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Visit to GP to get test results and to discuss pain

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Hi everyone

I thought I'd post my experience so that you could compare it as we are all going for blood test at the moment and discussing levels of this and that.

I had many abnormal's show up this time including T4, haemoglobin was fine but my iron stores are low (Ferretin) so I'm back on iron tablets without being anaemic again :o I urge you to get this checked as you may have low iron stores and not know about it especially if your results show normal haemoglobin score. Thanks to fibro fog I now cannot remember what the other abnormals were but the doctor explained that they were borderline scores so we'd check them again in 3 months. This is knew to me as I've never had blood results come back like that!!

At least now I know he's checking my thyroid function as well as my iron and calcium stores in more depth than before :) He explained everything to me very clearly and showed me the scores on the computer, very good GP I think :)

Now, pain levels, what's your threshold? Mine is terrible I take S/R tramadol 100mg twice daily, tramadol 50mg 1-2 four times a day alongside paracetamol (i'm taking maximum at the moment) The doc has just upped my Pregabalin to 200mg three times a day. Whoopie :( My doc somehow is under the impression that injection don't work so I explained that they can work but he shan't review it until my physio and hydro have started.

Nevermind lets hope I don't put any more weight on due to the Pregabalin and the fact I cannot exercise

Righty ho! that's my whiney whinge over for the day as I need to remain positive that some better pain medication will appear one day soon :D

Many healing rosemary fluffies to you all :) xxxzebxxx :)

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Hi zeb how are you, your blood results don't sound too good do they, I have gabapentin, had them for years and they find affect my weight, but the doc has upped them again and I now seem to b gaining weight, which is one thing I can do without,.....gentle hugs for you...Dee xxx

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Hi Dee :) I'm a bit fed up trying to manage so many illnesses at once especially when they all have knock-on effects on each other :( Its exhausting and managing all the meds is so hard sometimes especially with the fog, I often sit and wonder whether I've taken my meds or not :o

I also discovered this morning that I have two frozen shoulders that will thaw at their own rate............ heheheheh! that'll be June/July then :D LOL

I think our Fibro Hibernation Club should do something Nesty soon what do you think Dee?

I could go on and on but it'll only depress people and I don't want that for me either but after twenty years of it and there's still very little that they can do for us it is quite disturbing I think!! I am sure there are many of us with that opinion too ;)

Anyhoo! I've rambled on Dee I apologise for that :)

How are you? Are you tucked up cosy in your nest? I agree about the weight gain by the way and those knock-on effects I spoke about earlier ;)

Many warming soft fluffie cuddles for you Dee :) xxxzebxxx :)

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Hi there Zeb, your right it is a cafuffle trying to get the times and meds right at the right time, I have an old mobile phone and I se it as an alarm for every time I have to take some pills, I also got on of those pill boxes, each day had four compartments for different time of the day ie morn, noon, tea, and bed time, very handy, and the alarms are set on my old mobile and currant ,mobile, so I ever miss a pill lol, ...and your right, I've had to put up with it for over 50yrs, and can sometimes understand why some people want to go to Switzerland, .......yes I agree with you zeb it's nearly that time for us to begin our nesting, what and when do you suggest.....please don't ever apologise zeb for rambling on, it helps, we here for each other and it's nice to know you feel you can ramble on to me,n thanx....we are all in the same boat, so understand how you are feeling, it sure is nice to know that we all do at least have someone to talk you who really do understand how each of us feel and will listen when we have a rant and rave and feel so low....where would we all be without all our fibro take care now zeb, so sorry to hear you are going thru a rough time, you try to keep warm with all those lovely fluffies of yours, and also you can get those wheat bags from a large chemist ie Boots, you can get them in the shape of animals too lol, they really are good does ease some pains, and comforting too....sending plenty gentle hugs to you Zeb (((((((zeb))))))) ....Dee xxx : )

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Thankyou ((((Dee)))) xxxxx fluffie cuddles xxxzeb

Hi Zeb, I am the same I cant seem to lose weight due to my tablets etc, it is so hard, I really hope you get sorted out, its bad enough living with our illnesses let alone the medication that goes with them i sometimes think im a walking chemist hehehe! People hear me rattle before i get to them!

I am sending lots of fluffy hugs n love to you xxxx

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Hi Mystique thankyou for the fluffy hugs they are a great comfort :)

We will win the battle of weight gain one day I'm sure, but even my doc agreed that there was no point in dieting for it because we can't exercise, I mean I have my own personal diet for the IBS and controlling cholesterol levels which is different and you'd think they'd help but they don't arrrrgh!!

Please have a fluffy cuddle recliner for relaxing in during these next few months of coldness

:) xxxzebxxx :)

Haven't you received the memory foam igloo yet Zeb ? I sent it off last month and it hasn't been returned, or are you saving it until December....that's what I'm doing ! :D and the doglets are storing up their heat too, so we should be toasty :D

Seriously tho Zeb, I'm sorry you are having such a rough time at the moment, it is so difficult when as you say so many things knock on, one into others and so on. You have my full sympathy on your shoulders, having had mine with arthritis and hen the replacement I know how draining it can be, would you be able to tolerate heated wheat sacks which you can do in he microwave, that used to help me a bit, other times people have found that alternating hot and cold can help.

