Temperature dropping after exercise

So I've been keeping a watch on my temperature as requested by the gp in regards to pain levels but have come across an oddity whilst doing so.

When I am hot and sweaty from doing something hard (exercising, or as yesterday scrubbing the flagstone floor that runs through my hall and kitchen) I take my temp to see what it's doing (expecting to find it up as you would expect from hard work/exercise) but it has always, so far, come back low! I have a fairly normal body temperature around 36.5 Celsius. After getting hot and sweaty (immediately after) my temp reads under 36C. Yesterday it dropped to 35.7C. I was a little shakey on finishing the job and a little out of breath although not seriously. The temp returnsto normal once I've rested for a while.

I'm going to start doing a bit of a test, checking my temp before and after anything likely to stress my body in any way to see if the pattern continues.

Does anyone have any idea why my body temp would dropping like this instead of increasing?


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  • Sorry I can't be of any assistance on this one. Is your GP looking for a correlation between body temperature and pain levels ? I would be very interested to hear the findings if you manage to get a definitive conclusion as I have great difficulty with body temperature .

    Foggy x

  • Hey Foggy. The only thing I've come up with so far is adrenal insufficiency. Not convinced but that's all I've found so far. I will keep recording and see what happens. It's only been 4 days keeping a record so far so early days.


  • Hello, I get exactly the same thing - have for a long while. I feel really hot and feverish and seem to be burning up, but when I take my temperature it's very low. On Saturday after I'd been out with my friends and their two boys and came home feeling terrible, very hot and sweaty and sick, it was down at 35.1! Only explanation I've every been given by doctors is that it must be caused by getting very overtired.

    I'm relieved I'm not the only one (not that I'd wish it on anyone else because I know it makes you feel really ill).


  • *Hugs* It isn't pleasant. If some sort of correlation can be found maybe appropriate treatment can be found. My last one, taken around half an hour ago was 35.4 and that is probably because I am tired. But it's the after doing physical exercise of any sort that gets me. 35.1 is low. Try taking it after doing a walk or something strenuous, see if it dips at all.

  • Yes, you are right. A few years ago, when I was still strong enough to run far, I ran to the post office to get a parcel in the post. I ran home again as I was expecting a friend and arrived feeling so feverish I took my temperature ... you've guessed! It was really low.

    What does your GP say about it?

    Take good care. x

  • Yeah, I haven't actually told him yet. Was kinda waiting for trying out a few more tests first. I did it twice today. The first the most accurate as I measured my temp immediately before and immediately after. All I did was walk up the hill to my car. To give you some idea, the hill is quite steep (ok some would say it is very steep) and takes around 5 minutes to walk from my house. At the start my temp was a very nomral (for me) 36.5C and after 35.5C. A drop of 1 degree for just that. And I was walking anything up to 12 plus miles back in May! I suspect that is why I went downhill so fast. Feel like I'm turning in to a blob. *sigh*


  • I get trembling after exertion, but have a feeling my blood sugar level were down. I might have a look to see if my temperature changes too. I already know I settle at half a degree below normal anyhow (that's why I apparantly don't get mosquito bites :-))

  • !! Mine is normally 36.5, but didn't know about the misquito thing. Not that we see them in Cornwall and I haven't been abroad in years. Do you suffer from diabetes? That you mention blood sugar made me wonder.

    Had a big drop this morning. Went from 36.2 to 34.8 from walking up my hill to the car. Made an appointment to see the doc next week.

  • I have pre-diabetic tendencies, but every time I have the proper test with the glucose drink, they tell me am well fine :-) My that is a big drop in temp - a degree and a half! I don't blame you going to the doc. I have a wierd thing when I exercise and then stop (on the treadmill) the monitor that you attach to yourself always records a rise in heart rate once I have stopped, usually by around 30bpm from 120 to 150 bpm. I also have a rubbish resting rate of 100bpm. XG

  • Ouch! That is a big rise. What does your GP think about it? Especially since your resting rate is so high.

