My sugar level keeps dropping

Has anyone experienced a fall in their sugar level? A couple of months ago I had a turn in my local supermarket and collapsed. When the paramedics came they took my sugar level and said it had fallen to 3. I am not diabetic I went and had blood tests done which confirmed that I wasn't. Thing is since then I have had a few of the same episodes, but not to the point of collapsing because I will then go and have something to eat and then rest. Has anyone experienced this?

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  • I had the same happen to me a couple of weeks ago. I'd just had soup for lunch and suddenly felt weak, light headed and very unwell. I felt I probably needed some sugar and so wolfed some down quickly, but it took a while before I felt ok. I mentioned it to my dr. He wasn't worried as it is not a regular occurrence. If it kept happening I would certainly go back.

    Does this happen before/after you've eaten? Any patterns with what you have/haven't eaten when this happens?

    Sorry cant help more.

    Pip xx

  • Hi pip

    I have had it happen to me on both occasions but I first noticed the light headedness and over whelming need to sleep after I had eat but wasn't putting it down to low sugar back then. I still do get that feeling after eating but this is slightly different things become surreal and I tend to feel off balance and feel light headed often happens at any time of the day. Will be seeing doc next week so I'll have to mention it.

  • Hi, sometimes after a big meal the blood goes to the stomach which results in light-headedness - you may find eating smaller meals more often helps

  • Thanks secondhand rose. X

  • Hi,

    Yes, you should definitely get it checked out. I'm happy I haven't had it again since - horrible feeling. Hope you get sorted.

    Pip xx

  • I get a bit weak and shaky sometimes if I leave it too long between meals. I tend to eat little and often but sometimes if I am out and can't I get this. Sometimes I will bring a banana in my bag, if i don't and I get this feeling I get to the nearest shop for something sweet.

  • Thanks mary.x

  • I am in the middle of one of these attacks right now and feeling really lousy. I am only able to write this now, as I am sitting VERY STILL , because the minute I move, I feel like I`m upside down. I suffered with Menieres years ago [ trust me that is REALLY dizzy ]and had a big operation to make it better, and it has until now, but also, I suffer from low blood sugar, and when I get the lightheaded feeling,/ sickness, I know I have to eat sugary food as soon as possible, otherwise I start shaking so badly I can`t stand up, and certainly can`t eat or drink anything without help ,as I can`t hold anything. This can be very distressing, but there is`nt much that can be done, you just have to eat [ bananas, bread/cheese choc sugary drinks etc ] immediately. It is probably worse in my case because of the Menieres, but I have suffered with this for years, and although I haven`t got used to it, I manage, I really hope you don`t get too many more attacks, as they are very distressing and not the best of things to make your day go well, so best wishes for the future

    Lyndia x

  • Thanks Lydia. since my incident in the super market and found that when given something to eat made things better I have been doing so any time I feel like this.

  • Hiya,

    If you are not diabetic, then it may possibly be Reactive Hypoglycaemia. ( a sudden drop in blood sugar)..... I have just replied to a question by Sandra (anyone ever taken glucose tablets?) explaining about the link between fibromyalgia and Reactive Hypoglycaemia. Do you find that you are experiencing the symptoms ( dizziness, fatigue, increased sweating, irritability,poor concentration, tingling in hands and feet, carbohydrate craving) about 2-3 hours after a meal? I find that I need to eat small meals/snacks every few hours to help regulate my blood sugar and foods with a high G.I. ( e.g. oats) are good. Maybe you could ask your doctor about it. I think the best policy is to eat something as soon as you start to feel any these symptoms starting. Hope this helps

  • Hi phelbo123

    Thank you very much for that advice. I have not heard about reactive hypoglycaemia before but that may well ve the answer thank you I will put it to my doctor when I see her next week. Thats very interesting. Thank you.

  • Hi, yes I agree with all of this and keep oaty biscuits handy when I'm out

  • I have reactive hypoglycemia as well. Based on my research and experience, high GI (glycemic index) foods are only good for emergencies when you need to get your blood sugar back up fast.

    On a day-to-day basis the best diet for reactive hypoglycemia (to prevent future drops) is a low GI/low carb diet (but still more frequent meals).

    If you would like to understand the science behind it:

    This is because the beta cells in individuals with reactive hypoglycemia put out too much insulin in response to increased blood sugar, so instead of lowering your blood sugar back to normal levels, it overshoots and drops it too low.

    The glycemic index ranks food (carbs) based on how much they will raise your blood sugar (fat & protein all rank 0 because they do not immediately raise your BS) The higher the GI, the more it raises your blood sugar. Low GI foods do NOT lower blood sugar, they just provide nutrients without raising it as much. The only thing that lowers your blood sugar is insulin.

