As most of you know I have had chronic lower back pain for years. Then about 3 months ago I was diagnosed with RLS. Up until Dec. 14th 2015 none of the meds. I was put on for the RLS helped at all. I have been taking 10mg. Oxycodone for my back for ever so long. It was the only Med. that gave me temporary relief for the RLS. Then strangely my back pain improved, and that's when I came down with the RLS. My Neurologist put me on 1-1-2, - 300mg Gabapentin daily. I stayed on that dosage until the middle of last month with a little relief for a few days and then the Gab. stopped helping. My feet and ankles swelled so much I didn't have any ankles any more, and they itched something awful all way up to my knees. I got an appointment with my GP, had blood work done and every thing came back great she said especially for my age ( 69 yr. old male ). My blood pressure however was 175/90 and my iron was very low. Also blood was found in my stool. I will be having a colonoscopy Feb. 17th. Getting back to the weight gain when I saw my GP last she put me on blood pressure med. and iron tabs and told me to take 3 Gab. at night instead of 2. I haven't been bothered with the shakes and aching feet hardly at all for the last week. My BP is down now the last 4 days from any where to 154/76 to 150/75, but I've went from 170 lbs. last Dec. to 184 lbs. now. My ankles have gone down a lot the last couple days. I know that I've posted a lot of this before ( who knows after having unexplained seizers in the past my memory is not as good as it once was ) how many times I've told my story. I just hope that someone might give me some tips about the weight gain or any other thing they might think is wrong with me ha-ha-ha and lol's. GOD BLESS EVERYONE> Blair AKA Old Blue

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  • Hi old blue, sorry for your troubles. Unfortunately I cannot give you good sound advise but I can sympathise with you as I've had RLS... Dives me crazy but I don't take anything for that. Hopefully someone will be along soon who can advise you. Keep your chin up mate, Mags x

  • hi Mags, great to meet you. Just getting a reply from you is priceless. I personally myself do not have Fibromyalgia. One of my precious daughters was dignoseded with this terrible pain six mounths ago. I along with my wife have watched her suffer with fibro. this short time and we are hurting so badly words will not explain it. We cannot begin to understand how you have hurt so badly with all of your pains so long of time.My wife has suffered with TMJ for as long as we have been mairred which was 50yrs. the 29th. of past Jan. We only can ask God for confort to anyone with such pain. We are a strong Christian family and know that there will be a Light at the end of the tunnell and Peace In The Valley some day. GOD BLESS YOU Mags, Blair and Bev AKA Old Blue

  • Wow congratulations to you both on your recent 50th wedding anniversary. My daughter is just turning 19 and they are treating her too for fibromyalgia although they have not actually diagnosed her just yet. I know It's heartbreaking to watch our children suffer; and your wife suffering for all those years and yourself with all your ailments too... Life can be so very hard at times and we all have our own way of coping. Faith is a wonderful thing and I often say to people, " keep the faith!" Its been nice to hear back from you too Old Blue... So you all take care and keep the faith. I'll be around the site if you ever need to talk. 😀

  • Dear Old Blue. What a lovely reply to that other member about your family, Your ways, belief and support within your family is whst dreams are made of...truly priceless! I am so sorry for all your pain and difficulties for you,as well as your family members too... It sounds like everyone is in such excruciating pain. On another point. I am so grateful for you/your family and pleased for you all that there's so much support for one another, in your own home. That is truly priceless! I will say a prayer for you as Im not familiar with your meds or RLS...I'm not familiar with the circumstances but you will be in my thoughts directly.

    Sincerely, Katherine

  • so sorry for the wrong name Katherine, I wasn't paying attention again as usual. Thanks and Many GOD BLESSES TO YOU Blair and Bev

  • I will sure get back with you Mags, Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU again Mags.

  • Hi my friend,

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much, I have pasted you below the cache to the NHS Choices 9 medical reasons for putting on weight, they are quite interesting and may have the answer for you? if so, it may help to ask your GP for a referral to the relevant department:

    I have also pasted you a link and an excerpt to the NHS Choices cache on RLS, so I gneuinely hope that you find this useful also:

    *Underlying health condition

    Restless legs syndrome can sometimes occur as a complication of another health condition, or it can be the result of another health-related factor. This is known as secondary restless legs syndrome.

    You can develop secondary restless legs syndrome if you:

    have iron deficiency anaemia – low levels of iron in the blood can lead to a fall in dopamine, triggering restless legs syndrome

    have a long-term health condition – such as chronic kidney disease, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, an underactive thyroid gland, or fibromyalgia

    are pregnant – particularly from week 27 until birth; in most cases the symptoms disappear within four weeks of giving birth

    Link To NHS Choices cache on RLS.

