Granted Disabled Living Allowance and I didn't even have to appeal!

Hello everyone,

I just got a letter today saying that I qualify for Higher rate mobility and Middle rate care until 2015. I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the letter as I thought it was another rejection. My claim was supported by a letter from my G.P. about my severe mobility issues. My current deteriorating condition is finally being recognised! This will really help me at work in applying for a more suitable post within the same organisation. I am on restricted duties right now in my current post but I don't expect my employers will keep this going on for much longer. I feel that I will now be entitled to much more support in the workplace as my disability has been officially recognised. It feels like such a weight off my painful shoulders. I was due to go for a Blue Badge medical on 4th October but hopefully this won't be necessary now. I hope that no-one minds me sharing this good news with the community on here. Best of luck to anyone else going through the process. Hugs xxxxxx

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  • It's LOVELY to hear good news & encouraging for everyone to hear of this experience. I'm very pleased that this additional stress has been removed for you as it sounds like you have enough to cope with already.

    Gentle hugs xx

  • hi hun, well done so made up for you with the help you can get i hope you can start to take things at a slower pace and get to enjoy life again am just getting my GP to fill my forms in so hopeful i will not have to go to tribunal again not a nice place for anyone to go. sending hugs xxx

  • Well done, so pleased for you, one thing you don't have to worry about

    Love nicki xxxx

  • congrats! xxx

  • Thank you everyone! I really can get the help I need to make living with disability much easier to bare. I live on my own so I would have to rely on outside help anyway:-) Hugs to all xxxxxx

  • Hi, that is great news, I just received my renewel form today ,so I will see how I get on,xx

  • get the benefits and work booklet from one of the admin team, it'll help tremendously.

    good luck,


  • How?

  • Well done! It is great to know some people get the help that they deserve. Jane x

  • Well done so pleased for you :)

  • WOW, well done. Chuffed for ya xx

  • Well done - fantastic result. xx

  • fantastic!! isn't it a wonderful feeling? so pleased for you.



  • Great news!

    Now you have HRM you automatically get a Blue Badge (you still have to fill in the forms though), you qualify for free Car Tax if you have your own car & you'll also qualify for a Motability car, wheelchair or scooter too.

  • Forgot to say you also qualifying for a bus pass - you may even get a +1 card as you get MRC.

  • Dear Lima6MCT,

    Thanks for letting me know, I didn't know about that. I will look into it during the week. What do I need to do?xxxx

  • Hiya, thank you so much for the information. I did recieve some information regarding car tax and motability, I will look into it. I'll have to see what sort of scooter I could get. The only problem would be getting it into my car if I wanted to go a bit further. I've felt guilty the last 3 years as I can't put my mums scooter in my car as even in bits it's too heavy. Maybe I need a bigger car, I definitely need an automatic as the clutch is difficult:-) I'll have to do some research over the next few weeks. Hugs xxxxxx

  • If you go to the Scooter section of the Motability site they have the scooters in groups - the small ones are often portable. It lets you see what's on offer out there and you can short list a few to look at more closely online.

    I bought a GoGo Traveller Elite Plus and it fits into one side of my Motability Citroen Berlingo (Multispace Airdream HDi ). The version of the Berlingo I have is a semi automatic diesel ie you can drive manually with the auto clutch - the gear change is finger tip on the steering column - or you can use it as fully automatic, I use it mainly on automatic but in the winter I used manual a lot but that was purely just personal choice. The cruise control is brilliant too for longer journeys! It sits quite high up which although I'm about 5'2 & shrinking makes a bit difference getting in and out of, much easier.

    Check with your Local Authority about the bus pass, I think every LA is different as to who gets what. Here in Fife if you have HRM/LRC you get an ordinary C (for Concessionary) bus pass but if you are on HRM/MRC/HRC you get a C+1 pass which allows you to take someone to assist you.

  • That is good news for you it really is and it should be recognised!

    I have a Blue badge form and Dr is going to back me up with anything i need so fingers crossed xxxxx

  • Good luck with your Blue Badge application, i've found it really helps if your G.P. is supportive. I filled the application in a few weeks ago, I was due to go for a medical on 4th October but now I have HRM I don't think I will need to go. I'll give them a call on Monday;-)xxxx

  • You should be fine hun. I did mine online and also sent them consultants reports. They seem very fair.

  • Congratulations Mikeymoo, I'm sure you're delighted xx

  • Well done you! Hope it helps! x gins

  • It's so nice to hear good news for a change. Did you also know that you can get a cinema ticket for people with disabilities? you fill in an application form, send a passport photo and £5 or £6 and you can get free enterance to cinemas, your carer must pay though. xxx

    I have sent my appeal back again!!!

  • Hi it's lovely to hear that people actually do get accepted 1st time,as it is the hardest thing to get,good luck to you and hopefylly by now you have your job sorted wishes.x

  • Absolutely fantastic, so pleased for you. It will give hope to others suffering the same disabilities.Hope you get sorted at work too. x

  • mikeymoo that's brilliant, pleased for you. Glad you got justice. x x x

  • Sorry to be a bit thick but I thought DLA was for when you couldn't work anymore not when you are still working. Can someone explain please or point me in the right direction? Thank you.

  • Congratulations! :) Check with Motability, you could get a car with a hoist thingy for getting the scooter in and out of the car - my neighbour had one.