    (In a low-carb diet, the fats & proteins are converted by the liver to glucose as needed to maintain a healthy BS level)

    Therefore, because high-GI foods cause an insulin reaction, and reactive hypoglycemia is caused by insulin over-reaction, I do not recommend a high carb or high GI diet for individuals with reactive hypoglycemia, as it can cause that roller-coaster effect on your BS. (I consume carbs, react with too much insulin so now I'm low so I consume more carbs to bring it back up, but then my body puts out too much insulin to bring it back down again and I drop too low again, etc etc. If I consume protein or fat instead of carbs, & rely on my liver to carefully regulate my blood sugar instead of my stomach, it balances out and stops the roller-coaster).

    I hope this was helpful and not too terribly long to read.

  • Hi there. Wow at last some answers ! I've suffered with this all my life but never thought about it too much - I just ate and felt better. But recently I've been getting it everyday to the point I'm scared to leave the house without a croissant in my bag or something. I live in Spain also and I find it gets worse with heat ? The worst attack being when I was Ironing for an elderly lady and I could feel that I needed to eat but didn't say anything as she'd already invited me for lunch at a cafe in the same street the next hour or so. Also didn't want to say " I need something to eat NOW" as most people wouldn't understand, but I could feel myself slipping. Eventually we got downstairs and the normal shakiness started in my hands I was getting clammy and the faint feeling. She told me I didn't look ok so confirmed to me that there was something wrong. We ordered but I was already feeling out the game ! So I grabbed some cakey biscuit things off the counter and started nibbling away with terror. I also suffer from Agrophobia so people to see me collapse was scaring me even more ! So I demanded her keys to go back to her house. I looked like a mad woman. I stuck myself under a fan and even her cat got on top of me so I thought 'omg the car knows I'm going to die. (That's the exact feeling). It took me hours to get over it but when I told my doctor she said that little bit of biscuit wouldn't have been enough to raise my sugar levels and put it down to a panic attack, she also tested me for diabetes which I haven't got. It's now at the stage where I don't like leaving the house as an attack can come instantly and I sometimes can't get at food. I've read about hypoglycemia but also that it's rare. I must say that a protein breakfast does work and ables to me to go longer without food but horrible in the afternoons when your body takes that natural dip . Help !

  • yes had this quite a bit not diabetic although was insilin injecting when pregant aand was told runs in family when in the 40s so have to watch diet but sometimes just comes on even tho ive eaten ive tested my self and its sometimes below 3 makes yuou feel really odd

  • Thanks angie

  • Reactive hypoglycaemia is very common, particularly in women. Taking a sugary snack will put you right if you are feeling all wibbly-wobbly and faint, but the answer to the problem long-term is actually to cut down on refined sugars and white carbs, and to eat more protein (fish, eggs, lean meat, cottage cheese, pulse vegetables) and good quantities of low GI foods like wholegrains.

    If you eat like this, your symptoms will ease over the course of a few weeks, and your weight will drop, too - a happy side effect for many!

    Moffy x

  • Thank you moffy its good to know it can pass thanks love. Xx

  • yes I agree with all of this - not that I do it!

  • I also suffer from this and I carry Dextrose tablets round with me, in my bag, the car and they are at home. They are absorbed far quicker, once stable I then eat something like a banana x

  • Thanks mobey

  • The only thing I suggest is to carry glucose tablets so that you can take them when you feel your symptoms coming on. I have problems with low sugar levels too and I am pre-diabetic. I also get high blood sugars. Just eat small regular meals so that your sugars do drop too low also cut down on amount of carbs you are eating.


  • Thanks Dee

  • I feel faint and dizzy unless I eat regularly! Also I get the tingling in my hands and mouth as if a migraine is coming on. I take 80mg of propanalol twice a day, to prevent migraine and keep my blood pressure from getting too high. I dont enjoy long bus journeys and when I get off the bus, I feel very wobbly. I've had a few funny turns when out, though I dont get out very much because I dont drive. A few years ago, when I was in bed the room was spinning. Eventually when I was able to get up, I took a 40mg Propanolol tablet, which calmed me down...propanalol slows down adrenaline and alleviates the physical symptoms of stress.

  • We don't half go through some stuff as FB sufferers.

  • I read somewhere recently that lack of proper sleep, which happen with Fibro, you can develop Diabetes 2. I have it in my family, but I was diagnosed during a bad flare up of my Fibro.

  • Oh don't say that cause at mo I only get 4hrs sleep a night. :-(

  • I am the same, I go to bed and I can just about keep my eyes open, get into bed and bing I am wide awake and my brain is in overdrive, yuck

  • oh dear I don't sleep much also very dizzy, pins n needles feeling too, at docs next week, is it a blood test to diagnose this.

