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A huge thank you to all who helped me!!!

Hi everyone I am not the best with words, or where and how things go but I will have a go so if this is in the wrong place then please accept my sincerest apologies

In the last few months since discovering this website I have asked a few questions and have had lots of replies and lots of helpful information passed my way.

in the last few years or so I have been through the mill a bit with depression, fibromyalgia, anxiety panic attacks and being seriously assaulted just over 2 years ago. I have lost an awful lot of confidence and have really just learned to accept that what my doctor would say as being the only answer.

until recently when i posted a few questions about illness and symptoms on here. and many lovely people replied and helped me in a major way.

Today i went to my doctor and i asked some questions and for once stood up and told him that i was sick of being treated for a mental illness and not the physical side of things.

he suggested that he could run some blood test's and rule out or in as it maybe arthritis, kidney problems, liver problems and even went as far as suggesting that if these problems were ruled out that he would refer me to a rheumatologist? i was stunned but also happy.

but at the same time he also suggested that he was beginning to lean towards CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome i think it is due to the increased tiredness and lack of sleeping along with the feeling muscle aches constantly,

so without all the support from this site and people on it, i don't think 1 i would have questioned it, and 2 the chances are i would have not gotten anywhere for another who knows how many years

So although its a long winded way of saying it

A great deal of thanks and gratitude goes to all who have replied to me and this site

Once again Thank You Everyone!!

one day i am sure i will be in a position to answer many questions of other users

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards

Tez xxx

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well done Taz!


well done for standing up to your doctor but it shouldn't have to be like that i am lucky & have good G P who is very understanding .best wishes


Hi tezp2010

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I genuinely and sincerely want to thank you for the most beautiful, honest and open post that I have read. It is such a joy and delight to read that a fellow member from our community has benefited from being helped by other members, as this is why we exist!

So I want to wish you the best of luck with all of your tests, and say that I think that you are an amazing and wonderful person, thank you.

The forum is richer for your presence upon it.


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:D :D :D



Thanks for taking the time and energy to share your heartening story.

Virtual gold medal awarded for Courage when facing brick walls.

Wishing you well. Quite literally.



Well done Tez, I am so pleased that you have managed to get your GP to listen to you properly. Hopefully one day a time will come when all people with fibro and similar, not easily diagnosable, illnesses will be taken seriously by doctors the first time they go, not many years later.


"Good on ya." First thing that popped into my head. It means well done. Fingers crossed for the results. Hugs sue xxx


And that's exactly what this site is for. Dip in and out when you like or need to. Get questions answered. Get support. I'm really glad it gave you the confidence to stand up and be counted. On top of all the symptoms no one needs a brick wall doctor. it's then a great feeling when things move and you get a diagnosis, and therefore treatment. I hope that settles down quickly, it can take a while to find the right medication for you.

As Sue says "good on yer" :)


Hi Tez,

very well done for making your GP sit up and take notice. I hope that taking such wonderful charge of your health gets you all the help and support you need. I feel all to often, the medical profession assume it is a mental health issue instead of looking at the physical side as well.




Hi Tez, today is quite painful and i was feeling very low. Your lovely letter has really made me smile for first time today, what a triffic reaction when you stood up for yourself, many congratulatons and fingers ctossed you get some relief soon xx


Hi shazzzy, glad that you found some relief from my letter, hope you get some relief for yourself soon, I know some days are worse than others and two days are never quite the same, but best wishes

tez xx


So happy to here you are getting results at last. Assert yourself and way to go girl. Things should start to get a bit easier now you have pushed yourself to do this. I had to go back 3 times and perhaps find the right doctor before being diagnosed.


Good for u hope u r feeling better


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