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Big thank you I got an apology from my doctor

Thanks to everyone who gave me support when I posted a blog after my gp reduced me to tears.. I calmed down got a massage and then wrote him a letter explaining how he had made me feel that I felt he had let me down when I really needed support and I Had had to get a massage I couldn't really afford to try and unknot my neck and I felt I was a burden to him and the surgerys budget and was left wondering if I should change surgeries if he felt he couldn't help me..... Oh my he phoned me today and apologised.. We had a good chat and we have got things sorted and I will be staying on with him as I feel he now understands I don't like going to the drs so often even when they are nice.

It's cheered up my day so a big thank you for your replies cos I wouldn't have had the courage to do this without your support

VG xx

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hi , so sorry to hear you have had to go thro this ,whilst i know we all have off days the gp should have listened and heard what you were saying, i am sure your letter will make him think more carefully in future which will be better for all his patients as well as you,I also the fact that he apologised is great, take care ,soft hugs J


This must have been sooo distressing for this fibro sufferer!! Some GPs can

be totally insensitive and I think he/she did the right thing. Doc certainly

should have been challenged - it's their job to take care of us!! I am so lucky

that I have a good GP - who although there is very little he can do to cure this

horrid illness - he is supportive and sympathetic. Think more people who read

this blog - the more FB will be recognised.



WOW I bet you felt very special! Im so pleased your Doc, phoned you its nice to know that they are human after all.

I think its a wise choice staying with this GP.

I wonder if he did some research on FM.

lots of hugs

SY x


SO glad that you manage to resolve the issues with your GP and he has started to listen and more importantly understand your situation. I'm sure that every GP that understands helps everyone in the end - the more understanding and acceptance there is generally the better!!!!

Hope you new relationship with your GP brings you some positive help in the near future.

Gentle hugs xx


well done you ... i hope everything carries on going well

gentle dyslexic hugs


I remember your blog, that's amazing he apologized, I'm so pleased for you I really am, well done, you now have a brill doctor !!!!!

Regards nicki xxxxx


Result! Well done!!The letter was a brilliant idea. Jane x


Its good to know that professionals can admit when they are wrong and put things right I am so pleased for you hugs xx


That's great, and well done to him for having the decency to phone you and apologise, hope all goes well with him in the future. It's a lesson to everybody not put up with Doctors speaking to us like that :-)


Excellent news - they are human and at least he showed he cared even if it took you writing to complain about him.

All we ask is for them to be sensitive even if they cannot cure us !

Well done you try and rest today x gins


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