    If you ever go to the cinema its worth checking this website out too...

    It means a carer can come with you. I can't cope with going to the cinema on my own so its been great. I only found out about the cinema card through a leaflet I once got with a disabled railcard.

  • Well done I've applied 3 times applied twice and still didn't get anywhere. I'm now under a new doctor at the hospital because of new health problems so will try again after i get the results back.

    Congratulations again

  • Dear Yvonne64, sorry you are having difficulty with your claim. I suggest that you visit your local CAB for advice on how to fill in the form, that's what I did. If you ask they will send a representative to assist you with the form to make sure all the wording is right. Try to use the additional comments page too, I wrote a paragraph re-iterating why I need DLA, my doctor has backed me up too as he has seen how weak my body is. A new doctor is the right way to go, that's what I did and he has helped me more than any doctor I have seen in the last 5 years. Good luck with it, you sound like you truly need and deserve it. Hugs xxxxxx

  • Hi mikeymoo, I did go though the cab but found it hard seeing the same person every time. My doctor was brilliant and was amazed that I was't given it, I'm having tests at the hospital at the moment and I will reapply when I get all the results back and I'm prepared to fight. Especially if they find anything else wrong and the hospital are willing to give information about my health and the results of the tests.

    Take care from Yvonne

  • Well done and congrats. x

  • I am so pleased for you. I was awarded DLA middle mobility and low care indefinite many years ago. But I do not know if when it changes to PIP that I will be reassessed. Hope not. But well done you

  • Hi reading all this info but could you please tell me what PIP is

    Many thanks

    Regards Ax

  • PIP is going to replace DLA, this is the Personal Independance Payment. Not sure when it comes into force though x

  • PIP is going to replace DLA, this is the Personal Independance Payment. Not sure when it comes into force though x

  • Ok thank you. Will look it up

    Cheers have a good evening

    Bye for now A x

  • No problem xxx

  • iam so pleased for you . thanks for shearing your happiness

  • I'm glad to hear some people get it, I'm fighting for it and I don't work because I had to give it up. I'm pleased for you but I find the DWP harder to understand each day, there is no consistency to who and why they award DLA.

    I get LRate care and have applied and been refused for higher rate and mobility, when I can hardly walk to my front gate.

    ~I'm still fighting and will carry on till I get it, Good luck to everyone who's trying, x x

  • Hi Goldwing, sorry you are having difficulty with your claim. I suggest that you visit your local CAB for advice on how to fill in the form, that's what I did. If you ask they will send a representative to assist you with the form to make sure all the wording is right. Try to use the additional comments page too, I wrote a paragraph re-iterating why I need DLA, my doctor has backed me up too as he has seen how weak my body is. Good luck with it, you sound like you truly need and deserve it. Hugs xxxxxx

  • yah-----always nice to have good news. Gives hope to the rest of the community!!!!!!

  • It is good to hear someone has got it first time I applied got the LRC no MC but I am asking for a reconsideration and I have really gone to town on the ATOS Dr that they sent she twisted everything that was said . She told them I could walk 100metres even though I walked 10 steps holding onto my walking stick and the wall and door frames to help me keep steady and tears running down my face from the pain. I get really angry when I see people from my living room window walking with no problems and jumping in and out of their mobility provided car which I know they are on HRM and can walk around a supermarket and run after their grand-kids (lucky them ). When I am stuck indoors 24/7 because I can not manage to walk down my own driveway. Good luck to you Hunny

  • Aw thats fantastic news xx

  • well done always nice to get good news

  • good luck so glad you was successful congratsx

  • Thanks mikeymoo for your advice about CAB, I have asked for reconsideration but if I have to appeal I will go to them for help.

    Oh michphil dont get me started they must say everyone can walk 100 mtrs they decided that about me when I put 0-10mtrs on my form, in severe pain on crutches and then I have to stop. Ive not had a medical they decided without even giving me one. I'm the same I know someone who has mobility car and can run with her walking stick, carry heavy things for other people in her car. People who were diagnosed 12 months ago and get HM and MC, Ive had this 16 yrs, its got really bad over last 3 years, hardly ever go out, and when I do can't do anything much and have to go home, anyway Ive sent papers off today for reconsideration so fingers crossed everyone. xx

  • Congratulations Mikeymoo, that's great news and deserves to be shared.

    I'm in the process of wading through the DLA application form. Have just lost my 1st tier appeal for ESA after having my points awarded at last appeal taken away. Have requested paperwork from the tribunal to see if I can take it to Higher Tribunal, so well prepared to have to fight for DLA. I used the CAB for help with both appeals plus they filled in my last ESA app too so I am applying for DLA with the help of the benefits and work info. The fact that I can use the interactive form to apply is a great help as I cannot write for long, but still having to do it in stages. I will run it by the CAB before I send it off too. Good luck to everybody else caught up in this stupid benefits system, hope some of Mikeymoos luck rubs off on us all xx

  • So pleased for you and it is great to hear you share your good news - lets hope the government finally begin to see that you should not judge a book by its cover so to speak - people that dont really know me would not have any idea of the pain I go through day and night and I am not one to share this fact - other than with family and very close friends - I do my bit for my family when I am able they in turn give me the support that I need - good news for you and lets hope many others get the same result X

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