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Have you noticed, it cant just be me, any holiday period, whether it's Xmas or Bank Holidays etc., attracts new medical problem? My carer helps me in the shower. Well, not wishing to be too graphic there is a sore under the armpit. This morning she said I should call the Surgery, ask gp to come and take a quick look. She came this evening (hard working gp). I have an infected lymph node. She gave me a script for anti-bacterial/steroid cream + oral antibiotics. I decided to google it. I have a history of fluid retention (seriously, Michelin Man, put me in hospital!) and Cellulitis. GP did check me over, she's always thorough, & she's happy nothing scary going on. Lymph nodes are the glands that are supposed to flush waste and bacteria through the system. Assuming you have a normal functioning immune system of course! I have so many conditions that come back to this. They cant really do much about it, apart from giving more meds. But it could be worse. There is so much in my life to be grateful for. Frustration sometimes gets the better of me. I have this feeling that I'm missing out. Boredom is often my worst problem. Combined with 'brain fog' so I cant concentrate, much of my time I struggle to find something new, interesting to do. Eventually exhaustion takes over and I sleep, lose a couple of days. But for now, I will take the meds. No matter what, I am going to enjoy Christmas. My lovely boys are calling every pre- bedtime. "6 more sleeps Nana!" etc. My lovely GP has given me some Prednisolone, which gives a lift, mentally and physically. If I could live on them I would. Too dangerous. It drives the appetite, you just eat and eat. I was stuck on them for 3 years. I had double pneumonia that put me in Intensive Care. I still need the oxygen concentrator. My GP trusts me to not abuse steroids. It was a nightmare to stop them last time, never again!!

I'm rambling now. I AM going to have a good time this Christmas regardless, and wish everyone out there the same. :) Tulip xx

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  • Hi tulips123

    I am so sorry to read that you have an infected lymph node and I genuinely hope that it clears up with the antibiotics. It is typical that when a holiday season comes along that you get ill, it happens to me quite a lot.

    I sincerely hope that you have a wonderful xmas.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Frustrating isn't it? I wish you a happy and healthy Christmas. You are always so kind and supportive to everyone on this Site, with more than enough of your own health problems going on at the same time! Take care. :) Tulip x

  • Thank you so much I genuinely appreciate your kind sentiment, thank you

    Ken x

  • Tulip this is to wish you a gentle happy Christmas time and may 2015 bring you wellness happiness and love

    Best wishes


  • Thank you Gins. Wishing the same for you. :) Tulip xx

  • Good for you .......If we removed all of the expectations and demands that the modern world expects of us during this time it would be less stressful. Personally I just love the way family tend to get together at this time and we all just sit and know each other away from our individual lives. The stress that keeps me going. xx

  • that is so true! Tulip :) xx

  • Happy christmas, Tulips i hope you have a lovely christmas

  • Happy Christmas to you too, :) Tulip xx

  • Hi, Tulip, I know what you mean about the eating caused by your meds. I am on prednisone and want to

    eat, eat, eat. I have to be very careful to limit sodium or I really gain weight. Hope you have a wonderful

    Christmas and that the New Year will be good to you.

  • Wishing the same for you. :) Tulip xx

  • Hi Tulip,

    I do hope that your lymph node infection clears quickly and that your system doesn't rebel too much. How lovely to hear from your grandsons, the excitement from the little ones can be so infectious.

    I too have your determination to enjoy Christmas, no matter what. Positivity is the order of the day :-)

    Kind thoughts and wishes of wellness,


  • Absolutely so true! Wish you a very merry Christmas too! :) Tulip xx

  • Thank you,

    Merry Christmas to you and yours :-) Ginny xx

  • Hi I'm no where near your level thank God, so sorry I meant that in a most caring way, because my mam God rest her used to say that " there is always someone else worse off and you don't have far to look " your post is the first I have read this morning!

    I am jealous of your relationship with your gp! I have been searching my practice for one to replace mine that moved away! I think that patient/gp relationship is so vital to patients that have a few problems at once - mines fibromyalgia, arthritis, herniated discs and of course as a result of those and my bereavement from losing my husband good old depression oh and of course constipation which although we don't want to talk about can cause a lot of problems!

    As I said still going through my gp's who I suppose I wouldn't need that much if my husband were still alive! First line carers are vital I hope that yours are everything that you need. I wish you every luck that there is, your outlook is very positive, or is that just this morning?!

    Hope your Christmas is everything that you are hoping for same goes for everyday!