  • Dizzy ness and pins n needles are all symptoms of Fibro, they just happen to be the same as Diabetes. My best friend has Fibro as well and she has all the same symptoms as me but she isn't Diabetic, thank God. You are probably ok, ask you Doc put your mind at ease, there is a specific test, please God you are ok xx

  • Thanks Lynfran hope it the fibro cos everything else seems to be lol, don't need anymore. xx

  • What's fibro?

  • :) fibro-myalgia. It's shortened a lot.

    Medical meanings:

    Fibro- fibrous (connective) tissue- fascia

    My- muscles

    Algia- pain

    From my understanding.

  • This happens to me too if I go too long without eating - dizzy, light headed and tthe crazy shakes, it's just a horrible feeling - we are so lucky us fibro sufferers! A good tip about the glucose tablets, and a good i

  • (sorry, pressed submit by mistake! It's the fog! Lol)

    A good idea to keep the snacks handy, especially bananas.

    Sarah x

  • Guess ill have to stock up on glucose tabs and bananas goid job I love bananas.

  • You are right, Bananas are brilliant, I eat them, when my sugar is low. Also they say that Bananas help you sleep. When I go to bed and wake up in the night, again and again and again, I will just have a bite of a banana most of the time, it helps. Although now I cant remember what works and what doesn't anymore.

  • Offt what a relief I thought I was the only one with this as I am type 2 diabetic whe I wake up in the morning I have this shaking dizzy feeling got to see my gp next week see what she has to say. Ty for posting . Xx

  • yeah in a strange way its a relief that someone else is suffering from the same symptoms.

  • Hello everyone..

    This is my first post although i have been a member for sometime.. i do read your post ..

    I am diabetic to ..i didnt connect diabeties and Fibromyalgia ..i was on metformin for 5 years cut all junk out ..i was fine.. even lost 3 stone.. then i was in hospital last year for 5 days with a abcess in mouth ..i come out in a rash ...drs put 4 canulas in me ..i had lots of steroids ..then my sugars turn upside down .. now im having to eat every 3 hours .. my dr just said eat chocolate..its got to the stage as im scared to go to bed or out .i take my sugars before bed and before i go out ..i eat jam sarnie everynight .. plus in the day if needed ..i told my fibro dr about this last week ..she as sent off for me to see a dietician.. letter came yesterday to go in 2 weeks ...... in my bag there are jelly babies and chocolate .. plus small orange juice.. its scares the hell out of me.. as i have other problems as well i have allergies to food i got tummy problems so have to keep off fats they give me tummy ache.. plus i hate fish lol and dont like veg..although i will eat one roast dinner a week a small dinner that is ..fruit upsets tum to in a wheelchair so try to avoid eat stuff that upsets me diet is mainly .. oats toast and marmalade,, jacket potato or a few chips with a steak ..thats the only meat i like .. thank you for listening..i will try to get back ..took me ages to get around here i do suffer like you with the fibro if i get 3 hours sleep im happy ..


  • Poor you, it is a juggling act trying to keep both illnesses happy. I had Fibro for about 15 years before I became diabetic, but it's made me look at my diet properly. I have had another Fibro flare up this year and my Diabetes went up the wall. I cant eat much red meat now, thank God I love chicken, I am not a fish lover either. Porridge for breakfast great for me. I got one of them fat free fryers and fat free frying pans and they are great. Have you tried bananas instead of the Chocolate. It is hit and miss whatever works for you and your Diabetes I found that usually works with the Fibro, good luck. I found visiting my Son and Daughter-in-law in Hong Kong did wonders for my sleep, jet lag, as the diabetic nurse said well I don't think we can send you over there all the time lol x

  • Hi Lynfran..thank you for replying.. i try to keep smiling ..lot worse off i say. it is hard cos i have quite a few complaints.. some days i think the arthritis and fibro fight each other lol.. i have C.O.P.D. angina.. arthritis ...psorotic arthritis.. both my hips are gone..high blood pressure ..chronic bronical asthma.. fibro .. diabetic.. and to top that allergies with food and medication..i can only take paracetamol for chronic psoriosis and skin is so dry it just drops of me like a greasy chip lol.. they cant do my hips its to risky they say ..psoriosis is a big risk for infections... i went to hospital on 20 august ..had a letter to see dietician.. but after i put this on ..i have had a call from that clinic ..saying they are coming to my home do some test on my breathing and my health .. on the 29 september..which is very quick never known anyone ring on a saturday before im wondering what have they seen on xrays .. i did everything i could and was pleased with giving all the junk up so im looking forward to them working a diet out for me im told bananas not good for bad chest .. lol but i love them tyvm for input..

  • I know Tasa I have arthritis from Psoriosis, triggered by pregnancy my Son is 29, seems like forever I have had it and I agree with you I think they fight each other. Also have High BP, Spondylitis, Sciatica and things I cannot even remember, they like to gang up on you don't they.

