THANK YOU for your stories so far :) ( you know who you are )

Good Morning to you all :)

Jst a Quick Thank you to all who have sent me your stories all nemes will be hidden to protect the Innocent,Daft and just down right stupid that includes me LOL :) Please keep them coming, I think all of you are great for allowing me to use your stories :)

I have started the book it may take a few years to write and lots of spelling mistakes ( Thank god for spell check ) :)

Hoping we can all have a some kind of pain free day :)


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  • Are we doing fibro only related stories Chorls? Haven't really got any. Got some about the stress which maybe caused it mind.......

  • Hi Sue, if you have any stories about your illness, funny or as you say about the stress and problems, i will be more than happy to see what i can use, people need to know what it is like to live with the illness or what it is like living with sombody with the illness :)

    CHORLEY :) x

  • :)

  • Okay, a story:

    In the summer of 2010 I bought a spaniel puppy. I work in school so had the full 6 weeks to house train her. I used to take her on the bus when I returned to work, and drop her off at my daughters who also had a puppy. This worked well for a while, but because of her young bones I could not take her on the long walks on the beach I had planned. One day after it had snowed so much the school was closed, I took her for a walk. She loved it. I went carefully but loved it too. We crossed the road when I suddenly found myself sitting by the roadside! I have no memory of falling or landing! I got up and had absolutely no pain or bruses. Time passed. In February 2011 my knees started to give me pain on the stairs that had previously been no problem. So I got keys for the lifts. The next week was half term. Exactly a week after my knees started to cause me pain my hips joined in. They felt odd. Kind of floaty as if there were a cushion like a blister bubble in them. I saw the doc but he had no ideas. The next day the bubbles had burst and I was in agony! Doc thought Arthritis and got me to walk more. I could only hobble a couple of houses before I had to turn back. Bursitus was the next idea, which meant rest not exercise. I tried this, no luck. Both my doc and Rheumatologist tried giving me an injection of steroids into my right hip, neither worked. Off work for a few months, then contacted Access to Work, they assessed me, my work place and gave recommendations, paid for one journey a day to or from work and partially paid for an electric chair to get around at work. Burning pains continue and are mostly located in my hip. I have other pains in other places, and deal with them or ignore them. My hands, elbows, shoulders, knees, back etc but they are another story.

  • Hi Sarah-Jane, WOW that is a very busy story and i should be able to use itin the book :) Feel free to send any other stories to my inbox :)

    CHORLEY :)

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