    Warmest regards

    Susan xx

  • It sounds like you have more than enough to contend with yourself! My mood fluctuates a lot. My much loved hubbie died 2010, still miss him terribly, memories are precious. GPs like mine are like gold dust, do you have any other surgeries in your area? It makes a huge difference. Wishing you all the joys of the Xmas, +manageable pain levels of course! :) Tulip xx

  • Hi Tulip we have a new medical centre where all the GPs have merged, nightmare, as I said still looking for a good one, doubt I'll ever find one like yours, I can only dream! My husband died very suddenly just gone 6yrs ago, he had not long had his 53rd b/day. He had the ordinary flu for 9days when it attacked the lining of his heart killing him! I haven't been the same since. The person who first said that you could feel lonely in a crowded room, new what he was talking about!

    Hope you have the best Christmas and an even better, pain controlled New Year. xx

  • I sense a kindred spirit. Emotional pain impacts on physical illness. I wish you a good Xmas, better 2015. Hugs, Tulip xx

  • Hi Tulips :)

    Sorry to hear of this problem I have sores under my boobs from the pressure of fabrics rubbing/pressing on my skin and have also got steroid creams and anti bacterial powders/creams to use. it seems to be neverending and when it's about healed 'bang' I'm back to the beginning with it :o

    18months of varying skin issues/infections from psoriasis, eczema and folliculitis........ dermatology visits many differing creams, lotions, potions, powders and body washes :o

    Incidently I have issues with the lymphs behind my ears and the doc reckons it happens when my psoriasis flares!

    I wish it heals soon for you my friend and send healing fleecy fluffies to you {{{{{{{{{{ Tulips }}}}}}}}}

    xxx sian :)

  • Do you sometimes think there's a conspiracy, out to get you? :) A friend of mine suffers with psoriasis + related arthritis. Not funny, I feel for you. Fluffy, soft hugs to you too, and have a good Christmas! Tulip xx :)

  • Ouch! Have a nice Xmas Sian, better 2015. Tulip xx

  • Forgot to wish you all the best for the festivities hope it is wonderful for you :) xxx sian :)

  • Happy Christmas, Tulips I hope you have a lovely 2015 and this pain takes a holiday itself.

    Lots of fluffy hugs XX

  • That sounds like a good plan! Should we write to Santa? We've all been very good this year, (fat chance for anything else, tee hee) Best wishes for a good xmas time. Tulip :) xx

  • Oh, I don't know. If you're determined, there's still scope for being bad :P :P :P

  • they do say, World Wide Web, you can buy almost anything and have it delivered to your door! :) Tulip x

  • L. O. L

  • L,O,L

  • Hi tulip as soon as I read that you had lost your husband and the lovingly way that you talked about him, I too felt some kind of a connection, the kind of connection that we both wish we didn't have! In the nicest possible way I mean!

    I wish you the Christmas and 2015 that you wish yourself.

    Huge hugs

    Susan xx

  • You will be in my thoughts. Over Xmas is always when memories seem so much more poignant! I'm still determined to enjoy it. I want my grandchildren to grow up, tell their grandchildren about funny/slightly crazy Nana!! :) Soft hugs to you. Tulip xx :)

  • hi, i know exactly what u mean about holiday periods and bank holidays attracting medical problems! How does it always happen?!! It's true though!

    Really sorry to hear u have something else wrong but glad to hear it's hopefully short term and treatable with antibiotics and other meds ur GP gave you. it's great that u have a supportive GP, that makes all the difference.

    Also understand it can be so frustrating always getting something else to knock you back, you are not alone there, but also that fact doesn't make it much easier!

    Hope you do manage to have a lovely Christmas with your grandchildren!

    Take care,

    Starbys :-)

  • If they could clone my GP and place one in every surgery in this Country, countless chronically ill people would be able to manage their condition a heck of a lot better!

    I will have a nice Christmas, and wish the same for you. Take care. Tulip :) xx

  • HI Tulip, thanks for ur msg. You are absolutely right about the GP, maybe we shd wish for a GP cloning machine for Christmas! ;-)

    I could def use one! I think the more medical conditions u have, the more severely ill u are, especially when young, the more most GPs back off, unfortunately! some do so because they're upset ur so bad and they seem to feel inadequate as they can't offer active treatment or cure, so they avoid u for this reason as they feel bad as they think they can't help enough and they get upset at seeing someone so ill so they just avoid. But it would be great if they'd realise that just the fact of them being supportive, there when u need them, and the little things that they can do to help would make the world of difference, and conversely by them avoiding they only make it worse than it already is!

    So glad u have a good GP, sounds like u need it, and make sure u hang on to her!

    happy christmas,

    Starbys :-) x

  • GPs cant always cure people and I think you're right: instead of offering as much as support as they can they back off, and all too often make patients feel they are a waste of time! I've seen far too many GPs like that! I'm sticking with the one I have. She always responds, she is thorough and explains as much as possible. take care. Tulip x :)

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