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Depression getting worse

The last week the pains have been really bad and to be honest I am at my wits end. The tears just won't stop, I really can't see away out. It was my birthday today and have spent most of the day n my own. I told the kids it was fine that they are busy because any other answer would be wrong. I have to fight my own battles and not have them do it for me.

I am trying to climb out of this deep dark place which is all encompassing the more I try to get out the further I fall in.

I have alway had depression on and off for the last 27 years. You would think I would know how to stop this but I don't

I am really scared that winter is coming. It really worries me with the cold weather is on its way. My asthma is bad during the cold. And last year my joints hurt quite a lot

I can't really get out on my own so I am almost housebound and once the cold arrives I will be completely housebound

My level of joint pain is now much worse ,so I know the pains are going to be really bad and painful once winter arrives unless they is a magic cure out there just waiting for me to find it

Does. Anyone else get this fog, I don't mind when it is at home and all it means I forget where I put things and I can really put things in strange places. It's when I am out , one minute I know where I am going then all of a sudden I have no idea where I am, where I have been or how to get home, does anyone know a way of dealing with this or how to stop it

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Hi there belated birthday wishes, wishing you better, gentle hugs to you ...Dee x


Thank you so much. You don't know how much it means to me


hi im sorry you feel so bad but I understand about the depression getting worse I am now on 300mg twice a day of pregabalin in 6weeks I have put on 9lb. I have just been on holiday and my ankles and legs have been so badly swollen its painfull to walk and the doc says "Its the tablets" I am considering coming off them and going solo my antidepressants have been put up to 250mg that's trazadone but they just don't help.I think am I just like this cos im depressed or cos of the fybro .And the fog I fell asleep the other day and when I woke up I asked my hubby were he was cos a stranger was facing me I HATE IT love n bubbles xx


Happy birthday carolinne x lately ive been the same soo down and wanting to lock myself away , meds have been upped and not doing much at all for me ! I am seeing my pain consultant soon , see what happenes and what I have to try next. Iam foggy alot , it can drive me mad as I never really forgot anything , but ive just learned to live with it , well the best I can. Im hoping I dont get any sorer as my husbands daughter is arriving today till friday , this humidity kills me , im sending a big hug to you , lots of love angie x



Your posting is 2 years old - Has anything changed? If not, I completely understand all of this. It's taking me all my time to check this email as I go as my brain no longer works and my whole body is exhausted. I can't drive far as concentration is poor. I'm here for you but i'm afraid I am also so fed up I'm not very happy either...........


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