugs sue

  • Hi Sue i am on tramadol and codine i also150mg of pregabalin . I got my first pain clinic appointment on the 10th of march. I am struggling to cope as i got 3 kids my eldest one who is almost 12 helps me and other 2 are very active one is almost 3 the other is almost 2. I struggle to keep up with their energy.

  • hy rari its glor here duc sorry to hear u had a bad night with bn in so much pain we al no the feelin on here my nights are just the same I only sleep for 2 hours at the most myself the longer I hv had this the worst its getting only the people ta hv fibro understand wat this is like iv bn ill myself over the last week cdnt even get up as I sleep downstairs the pain was so bad cdnt move my son is a godsend he ds everythg for me hes here everyday doin cleanin cookin u name it we al hv good and bad days duc hope yr feeling abit better and not in so much pain if you want a moan im here wel moan together ha glor glo100 x

  • Hi Glor i am glad to hear your son is so much help to u . My eldest who is almost 12 helpss me with my young one and wen im really bad. But she dont clean or cook so i will have to do it. Most of the time i pretend that everything is ok and that im not in pain because don't want it to upset anyone i do alot cause i got no one to help. Even in front of my husband i got to pretend that everything is ok. Its only at night when everyone is asleep that i start crying cause the pain is so bad and i can't sleep. I am tired of always pretending to everyone that everything is ok when it's not i am struggling so hard but i have no choice i am alone

  • Hi rari82

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are suffering so much and in silence. I want to reassure you that you are not alone and that we all genuinely understand your pain and suffering.

    Please do not be offended but I have pasted you the telephone number for the Samaritans below, I have done this out of genuine friendship and concern for a friend.

    UK: 08457 90 90 90

    They are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you ever feel the need please ring them and tell them exactly how you are feeling. It is guaranteed confidential.

    I also want to tell you that it is okay to cry. We all do this and it really can help to alleviate the sorrow and pain that you are feeling at this time. However,if you keep crying and feel so low then you really should discuss this with your GP. They will have talked to thousands of patients who have gone through depression and anxiety over the years, so they will understand.

    Please take care of yourself and please feel free to PM me if you ever want a friend to communicate with. Please keep me up to date with how you are getting on.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you Ken i really appreciate it. I will give them a ring. I just feel so confused no1 is giving me answers i was told by the rheumatology

    That i have fibro and then discharge me with no explanation and wrote a letter to my gp asking them to refer mee to the gp and gave me some pregabalin. My gp have treated me like a mad women and the pain is all in my head they didn't take me serious for 3 years after 3 years decided to refer to the rheumatology. I go to the gp because of my hot flushes and they can't give me answers to what causing it instead they tell me to monitor it. I see a phycologist once a week for the past 1 years and it has not helped at all. No1 takes me serious not my family and not my gp. They don't understand what it like to be in constant pain u go to sleep in pain and u wake up with pain what ever u do ur in pain.xxxxx

  • Hi rari82

    What you have said mimics many of the members experiences, and so I can genuinely understand your frustrations with all of this. I was wondering if there was a different GP at your surgery that you could see?

    I was also wondering if you can find a different GP at your surgery if they might send you for counselling and not just a psychologist? May be worth asking?

    I think if you could get good, solid support like this it would probably go along way in helping you? Also, try asking for more pain relief medication?

    Please do ring the Samaritans and let it all pour out as this will also help you.

    Please let us all know how you get on?

    Ken x

  • I will Ken thank you so must for listening.xx

  • hello ther rari glor here just came on this site gt your message duc I feel exactly the same way u do but its so hard when yr in pain to pretend to others that u are fine we may look alright on the outside but its on the inside we hurt I hv started to explain my condition to my partner and family also I hv get them a book to read about fibro how it affects me bn in pain al the time they understand a lot more about it now mind u what u hv said yr children r only young your 12 year old seems a godsend helpin u and that's lovely when yr in a lot of pain duc tell yr husband and family how u are feelin dnt bottle it up it makes u feel a lot worst like it did me just take yr time doin thgs and hv a break in between I cry in pain myself sayin to myself y me hving this but we hv to try and keep goin hey duc I hv 2 hrs sleep and tas it duckie u sit and tell yr husband how u feel he will understand take care duc I live in west midlands staffs wher ab are u from u aren't alone xxx

  • Hi Glor i am from isleworth in london. I feel so isolated and alone i try taking to my husband but feel like he don't understand i even gave him a link to read about the fibro but he doesn't he is not interested in reading about my fibro. And somehow its pushing me away from him because he doesn't see what i do. Despite being in pain i do everything in the house i am even the one that deals with all the bills all he does is give me money end of

    Each month. I ddon't think i can do it anymore feel like my body is slowly dieing, i am weak and in pain. But i have no1 so i got to do them. My girls give me hope and strength to carry on. I hate the fact that they have to see me like this i just hope it don't effect them. Its has abit cause i fainted infront of them a couple of time. I have also isolated myself away from friends cause they don't understand. My life has changed and i hate it

  • hi duc I wish ther cd b somethg I cd do for you it seems to me ta everythg is getting on top of you my partner was abit like ta at first but when the pain started to get worst f me and I was like you cryin with it as I didn't no how to cope with it I finally gt thro to him wat this fibro is like hvin it day after day mine started in my knees then al up my legs and into my arms elbows cdnt even lift them then into my hands and feet now it feels like its alover I walk with a stick and hv hd to hv a bathlift which as helped me a lot I try doin gentle excises when I can to ease it abit dnt let this take over yr life I did at first make yr husband and friends listen to you you cnt carry on feelin like this duc it will make u worst stress is one of the worst thgs u can hv with fibro duc I am always on here hvin a nose around we al wd like to help you as much as we can I will b here f you to moan at ok ha try takin it easy housework can wait uv gt yr girls there who love you iv isolated myself to except f my kids which r grown up even they gt fed up of me moanin to u wil b fine duc its hard at firstbut u will get better not with the fibro but copin in every way im here duc love to keep in touch with u rari here from u soon xx glor

  • Awww glor so nice of u. U being there for me to talk you is comforting enough. Mine to start on the knees then leg and elbow and shoulder back and feet like u now all over my body even my face, i also get pins and needle on my face specially my mouth. When im lying down at night i get cramps on my leg and arm and pins and needle. I also can hear my heart beat on mu right ear evrytime i lay down, during the day my ears keep ringing. Do u get that? Xxxxxx

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