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Getting worse 😪

Well after weeks and weeks of trying to battle onwards and upwards and really trying to make a big effort not to keep complaining about this hurting and that aching etc. I gave in!

This morning I called my wonderful GP and spoke over the phone regarding my Fibromyalgia, also I suffer from Crohns/Ulcerative Colitis plus depression, anxiety and all that goes with those problems. The pain from my fibromyalgia is getting worse I explained to the doctor. He was very good. He said he understood and asked me what I wanted.

I said anything to take this pain away for enough hours for me to sleep.

I came away with a huge bottle of OralMorph, even though I already take Shortex which is morphine in tablet form.

Fingers crossed for a good nights sleep please I pray tonight

Lots of pain 18 out of 18 points now !!

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Hi Lottieonline

Sorry to hear you are feeling so rubbish. I've had a bad flare this week and seem to have done nothing but moan about my various aches and pains! And have very reluctantly taken 4 days off work.

Here's hoping you have a good nights sleep. Take care xxx


I just wonder what brings on a flare up??


I'm not sure myself yet I'm newish to all this. I was relatively okay on Saturday but by Sunday afternoon I could barely move! I managed to drag myself into work on Monday but by Tuesday I gave up. The pain, everywhere, and the fatigue was just overwhelming! Just starting to feel a little better-the pain is bearable, just, and the fatigue has eased. I think maybe I overdid it a little on Fri/Sat, and I'm paying for it bigtime now!

I think the common theme I seem to be hearing is pace yourself but I'm finding that really hard as I have always been really active and have a young family and no partner and work 5 days.

Look after yourself xx

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You too emjay2... Take care


Hi emjay2,

I gave up work in February or should I say work gave me up!

My manager explained to me it was too dangerous for me to continue working there as many steps and heavy fire doors to get through. Gutted loss of earnings because of all this damn pain


I am still in work but hanging on by a thread I think, especially as I've just had a few days off. Don't know what's going to happen. The uncertainty is the worst bit, but I am really worried about the financial aspect as well as I don't know how I will manage if I can't work.


Hi Lottie, I hope it works and you can finally get a good nights sleep x


Sleep glorious sleep :) wonderful if you can get it, hope you get some tonight :)


Hi Lottie

I hope you get some sleep tonight.

I've been awake for the last 3 nights in a row now and I'm so shattered and have blood shot eyes.

I can't wait for bedtime but at the same time I'm dreading not being able to sleep.

Oramorph, for me, is a great pain killer. I hope it works the same for you.

It may make you feel a bit woozy until you get used to it.

Friday night and all I want is my bed and some chocolate 😊

Take it easy xx


Thanks for your advice I panicked and didn't take it last night, but I did get some Zzzzzz's

Today I shall go out on my scooter get fresh air and hopefully no pain as I'm not walking at all today.


Hi lottie

Sorry to hear how bad things are right now, do hope you improve with some sleep,

my flare ups seem to be from anything as simple as lack of sleep, to over doing things , to an upset stomach due to my ibs reacting!!

Good luck with the sleep😀😀😀


I am so sorry to read that you are struggling and suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that the Oralmorph works really well for you. It is good to hear my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Hi, hope the new medication works for you soon. My dr won't give me anything more than codydramol/tramadol or co-codamal which don't work for me . I just wish for a good night sleep. Let us know if the oral morphine works, fingers crossed for you. Hugs xxx


My prayers are with the, I understand what u are going through and not getting sleep plays a big role on your pain. I have been using Dr Teals soothe & sleep soaking solution and it help some with all my other medications n I also put aches + pain foaming bath in my tub at night. I am trying everything I can think of to help with my chronic pain.

My prayers are with u and hope you get some sleep

Your friend



Hi Elsie,

I too use Baby Johnsons baby bath helps a bit, then cover myself in Johnsons baby powder, have hot milky chocolate before bed, take my pills, which are another 7 and then read until really sleepy.

I have started to turn off the internet at night and it seems to be working?!??

Wishing you well


I know where ur coming from and I know sometimes nothing seems to help n the pain is way out of control. Sometimes I want my legs or back massage but u can't be touch because my hair on my legs n arms hurt n no relief in sight. Some nights u just pray Lord please knock me out and let me sleep for a little while.

Then u have to go to work with pain n little sleep, my pain makes me crippled n I can't hardly walk so I fall more know I have blepharospasm. So I really know what ur going through so I will keep praying for you.

Your friend



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