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Does anyone have frequent ESR blood tests? If so do you know the result?

I had one ages ago and it was 24, ever so slightly raised for my age, now it has gone up to 45. It is not mega high, however could indicate kidney infection/disease, lupus, pregnancy ( which I am not) and other autoimmune diseases...but even though I gave been complaining to my GP about pain in my lower back around my kidneys, I have a UTI with no symptoms and think I have had it for about 2 years and I feel sick every day and have lost a lot of weight apparently all is ok.....I can feel an appointment coming on to discuss the lethargic approach to my health and considering Fibro is non inflammatory maybe something else is wrong. Grrrrrr!!! Flipping GP!!!

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When I was first diagnosed with RA my GP actually rang me after doing an ESR test. My ESR level was 114! He and the specialist were stunned, but I have never ever gone below 68, so I asked why and they said even though 28 means high activity of arthritis, each person can have a different number meaning activity. So means 28 could be high for you, but 68 could be average for me!

They put me on Methotrexate for oh 10 years, but, I had to come off it when they found a tumour in my kidney, nothing to do with the Methotraxtae by the way.

Auto Immune diseases which I have too, can cause many, different diseases, ask to be checked for Under Active Thyroid gland, thats also an Auto disease too.



What is ESR ? and what is RA? not being funny folks but i cant keep up with all the abbreviations on this website, think its the fibro fog??

Confused smiles, Amanda x


Hi I have had a raised ESR most of my adult ME/Fibro life! I have regular blood tests and have never in the last year been below 43, I get constant sore throats so that can contribute to it,


My latest rheumatologist said "everyone" of my age or older (I am 57) has raised ESR - if that's the case, why do I keep having ESR bloodtests ?


I'm 18 and I've only had 2 ESR blood tests, the first one I had was 72 (for my age, it should've been at 12) and the last one I had was 16.


Barbykins....totally agree, why do they keep doing them and also have you had any investigations as to why it is high? I sometimes wonder if Gps actually know what to do!!! x

Wow CMB, that was high, but thank goodness it has decreased.



My GP reckons it is high because I have ongoing uveitis which is strange as the eye doctor says the uveitis is caused by an underlying inflammation elsewhere in the body - seems I must just have inflammation on a loop :-)


Errrr??? So why don't they find the root cause??? I find different departments can't work together and there is a severe lack in communication. Unless we become educated in our condition and research it and ask for referrals in my experience we just get left floating in the too hard box!!! x


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