    Try not to worry, says she who can worry for Britain, sometimes the medical profession can work faster sometimes. Take it easy xx

  • Hi Lynfran.. your right there.. they all gang up lol could join you worrying for Britain.. thank you xx

  • Its really hard juggling these illnesses and I know it bound to get us down, really down! Stop and rest if we must but one thing though , we must never give up! Be in control of your illness of illness don't let it control you. By this I mean; do whatever we need to do to keep it under control.

  • Hi gloglo.. it is hard but i try to keep smiling i do say that be in control.. at the moment just to keep sugar up ..jam is working thank you so much for reply and advice .. will look in again tomorrow ..

  • You keep going tasa its hard but your not alone. Xx

  • Hi Gloglo.. thank you best leg forward lol xx

  • I have been having this problem for a while. I am now doing the two-week food diary and checking my blood sugar every two hours. I think taking Plaquenil (for lupus and Sjogren's Syndrome) is contributing to causing it to drop way too low. I have also heard it could be adrenal insufficiency. I thought I was going to have to call 911 last week myself at a red light.

  • Being a diabetic means you are hyperglycemic which is when you have too much sugar and not enough insulin. In your case you are experiencing the opposite, hypoglycemic. I have this problem. If you still have this issue you can get a glucogon pack from your doc. This is a sugar injection. Just an fyi, have your doc write the script for like 5 instead of just one it will be the same copay.

    To help avoid this problem you need to eat more protien but also find out how many carbs you can handle. This takes some work on your half. Check your sugar when you get up, then right before you have breakfast, then right after, then 15 mins after and so forth. See if you can find a pattern on how many carbs your body needs so your sugar will not drop. Avoid drinking alcohol, this is a big carb beast that can make a good night go bad. For as many times as I have been hospitalized, I have been told that sugar levels under 40 can be life threatening. Exercise and proper diet can help but is no cure. Good luck.

  • Thank you dingus for that tjat has been very informative. I didn't realise that there was hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia and really its obvious there would be. I k ly tended to hear about hypo.

  • Diabetics can get either if control wobbles a bit - like forgetting medication at a bad moment, or taking on too much physically.

    If you get regular hypos it may be worth carrying glucose tablets, easily obtained from sports outlets or supermarket, but any issues that concern you should be discussed with doctor

  • I have PCOS and due to this I keep having issues with my sugar dropping as well, even though i'm not a diabetic.

    THe thing is, that usually i can get it back up if i eat something, but today ti's just not coming back up.

    I'm through 2chicken pieces and almost a full king size candy bar and it feel weird and shaky.

    So if you find an answer to your question please let me know too.

    Thank you

  • Just out of interest, how do you know? Do you need to monitor sugar level? I imagine the reasons may be different.

  • I was diagnosed 2004 with it.

    Funnily nobody diagnosed it before I left the country even though I had issues for years.

    I don't monitor my sugar level, but need to make sure I eat regularly ... unfortunately my boyfriend doesn't understand this.

    But occasionally my sugar level goes low. Not really sure how to explain that feeling in English.

    And sometimes it can happen that I get even disoriented like yesterday. Luckily shortly after that I finally managed to get the level up.

    The doctors in this country are free ... but I'm not allowed to go to one. Luckily so far I managed without one

    I have to say though yesterday's 'episode' made me a bit more afraid and I sent early this morning an email to my managers so they are aware if at some point it gets somewhat worse.

    Sorry, rambling on here.

    I hope I answered your question though

  • That answers the question but tells me I cannot offer any help. That's problematic. I would normally say visit a doctor but you suggest you cannot. I admit I am puzzled by that. My type 2 is under control, but plenty of people have hypos without knowing it, then of course when you are unconscious you cant ask for help. Normally diabetes is diagnosed by too much blood sugar so the question is why the dips in yours? Fibro doesn't necessarily do that. Can you carry glucose? The boyfriend is unhelpful here and I would expect better.

    A hypo can come in several forms. Disorientation is the classic but aggression can be there, too.

    Can I ask what country you're in?

  • You are probably hypoglycemic ....I was diagnosed several years ago. I keep glucose tablets in my purse or a heathy snack. Always eat high protein complex meals several times a day....not large meals !...this keeps your blood sugar at a normal level. See your doctor for a full evaluation ...good luck!

  • I have had theses turns for a long time. I have told the Doctor before but they said that they would not do anything about it. They did say they would worry if my blood sugar goes too high. The other day My blood sugar dropped very suddenly to 3.5 that was after eating a small piece of chocolate and 3 biscuits and a coffee with sugar in it.I have had this now since the 1990's at around 1996 it started. I will be going back to the Dr's tomorrow to tell them again.

  • I have the same problem and have to find something to eat very quickly. I am going to the Doctors tomorrow and I will mention it to them again as I have had this now since 1996. I hope you will resolve your problem soon take care.

    Cheryl x

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