A message from Jules- thank you for the love!

Hi all, just a little message. Jules contacted me last night and wanted to say thank you for all the love and kind wishes you put on her last posting.

She wanted to say thank you to you all but has been barred from the site, and cannot get on to it at all, so I said that I would put a blog on for her.

She said that your replies meant a lot and to say thank you.

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  • Heya Say hi to Jules from me. Miss her little blogs. :(

  • why has she been barred???

  • What do you have to do to be barred? Strange?

  • How can some one get barred?! Everyone is too nice!! X wishing her all the best even though not had chance to get to know her really, but i am getting to know others on here which is great! I want to stay!! I prefer it to my fb hehe however i have made a group on fb now to keep my ailments seperate to day day things because those non sufferers i guess do not understand as mych.. I was kinda always happy go lucky mood until this hapoend 2 yr ago and have noticed how friends have slowly departed too :-( xx


  • i will copy and paste this for her fairycastle, she will be pleased.

  • sorry - brain fog i meant fairy cazzie!

  • thanks for that i got an e mail off her last night which was nice as i was worried about her love to you diddle x

  • Hahahaha ohhh you made my day am still laughing!!! ;-)) huggly huggles xx

  • Aw MissKittycat, thanks for the update. I feel so sorry not to be speaking to Jules as she is such a lovely lady. If you are in contact with her please will you let her know I am thinking about her. Wish there was some way of contacting her but if she wants to stay in touch perhaps you could PM me and I can give her my private email address. Love Angela xx

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