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Is it any worse

I believe that I had fibro a long time before being told that

Was what it was but only very mild I just thought that the

Aches and pains went with age

Then about two years ago took the dog for a walk and had extreme

Pain in my groin thought that I would not get home any way the out

Come of this was fibro.

For me going from having a pain in my groin, two years later pain every

Place on my body, just wondered how much worse,it gets. When did this

Happen to me was it after I started to take the medication or would it

Of happened any way, with every flare it gets worse.

Has every ones fibro got worse or does it vary from person to person

Do you think that it gets to a stage and then gets no worse stays as it

Is I know some people end up with scooters, or in chairs is this because

People have other illness, I'm lucky only have fibro well IBS but that goes

With it I think.

I have read every thing that I can about fibro, but most people seem to

Get worse as time goes by or is that an age thing, but there are a lot of

Younger people in here as well so I don't know.



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hi i have def got worse over last 2 years i am getting more and more pain and i am doing less and less so i agree it does get worse love diddle xxxxx


Hi Vivien. It is strange condition for sure!! I am recently diagnosed and I consider myself lucky at the moment as it is well controlled with meds etc and I am keeping as fit as possible. The tiredness is pretty tough some days.

Its true to say many people on here have other conditions too which complcates it and makes it much worse for them. The whole purpose of this site supporting and advising is a great help though. I often just read what is said and there is no need to comment as you just know where they are coming from.

I hope you get to a point where you are not in pain and get some balance back in your life and I certainly recommend following this site.



Hello, I have definatley got worse over the last 12 months, I was always an active person and to go from that and slowly deteriate (spelling sorry) to where I am now ....well there's just no words for it really......

willow xx


Ohhhhhhhh :\ I'm only 18 now and consider myself lucky at the moment as for me this condition is only mild...But, what will my life be like in a few years? Sometimes it just gets me down that I already have this condition in the first place - I just wanted to enjoy being young- sometimes I think, for-ev-er? And for it to only get worse...It has got slightly worse recently - but I think my symptoms are mainly stress related, it doesn't help that I have anxiety issues.

Maybe I am just worrying. My doctor said it doesn't get any worse - just goes up and down - and everyone is different I think. Also, I only have Fibro alone - I can manage it. I hope the former applies to everyone here. ^

I just have my doubts about the future sometimes.

Hope everyone is okay (and that your symptoms give you a break for a bit)

Best wishes, and Gentle Hugs,

Fay :) xxxxx


well maybe in your case itt might go Fay you have lots of

Life to enjoy yet, best you enjoy your life and do what you

Can after all none of know what the future holds, for you

Lots of good things.

Try not to get stressed about things, as stress doess not cure anything

Do a gentle sport like swimming or relaxation courses, you have such

A lot of lovely things to do in your life enjoy it, try and walk away from

The stress I know that's not easy is it.

For you your life could be so much better, you have time to see changes

In your life hopefully, go dancing enjoy your life, life is wonderful.

You will look back on this time in your life and think what was all the

Stress about

Lots of hugs viv


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