Do your worse.....I dare you

I managed to get some sleep last night, it really was much needed

Not a single twitch or pain so my sleep was not impeded

So today I thought I may get through a thing or two

And in my mind I always find I think of all of you.

I need to brush the floors today and wipe the cupboards down

Been trying hard, my very best and trying not to frown

Hubby tries to help me and I send him on his way

I really want to get this done in my own way today.

Mum in law drops by today to see what we are doing

I did not get all my jobs done, that just left me stewing

She asks me what we will eat when it comes time for tea

I say I'm heating mash in the computer and they all laugh at me.

So now she's gone and I've lost track of what I want to do

And I found myself in la-la land thinking of all of you

I felt brave enough to have a go at peeling some potatoes

I manage two and that is all and then the fibro shows.

So now they're done, peeled and ready and now I'm in a spin

I put the peelings in the pan and put the taters in the bin

And then the phone it starts to ring, I muse who could that be

They must have hit a number wrong as they weren't asking for me.

So now I have made coffee, my hubby wanted tea

I went to fill the kettle up and dropped it on my knee

Thank god it still was empty and it never hurt that much

Full would be worse for me and I'd being spewing double dutch.

So now I sit here typing and Im' doing my level best

But I am not finding it easy with my chin down on my chest

I cannot hold my head up it really hurts my neck

So what am I going to do now, oh flippin flippin eck.

For now I think I will have to leave this, stop and leave it there

And while it eases off a bit at my knees I have to stare

But as soon as I can raise my head without crying out in pain

I will be back with you on the site making you all smile again.


12 Replies

  • Dont know if you're aware, you really are a special lady with a real talent. Wishing you good reason for you to smile too! :)

  • Ahhh bless you and thank you, this could have been me today..except it was soup that scalded!!! ouch!!! .. sending an extra special virtual hug, for your knee, for your fibro, for your spirit, for your courage, for your beautiful little rhymes and just for being you... rest easy... ;-) xxx

  • tulips & lacey

    I am sitting here looking down, which is okay if I am standing up over the keyboard lol. Hubby put some Feldene on my neck to see if he get me a bit more movement, but no joy. Put a new poem on and just going o have a coffee xxxxx

  • That really made me smile, thanks, hope you're ok xx

  • I would be ok hun if I could hold my head up properley xxxxx

  • Hi Ozzylady

    I just want you to know you make my day & make me laugh with your postiings.

    I see myself in them lol.

    Keep them coming.

    Luv & Hugs

    Jackie xx

  • So glad we can all relate to this, and I will do my best to create another one today. Having trouble holding my head up right now xxxxx

  • Hi Ozzylady

    I just want you to know you make my day & make me laugh with your postiings.

    I see myself in them lol.

    Keep them coming.

    Luv & Hugs

    Jackie xx

  • Hi ozzy. I LOVE your poems, they really brighten my day lol.

    How's about an Ozzie poem page?

    Love and gentle huggles

    Chilli xxxx

  • Would be good. I keep having to take a time out as holding my head up off my chest is causing me agony right now xxxxx

  • Hi ozzy,

    You have done it again i have been on a real downer today but you have just made me smile again,i think you are gr8 i love coming on here and reading wat u have written you are a pure geniusxx

    Big gentle hugs


  • Sitting here with chin on chest lol, if I was a guy I would probably like it, but as I am not lol(put a new poem on before, but reading it back it seems a bit crappy lol) :o

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