Sending you lots of positive healing vibes my friend :-)

Foggy x

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Hi Foggy how are you? Thank you for the positive healing vibes xxx

hehehehe! :D the igloo I think my OH put it somewhere safe for use next month especially over Christmas xxx

I've tried heatable things for hands which wear off too quick and believe it or not I've even had microwavable Fluffy boot slippers :o They were good but too hot and I nearly burnt my feet once :o

They died last year while in storage for winter as the mice chewed holes in them so the beads fell out :o But I haven't tried wheat sacks where can you get them, just your pharmacy for instance?

:) xxxzebxxx :) Fluffie cuddle cushions for you and the doglets

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anbuma in reply to Hidden

i think i got my wheat sacks from amazon

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Fibrofoggiest in reply to anbuma

Yup that's where I got mine from. :-)

Foggy x

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Thanks Foggy :) xxx

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Thanks anbuma :) xxx

I am on max tramadol my doc gives me at 200mg morning 200mg night and 2x100mg twice in between, and 200mg gabapentin 3 times a day along with morphine,diazapam,amitrypiline,paracetamol. How long have you been on the pregatin as i got told its dearer than the gabapentin but works better and i was thinking of seeingmy doctor about changing it ? xx I have put 2 stone on since being on tablets its awful i totally agree with you there and as for ranting we all need a good rant thats for sure or we would blow up xx take care x

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Cheers nikk1975 :) take care and sending fluffies your way :) xxxzebxxx :)

Hi Zeb

Sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment. It's good you have a doctor who is willing to explain and explore things for you, it's refreshing after all the experiences we seem to share with fibro and docs.

I have the same problem with meds. Take A, two hours before B, but not at the same time as C and not within three hours of antacids, before meals, after food, with a large glass of water, on an empty stomach, one three times a day, two at night, don't drive or operate machinery, not to be taken with milk, eggs or tea, may cause side-effects. You need to have a degree in pharmacy to sort all that out. ;) ;)

I hope when you ordered your memory foam igloo that you didn't pay VAT on it? !!

No, seriously I don't know if many on the community are aware, but there is VAT exemption for goods and services for disabled people. It's perfectly legitimate, on the GOV.UK website, 701/707.

If you need something to help you manage your condition, (even wheatbags!) you don't pay the tax.

I went onto an online pharmacy, can't remember which one, and ordered a couple of hot waterbottles and tubigrip bandages and just ticked the declaration on it.

We had our bath removed and made into a shower room, we didn't pay the vat on the suite, tiling and flooring, and more importantly the builders. We signed a form which was sent off to HMRC and saved a huge amount.

It is worth considering if anyone is thinking of getting a big price item, even a new mattress.

Hope you get a restful night, will post in the morning.

Night, night Xx

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Thanks Bluebell I'd forgotten about VAT exemption I should check it out for all the little things I need as the cost of getting them all in one go is huge ;) Plus I need a new mattress well bed really and those wheat sacks sound like the way forward................... How much do you think it would cost to make a onesie out of them LOLOL?

You know the thing is I'm not sad either I'm angry because I believed that once I'd got the diagnosis life would not only be better but easier but its neither :(

I'm angry that in the 20 years of suffering prior to diagnosis my treatment was diabolical bordering the ridiculous not getting physio after falls and dislocations and treated like a drug addict and hypochondriac with serious mental health issues :o

I just wanted to let our new fellow members know that they're not alone and there are those of us long term sufferers that went through that process too :)

By the time I found a decent Doctor 6-7 years ago the Physio department wouldn't touch me with a ten foot bargepole in case they caused me extra damage or ailments :o until they knew what they were treating and dealing with. Now I'm stuck in catch 22 the hydro helps to rebuild the core muscles and rebuild strength so can then move onto physio as well. However the hydro causes everything to pop out of socket so each week when I go I'm back to square one :( vicious circle :o

What the hey! What do we do? We just get on with it!! We don't have a choice!!

Hope you're ok too have read your posts and can see you're not having too easy a time either ;)

many healing huge fluffies heading your way :) xxxzebxxx :)

Hi Zeb

Are they trying to rebuild your muscles so they can hold your joints in place better? I am just wondering if the physio have those muscle toners, you know the things that make your muscles twitch. Then you wouldn't have to physically move but your muscles would still be stimulated.

I remember on one of my many efforts to slim and trim I went on an exercise bed, had all the little pads on and just laid back. It was so good I nearly went to sleep, not the desired effect at all.!!

In the short time I have been on Pregabelin I have gained a pound a week, I have now just reduced it to night time as the weight is so difficult to get off. It means the daytimes are not so good, especially trying to reduce the steroids too, sometimes I feel between a rock and a hard place.

As you say, we just have to get on with it, we have no choice.

I did ask the doc if there was any drug to help lose weight, (thinking, appetite suppressants), but he said no, only Orlistat. They're the ones that stop fat being absorbed, but my gosh you have to be quick to get to the loo just in case it's not wind!!!!! I can't do quick any more, so that is out, (thank goodness, the side effects are impossible if you want a life!)

Hope you have a better day today, Xx

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yeah is my answer but I think they need me in the pool before anything else as I have no stability from the waist down over :( I will certainly ask my therapist about it though, it might be a hidden treasure they have just for royalty or something heheheheh!!

weight management was suggested to me but I have so many appointments for this and that already and I can't exercise :o so not viable enough for me to consider I already kinda watch what I eat :)

I must say I don't like the sound of that Orlistat either :o

healing fluffies xxxzeb

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