    I want to sincerely wish you and your wife and daughter all the very best of luck and a belated congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary.

    All my hopes and dreams for all of you


  • Thanks very much Ken, I have been reading probably all the replies you have made to the love ones on Health Unlocked. I know without any doubt that they come from the depth of your heart and mind. If only half of the earths people were like you it would be such a better Planet. Thanks for the Links. I will check them all out. GOD BLESS YOU Ken. I don't know if you are married our not. If you are tell your wife that my wife and I said she was a very lucky lady to have you. GOD BLESS her or who ever is close to you. Blair and Bev AKA Old Blue

  • Oh, Ken's wife is so very lucky to have Ken who looks after her so well in spite of his own difficulties :-)

  • Bless your sweet heart. That is a heart warming answer if there's ever been one. Many GOD BLESSES to you. Blair AKA Old Blue & Bev My wonderful little wife is asleep right now but we speek for each other. PS. 2 full sleepless nights for me now. My eye lids are drooping and burning. Later/////

  • Thank you so much that is such a lovely ting to say x :)

  • Thank you that is such a wonderful thing to say, I am married and have been for nearly thirty years. Once again, thank you.

  • Hi Old Blue,

    Have you considered your weight "gain" as an effect of the extra water weight you're carrying? Could you possibly be less active due to all of the physical troubles you've been going through? Thirdly, some people gain weight on gabapentin and have to take careful measures and watch their weight while on it. I'm one of them and my neurologist helps by putting me on topamax along with the gabapentin. With both drugs you usually start at a lower dose and gradually increase to higher doses as needed. There's no easy answer though; I still have to be careful about what I eat. The topamax just lessens my hunger, which is helpful.

    For the RLS I didn't see that you are taking a drug specifically for that. I take Mirapex/pramipexole. A quick, OTC drug that sometimes helps is from Harland called "Restful lLgs" or "Leg Cramps" , both names, and you can dissolve the tablets right in your mouth. The Mirapex takes about 2 hrs. to work so I must plan ahead for bedtime.

    Best of health to you.

  • Thanks for the reply SueSz. I don't think it's water making the extra weight. I had'nt been getting any sleep hardly at all during the night until I saw my GP after my nueorologist visit in Dec. 2015. She upped my Gabapentin 300mgs at bed time and I began sleeping some what better and my RLS has slowed down a lot. Nights like tonight however or I should say 3:48am in the US I eat like a pig. Maybe if I try the Topamax as you are taking, it might curb my appetite. This is some info. I'm wanting to here. I was taking Pramipexole and Hydroxyz - Pam for the RLS so i winged off those and saw a little difference. I was told by a RLS member that they could worsen RLS. I's 4:30am now. Checked my BP and it was 163/82 pulse 70. Been awake for 2 straight nights. I'll check some other replies then try for some sleep before Church time. Talk later Sue GOD BLESS YOU Sue, Blair, AKA Old Blue and wife Bev

  • I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much sweetie. I'm sure they gave you dietary advice, hopefully?

    Are you in the UK please? I can give you an idea if you are. I only know our system.


  • Great to meet you Ann. I'm sorry for the late get back. I'm not a typist I have to use one finger to hit the keys, the other one to hold down the cap shift key. The only dietary she gave me was for gas and I lost it. Oh well I'm a old country boy. I'll give the pinto beans up. lOL. I live in North Carolina in the USA. As you've already read my post I can't think of anything to add. I'll try and stay in touch. GOD BLESS Ann, Blair, AKA Old Blue & Bev

  • Nice meeting you too.

    For iron: increase the dark green vegetables you eat, they are high in iron. ie spinach. The iron supplement should be more than adequate, but you may be able to come off it, if your diet is sufficient.. Possibly. Iron also cause the stool to become dark, hence hide the same colouring caused by blood in stool. So, if after the blood is sorted, you can come off iron, it's easier for you to monitor your stoll for any reoccurring blood.

    Blood in stool can be from many cause. From polyps, little tags, to anything else. So fingers cross, it's a minor thing. Wait and see what the result bring.

    Beside all thr advice, increase your veg intake is an easy way. Should be 1/3 of your plate.

    Roughage, like wheetabix, cabbage, pinnacle core, are excellent as bulker and good for your gut. So brown instead of white bread and flour. Cut out sugar. Cut down oil. Cook with 1 table spoon of oil, add fluid to steam rather than fry food.

    Some people also increase protein, like chicken, meats, but NOT the skin. Protein makes you fuller, longer. Regular smaller meals are best. So breackfast, lunch, dinner. Snack on carrots, celery in between.

