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Who was it who suggested further blood tests? Thank you from me

Hi all :) goodness it's been a long time since I last wrote to you. I have been reading all your blogs and posts though and on a bad day they soothe me and on a better day they cheer me.

I love to hear what everyone is up to and especially enjoy the pics of the day.

This post is to say thank you to whoever it was who advised further blood tests when feeling especially tired (rather than putting it down to the fibro alone.)

I went and did just that and it turns out my vitamin d and haemoglobin are too low. Sadly it doesn't mean I don't have fibro but it does explain why this year has been so so tough.

So THANKS to ALL of you for all your support

Zoisite xoxoxo

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Hi there Zoisite

That happened to me last year and I couldn't believe it. I was very very low in vit D and am now on supplement for...well... ever I think. I am feeling tons better for it tho and hope you do soon :)

Glad it wasn't anything nasty take care and keep us posted

xxxzebxxx fluffy cuddles to you too :)


Hey zeb. Thanks for your note :-) how long did it take to feel better?

I'm secretly hoping that this will cure all my symptoms but that's just me not accepting the fibro I guess! Zosie xx


Hey Zosie

In reality I noticed the persisting tingling starting to disappear within a couple of weeks and after a couple of months I started to get a bit more flexibility back in my toes and feet etc. I was regarded as being in the dangerous low level group to the point they cannot gauge roughly how long I'd been deficient for :o

It is very unlikely to make all symptoms vanish or any, maybe just reduce them and how bad they are so you are so correct hunny :( but don't despair think of it as a reduction in symptoms or the effect of them :D

I must state that I am different to you so please do not take my timings for real -as for yourself, as that was my experience but you could keep a diary and jot down when you notice a change in something as this could help you decide what isn't fibro!

Its weird because earlier in the year they discovered my body wasn't producing/using (whatever the medical jargon is) ferretin properly and was put on iron supplements (ferrous oxide to be precise, I know that one! hehe)

If you'd ever like to chat about your experiences zosie, please just give me a holler

many soft cuddly fluffies for you :)



Great to hear that you got sorted Zosie. It's encouraged me to see my GP again as although I seem to have had every blood test known to man in the past, deep down I don't feel I've been tested for everything, only the standard tests. For a while now I seem to have had more fatigue than normal and I feel really weak at times. I suppose like a lot of us I put off seeing the doc as he'll come out with ' it's just your fibro ' Now I'm in fighting mood and don't want fobbing off any more. Got the boxing gloves out ( pity I haven't got the strength to use them lol ) hugs xx


Hey deefer hey zeb. Thanks for your notes. Absolutely shattered today but will reply properly when I feel better. Hugs and thanks xoxoxo zoisie


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