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I would just like to thank you all for your kind, supportive, loving words! They have brought me so much comfort and hope! God Bless you all

Bless you all for your kind, supportive, understanding words of comfort. I said l"d up-date you. GP. seems to think I have a fractured right hip @ moment as I"ve been in bed with such chronic hip pain, unable to move for past 5 weeks! Also have severe Oestophrosis/Oestop-Arthritis and pain corherent with a frature. Broke 3 ribs last year just by coughing due to a Chest Infection. Problem is G.P. has changed all my Pain Relief Medication, put me on MST 120mgs per day, aswell as Oral Morphine. Trouble is taken half the dose to try with as I"m only 5stone in weight and just knocked me out. Slept all night for the first time in I don"t now when and fell asleep, holding cup of coffee this am in bed, @ least it had cooled down as went all over me!

Hav"nt been conscieince enough to go for Hip -ray yet as hav"nt been awake long enough! Although it has dealt with the pain factor, just see how it goes.

Just want to thank all of you on this fantasic Site for all advice and support. I now know I have somewhere/someone to turn to who know exactly how I feel!

Hope everyone has a good nights sleep & day tomorrrow? God Bless to you all. Love BB X

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Hi again BB.

Why don't you start a blog?

Then everyone can follow your updates.





Yes - i agree - we would like to hear how you get on. Good luck with everything!

Moffy x :)


Morning B B please start a blog and then we will know hoe you are doing. It sounds like you are in desperate need of a hip xray why havent you been. Could you call a ambulance and get to a&e

do take care xgins


Yep it sound. Like a good idea you startin a blog then we can keep up with your progess big gentle hugs Sithy


How are today BB?

I've been thinking about you. Did you get to the hospital about your hip?

When you are up to it start that blog. Not everyone will respond to questions but we all want to keep abreast of how you're doing and a blog is perfect for that.

It's also a great line of communication with all your 'friends' and fellow sufferers on here.

Gentle hugs



Hello there, really worried how are you my friend?

God willing you are well. p.m. me if you have lost my personal email.

R xx


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