Due to have Endoscopy and Colonoscopy procedure together little bit anxious

Hi, hope you are ok, apologies for not posting much of late. I am due to have an Endoscopy & Colonoscopy on 10/2/14 and I am a little bit nervous to say the least. My GP has put me on iron tablets for the last few months, due to anemia and low iron in the blood. She is wondering why it has dropped quite a bit. I have always been told by my previous GP that I have IBS and I have had this as far back as I can remember (as a child) and just put up with it, as you do. So, hence, the forthcoming tests to see if anything is amiss. Have any of you gone through this procedure, I would very much appreciated your comments and any outcome.


Tannels xx

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  • yea I did a few years ago where they found I was loosing a small amount of blood but of coarse not enough to cause major problems but enough to make me very anaemic they had me in for overnight stay after minor opp and touch wood over the last few years I just take 2 iron tablets a day sometimes going down to 1 a day so good luck xx

  • Thank you for your reply. Would you tell me what your operation entailed. Regards. Tannels x

  • they put a couple of staples in which sounds worse than it was but only sore for a few days but had to have a month of work kauto x

  • Thanks for your reply x

  • Hi, I've had both done several times and can understand why you are nervous. It's not the most pleasant experience, certainly not one for the bucket list, but it's not nearly as bad as you'll be expecting. Endoscopy is a wee bit uncomfortable, you dribble a lot and it feels funny. It can leave your throat a little sore but I find gargling with soluble aspirin, or even better Difflam mouthwash from the chemist, and that sorts out any residual discomfort.

    The colonoscopy is horrible mostly because it's rather undignified, but with both you should be offered sedation so you don't care, your bottom will get cold, your tummy will feel a bit gripey and quite gassy but otherwise it's really not that bad. Try not to worry too much, easier said than done I know. It's good that they are checking everything out and not resting on the IBS diagnosis which some lazy GPs have been known to do. Wishing you the very best of luck x

  • Thank you for you reply, much appreciated. Tannels x

  • I should say I too turned out to have reflux type problems, biopsy was normal, blood loss was down to burst capillaries from the joys of IBS and codeine. I take Laxida and Esomeprazole 40mg and have for about 4 years xx

  • Hi Tannels, I can sympathise with you having to go through these tests as it is always worrying when we have to have a procedure done which entails waiting to find what the outcome might be.

    I've had two colonoscopys done in the past, where they pass a tube with a camera attached, into your back passage & up into your bowel, and for me the worst part was the preparation before hand. Your bowel needs to be completely empty, so you have to take medicine to do this. With the procedure itself you are given a sedative which makes you sleepy, but you're not unconscious, and when you come round you don't usually remember much about it.

    For the endoscopy, is it to look at your stomach? (Gastroscopy) if it is, again your stomach needs to be empty and they pass a tube with a camera attached down your throat. It is not a very pleasant thing, as you keep retching as the tube goes down. They give you sedation for this too. While the tube is in place they take biopsies, but you don't feel anything. The nurses and Drs are very good and put you at your ease and remind you that they do these procedures every day, all day! I had mine done at different times, not both together.

    The reason I had to get them done was the same as you, Aneamia, and low blood iron. Both tests didn't show anything abnormal, only inflammation of the oesophagus, due to acid reflux. I take a PPI (lansoprazole) for this, and have done so for about 10 yrs. The report from the hospital said, since the biopsies showed nothing untoward, that taking a PPI long term, stops the stomach from absorbing Iron and that was why I was Aneamic.

    I hope I haven't been too descriptive and made you more worried Tannels. Try and relax while you wait to have your tests done. I will be thinking of you, and I hope all goes well.

    Take care. GJ. XX

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. No it has not put me off....not much anyway!! Interesting, because I also take Lansoprazole and have done for a while now for severe acid reflux; which without any medication I suffer badly and the burning sensation is horrendous. Have you been prescribed anything else since your procedure.

