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Can somebody help recommend a specialist who can diagnose me please? Thank you x

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Good morning everyone,

I hope the spring sunshine can bring some niceness into your pain .

I would really appreciate your advice please. I had a car accident 5 yrs ago , no bony injuries however soft tissue injuries and have developed severe anxiety around driving. After having numerous scans, physio etc the pain and discomfort is still present despite no proper explanation. I was extremely fit and a dancer and Due to pain i cannot do the dancing etc πŸ˜” Im only 33 years old. Doctors think I am being overeactive when explaining that I still experience pain in my neck, lower back, shoulder, hip etc and its getting me so down because x rays dont show this. A neurologist had diagnosed me with sensitisation of the central nervous system and my so called solicitors who are really not helpful (given by my car insurance) havent even explored this . Yesterday I was talking to someone who suggested that I may have fibromyalgia and to look into it . OMG reading it , I felt I was reading about myself as all those symptoms excl fogginess of the brain are me and I got goosebumps and almost feel like crying . As i feel hopefully there in an explanayion for my continuous pain , I am not crazy or overacting. Can someone tell me who do you think it is best I go and see who is actually skilled and qualified to assess me on this please? I live in Nottingham . Thank you so much. I feel sad but also hopefully hopeful that there is an explanation for my continuous suffering . Thank you all so much in advance .

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So heart breaking to hear your story. I would say the best person to advise you is a Rheumatologist and sometimes they are called physicians. Your GP should be able to make this referral.

I agree you will rest once you know you have a condition. For a long time I used to think I am over sensitive to everything but now I know my brain is shattered inside.

I hope all goes well. X

Naxos in reply to Painny

Aww bless you . Thank you so much ! Yes I feel like they are looking at me thinking I am exagerating things but I know im not and its difficult when you are unable to show damage on an Xray .

Thank you x

Poor you 😒 I agree with Painny, a referral to a rheumatologist would be the first step. If your GP is reluctant, put the request in writing - this usually spurs them into action!

Good luck - and remember that you can always start to do positive things for your body before you get a proper diagnosis. Consider a β€œclean” diet, gentle exercise and so on.

Take care xx

A rheumatologist diagnosed me with fibro too. I was just recently diagnosed in Sept. It helps to know that u aren't going mad.

I had to push for a referral as docs were hopeless. I felt like a hypochondriac.

Being part of this group and reading about how people get up and get on with their live, I found incredibly useful and uplifting. They are a very helpful bunch of people and I'm very grateful for that.


Hi Naxos, your car accident did you or someone else brake quick like whiplash . It sounds common if you didn't have neck pain before , X ray doesn't show the neck up properly I would ask for a MRI scan , if it is your neck don't leave it as it will get worse if any of them disc's are pushing out . Clive

What did your GP do in response to the report that there were problems with your CNS? There's a lot of evidence now that one of the 'symptoms' of FM is a mucked up Nervous System. It'd be worthwhile getting your GP to take this further, as a lot of what causes us pain doesn't show up on an X-Ray or scan.

Good luck with that,


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