    Oddly walking seems to cause the drop to be bigger which makes no sense. The ultimate test tomorrow then. I'm spending the day in Plymouth with my daughter walking around shops!

  • I have tried googling my heart rate problem and the high resting rate is because I am out of condition....apparantly! I can safely say I know people with lifestyles less active than me who have a lower resting rate - my hubby for one! I should mention it next time I go, I always have a long list off stuff to talk about with the GP, so I'll add it to my list! But I said to hubby the other day that in all the times I have had health checks and medication reviews at the doctors they have not once listened to my heart - only ever took blood pressure and weight.

    Have a nice day in Plymouth shopping. We have just had a short break to the Yorkshire Wolds, and it was lovely, but has resulted in 2 days off work exhausted!


  • Lovely part of the world. My brother lives in Yorkshire. I am a little concerned about tomorrow as I'm a bit rough today but hoping ample rest will sort that out.

    I cannot imagine your heart rate is caused solely by being out of shape! Even if you were bedbound your heart rate shouldn't be that high, surely. Someone's having a laugh.

    I have not had my blood pressure done at all since all this started! I always find that odd. Ok so all my past results have shown normal to low but even so... Weight wise, although I am classed as overweight I'm not very big (even though I feel like a hippo)., and they've only ever taken my word for it. Lol, I hate being weighed in any case so don't mind that.

    Hope you're feeling better now. I'm very fortunate that I do not have to work as I'm a full time carer for my son. That won't last forever as he's now 18. Thankfully he's quite capable of spending time out of my company and likes to play with his trains in his room when we're home, or go on my ipod or watch tv. He's not very independant outside the home, has little confidence and won't even go on walks with his sister without an adult. Means he's spending more time at home right now as I'm less able to do active things without paying healthwise. Good job I was healthy when he was young!

  • Good luck. Let us know how it went :-)

  • Reply below. :)

  • Well I did the Plymouth trip yesterday with my daughter. Had a lovely time and didn't take the thermometre with me as it winds her up. *sigh* I did find it exhausting and had severe backache at times walking around. Mind you, even she had aching feet by the time we headed back to the station. When I finally collapsed on my bed I did take my temp and it was 36 dead so not horrendous. I dread to think what it was doing at times during the day.

    Today I am so tired I've barely left my bed so far. Oh well.

    I am seeing the GP next Friday as I've had one or two rather serious drops in readings, down to 35.8 on Wednesday, which is just silly imo so will bring it up with him when I see him and see what he thinks. Hopefully he will have some ideas since I have a busy weekend following the appointment. At least I'm still standing, so to speak (lol, obviously not this minute as I'm lying on my bed and even this feels tiring today!). I have noticed moments when I feel hot and cold at the same time, despite whatever I'm doing (usually walking) and sweating. I have noticed an overall drop in my temperature overall over the last week or so, so could be that I'm pushing it too much. But then, by all accounts I would rarely leave my house to ensure the readings stayed good and constant. *sigh*

    Hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying the summer.


  • So you never explained what the GP said. Did they find you have adrenal insufficiency?

  • That's because my GP chose to ignore it. I was never tested for adrenal insufficiency.

    It's amazing how much is overlooked by doctors.

    I don't do high level exercise these days and have moved so using a different gp. Don't really know this onee well enough as yet, except they did try to make me move to another surgery when they found out about about all my meds. I called NHS and complained. Heard nothing since but still at that surgery.


  • I've got similar issues, so I'll try to keep you updated when I get to it. I would be curious to know if you also have orthostatic hypotension (blood pressure drops when you stand up).

  • I don't know if this is relevant but I am sweating more when I'm cold. I had a cold recently and also at the change in life but it's now ridiculous. Any extertion makes me sweat and any change of temperature. The warmer the weather the better I feel and the less I sweat! Worth having your thyroid checked because this can cause body thermostat issues but you need more than the ones they do on the NHS and if they come back within range they won't take any action I'm afraid...

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