    Slimming world is a healthy eating organisation, recognised and in partnership here with the NHS, in the UK. They promote healthy eating, NOT dieting. It's a bit long, you get receipts, online support groups etc. If you join, let me know I can ask.Someone I know if you can join their Facebook. In US there doesn't seem to be any meeting groups as yet. They are quite cheap here. I'll give it a go if I was you. I did loose lots of weight twice with them. But J have an eating disorder now back, so I have to prioritise. I don't have any share or gain with slimmingworld.

    For gas, it's difficult. The usual is anything peppermint helps. Some people swallow air, so it's a difficult habit to notice or even change. With weight you tend to get many gastrointestinal issues, your gut goes on strike. It should get better.

    I hope that help. 💗



  • Thanks again, ANNUNNAKI. I'll let my wife read this when she arises for the info. Like you said keep the fingers crossed for good results. GOD BLESS YOU AGAIN ANNUNNAKI< Blair

  • I have recently started doing yoga to build up my strength and to get some weight off. I don't know if it will work for you but you might give it a try.

  • Thanks Reg, I don't know about the yoga but luckily my GP gives yoga class's and I've been thinking seriously about giving it a try. She won't charge me anything either. Talk with you later Reg, Blair AKA Old Blue & Bev GOD BLESS REG

  • Regnofibro1 You're doing yoga! Good for you. I'm happy for you. 💗


  • I'm sorry, I don't have any advice re your weight loss except, stop eating like a pig :-P

    Gabapentin is sometimes prescribed for RLS but it didn't/doesn't help me. I know RLS can be horrendous. I've been taking something called Clonazepam for over 15 years after a sleep study diagnosed the RLS and it helps me enormously. I'm always trying to reduce my meds, when I started taking Gabapentin I began to reduce my Clonazepam(2mg), as soon as I get down to 1.5mg my legs twist themselves inside out, the same thing happened when I tried Quinine which is also sometimes prescribed (don't get sucked into tonic water, you'd need to drink 2l a day to obtain enough Quinine, even then it may not help.

    Clonazepam is a Benzodiazepine.

  • Thanks, I'm going to try and quit stuffing my gut. GOD BLESS Blair & Bev

  • Hello oldblue, your post tells me you are really going through the medication side effects plane.

    When you press on your legs and ankles, does the 'dent' take time to come back to the same level as the rest of the skin?,,, if this is the case then you have inflammation or fluid retention, which is causing your swelling and great discomfort,,,,

    Have you asked your GP for a medication review? and what they might be able to prescribe for you to ease the condition,,,,,

    It is important that you always have your legs raised when sitting down,,,and when in bed that your feet and legs are also raised, using pillows and even the foot of the bed raised with wooden blocks,,,

    Sorry I do not have an experience of RLS, but from reading your post, you are really in discomfort with the conditions and their medications, which seem to be working against each other,,,I hope your gp can come to your assistance and help reduce the swellings and bring you some comfort,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Hey Karen, It sure does take time for the skin to rise back to normal. Thank you so very much for this info. I will bring this to my GP's attention right away. May you have many Blessings. Blair Old Blue

  • Old Blue weighed 170lbs last Dec. 14th 2015. Weighed today. 188lbs. Called the Neurologist today. Got to get off Gabapentin. His assistant calls back told me to take 1 300mg Gab. every 4 days to wing off the Gab. and replaced them with something else that I couldn't understand what she said it was because of to many rug rats running around. Don't matter anyway this is no joke my wife had to drive 50 miles to Walmart and buy me three pairs of pants ( 2 inches extra in the waist ). If it keeps going at this rate I'll be as broad as I'm long in two more weeks. I know before you all say it, and I'm not being a butt - hole. I'm 5 ft. 7 in., 69 yrs. old and I have never had to stop eating before for no reason. It took me 45 yrs. to go from 130 lbs. to 170 lbs. My wife told me sad news today. She said if I lived long enough it would take me that long to loose 18 extra pounds. What about her telling me that. Ken what do you think about that? GOD BLESS everyone. Old Blue

  • I just read something today or yesterday that said our metabolism changes with Fibromyalgia. If I can locate it...I will forward it to you. However, please understand that I read quite a few things yesterday so I have to backtrack to find it. But when I do I'll forward it to you via personal message.


  • thank you very much Katherine and GOD BLESS YOU today Blair

  • Awe, thank you!

  • my neurologist switched the Gab. to Duloxetine for my rls and feet condition. Has anyone ever used this before?

  • no one tried duloxetine?

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