Update of my recent Endoscopy/Colonoscopy

Hi all, just to say thank you for all your previous comments regarding my recent Endoscopy/Colonoscopy. I have had the biopsy results back and all is normal, thank goodness. It appears they checked for Coeliac disease and Giardiasis which are both clear. Have seen my GP and she tells me that the low blood iron is caused by either bleeding from my Hiatus Hernia or from the narrowing that has occurred in my bowel from the Diverticulosis which has both just been diagnosed as a result of the recent tests. I have been put on another iron tablet and more medication for the Gerd, which is quite bad. I don't seem to be tolerating the iron tablets very well and they are leaving me with a severe tight tummy and bloating. I will give it a few more days; but feeling very uncomfortable. If any of you can offer any insight into iron medication, I would very much appreciate it.

Hope you are all ok and having a relatively pain free day.

Tannels xx

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  • Hi,

    I am so pleased you had good news following your tests.



  • Hi Tannels

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? That sounds really great, apart from your GERD. Have they told you how bad the acid dripping back downwards is? I can imagine it is exceedingly uncomfortable? And your hernia, are they going to operate on it?

    I am so sorry but I do not really know a great deal about iron tablets, apart from when my wife was pregnant, she was prescribed them and they change the colour of your stools (sorry).

    You take care of yourself and hope to hear from you soon.


  • Hi, not sure about an operation. I think my GP will monitor it for a while and see how it goes. I am hoping the new medication will improve things for me. The very first time I experienced the burning acid; which was a long time ago, I really thought I had heart trouble, it was painful. Thanks for your reply.

    Tannels x

  • I can imagine that it is quite frightening if you do not know what is happening when you get like that? I spoke to a doctor about GERD a long time ago, as he thought I had it, but I never did anything about it as I already take 3 different inhalers and do not want to mess about with them as I have COPD. From what I was told they would need to amend some. My own GP said she did not think I had it so that was enough for me!

    Hope it all goes well for you


  • Hi Tannels I'm soooooooooooo pleased the tests came back normal for you and am sad about the anaemia I'm still fighting that battle too and yes the iron tablets do that to me also.

    I know this sounds odd Tannels but apart from drinking plenty of water, possibly hot water too with a slice of lemon.................... jelly babies, or liquorice, I don't know why but it works for me :) The tablets are reknowned for causing constipation and bloating which is why I don't like them either, plus they make me feel nauseated too :o

    I hate iron tablets and think I'll be back on them again too by Friday :(

    Doc reckons mine is because of heavy periods but I think that's only part of it :o

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi Zeb, I am definately going to try the the liquorice and see it that helps. I do emphathise with you on your monthly ordeal. I guess I am at least lucky that way. Thanks for your reply.

    Tannels x

  • Isn`t it great when things come back as normal? oh the relief. V pleased for you hugs sue

  • Hi Mayrose, thanks for your reply. Tannels x

  • Hi Tannels so pleased about your good news, I have Barratts Osophegus, which they said was Gerd, I have a stick of panda liquorice every night and that helps the bowel problem, it's horrible being bunged up so to speak isn't it lol hope you find a solution soon take care gentl hugs...Dee xx

  • Hi Cookie, thanks for your reply. What a good idea with the liquorice, will try that. Barretts Oesophagus can be really uncomfortable, sorry you have that. Gentle hugs to you. Tannels x

  • Hi Tannels, , sorry not to ha got back to you earlier, sorry :o

    However, I am very pleased that your tests have come back with better news. I too don't have much experience when it comes to iron, but I know as the others have I said that it can cause constipation, the answer to that is quite individual, but it helps to drink lots and I have found a mix of linseed, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds all whizzed up together in a blender or food processor and then added to cereal, if you have that for breakfast, alternatively in some yoghurt. It's worked wonders for me and for another friend who has IBS and finds this helps her too, I think she adds in almonds which she also whizzes in with the other things :-)

    Hope this may help a bit, but I am sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Welcome to my world have had all the same tests as you and all clear, next on to be done is to check bacteria levels in the top of my bowl. It the problem is there long term antibiotics . It's some sort of breath test they do. Have you had that one ? Might be worth asking about. Hope that helps xx

  • tannels thats great news, so pleased for you. :)xx

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