  • Hi again, my Dr started me on Iron tablets but I only had taken 2 doses when I got terrible diarrhoea. She then tried me with a different type, and the same thing happened. That was 6months ago. I saw a dietition and I've to follow a diet high in iron and my Dr will review me again in March. Like yourself, its not an option to stop the PPI as I have severe acid reflux, and have had bleeding in the passed, but not now.


  • Many thanks.

  • Hi Tannels! I haven't had one of the above, just a gastroscopy some years back. I was given a relaxant which helped. I do hope it finds out what is going on for you and am sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thanks Foggy, hope your ok. x

  • Hi I've had both done and, as has already been said, the worst part is the prep with the laxatives! After the sedation the colonoscopy and endoscopy were not as bad as I had expected and over and done with quite quickly. With me they removed a polyp with colonoscopy (didn't feel it) & confirmed evidence of acid reflux.good luck x

  • Yes I agree the prep with the laxatives will be a new experience for me. Thanks for your reply.

  • I had a gastroscopy done some years ago and I was terrified. I asked them for sedation; no way am I brave enough to just have the throat spray! And, yes, I do remember retching as the tube went down but I was basically out of it! Don't remember anything else until I came to after it was all over! They didn't find much, just a little red bit, and I now take Lansaprazole and things are a lot better. I know it's easy to say 'don't worry', but it's human nature to be afraid of things that are out of our control. Good luck! XX

  • Appreciate your reply. Hit it on the nail when you said out of our control. Tannels x

  • hi tannels,you're lucky you have such a good dr who is investigating,ive had both but for different reasons to yours i didn't have low iron,the endoscopy showed i had too much acid in my stomache ask for sedation for both tests,it doesn't knock you out its just to relax you & yr muscles,the endoscopy is just a bit uncomfortable,it makes you gag for a bit while the tube goes down but thats all & doesn't take long,the colonoscopy is to check your bowels,its a bit undignified but now they have these funny baggy shorts with a hole in for the camera to go,so make sure you put them on the right way!at least yr whole bum's not on show with those,& when you take the prep to clear you out don't go anywhere,mine took about half hour to start working,but look try to relax( which i know is difficult) yl be fine good luck & let me know how you get on xx

  • Hi Bluebell, thanks for your reply. Yes I do have a good GP now! My previous GP just put everything down to IBS. Thanks for letting me know about the baggy shorts....knowing me I would put them on the wrong way and have a bright shining moon in theatre lol. Goodness you have to laugh about it or you would go mad. I have excess acid as it is and take Lansoprazole, but feel it may have become worse, as had had a lump feeling in the throat. Wait and see. Will let you know.

    Tannels xx

  • yes you do have to laugh otherwise we would end up mental as you say lol,i was on lanzoprazol for a while but i change dr's & a lot of other things were going on with me & was put on omerprazole instead im still on it as a stomache protector coz of all mreds im on for this stupid fibro,im going to change dr's again tho as the ones i got now have a couldn't care less attitude even bloke at c.a.b told me to change so theres one not far from me that has very gd reviews.keep in touch & keep smiling xx

  • Hi Tannels. I had these procedures 3 weeks ago. You should be given tablets that will make you relax. However you are awake if not quite aware. Can be a little uncomfortable but will not take very long. I was also diagnosed with iron deficianciancy Anaemia and iron tablets prescribed.Don't worry .


  • Hi, thanks for that. Have you had results from you test. Tannels

  • Yes doctor prescribed 2 iron tablets per day.

  • Hi Tannels

    Over the years I have had numerous procedures for stomach and bowel.Once they thought I had cancer but it was severe IBS!!!

    I recommend relaxation techniques AND what ever they offer.You should practice the relaxation before for a few times/days.There are various methods to try.It holds good for not just this procedure but for other medical/stressful incidents e.g. dentists.

    My medical professionals know I use various relaxation methods and consequently am able to undergo some procedures quicker.Just a thought if it appeals to you!

    Hope all goes well.

  • Hi Skit

    Thanks for that. Relaxation does seem a good idea. I will certainly give this a try, as it is not long to go now. I certainly need to be chilled, as I know I will get quite anxious before going in. I will take any sedatives they offer me, that's for sure. Appreciate the advice. Tannels x

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