Sugar and Fibromyalgia

I honestly can't believe how well I feel as I have given up sugar for 4 weeks now and pain has subsided. I noticed by accident that following a fudge eating day I was in such agony all over my body, I thought back and realised that I became very ill the days following eating anything with sugar in it. Google sugar and Fibro. I have lost weight overall and don't experience the extreme fatigue any more. It's early days I know but I seriously will not be touching sugar again. I have eaten fruit which has natural sugars in it and it doesn't have any negative results. It really is worth a try as I feel like I've got my life back.

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  • I notice my symptoms can increase if I eat too much sugar ... but cutting it out does not lead to any improvement in my symptoms x

  • I find the same

  • Glad to hear it's worked for you, didn't work for me but I do keep away from sugar as much as possible still.

  • I'm glad it has worked for you I'm trying to cut out sugar myself just to lose weight I've put on since being prescribed Gabapentin/Lyrica.

  • After the night of exrutiating pain I've been in I know for sure that's it's been sugar. I don't eat choc or sweets and last night I did. Oh the was awful. It's eased up a lot now that I'm up but il never do that again.

  • Sugar can inflammation in the body.

  • I find the more water I drink the less pain I seem to be in as yet I haven't noticed a dif with sugary foods.

    Good that it seems to work for you tho.

  • glad to read this. I am terribly addicted to sugar. I can go a week without and then I'm back on it.

  • I am exactly the same but I had such a bad reaction to eating a lot of sugar a few weeks back that I am so committed to staying off for good. I so want to be well and enjoy life again. I was fed up with being in pain every day, My good days were getting fewer and fewer. Fingers crossed that I can keep to this. Best wishes to all who replied - this is such a horrible condition to live with.

  • Well done Moosemoose. I have been refined sugar free for a couple of years now. It's hard in the beginning as sugar is addictive but believe me once out of the system I have never craved anything sweet. I do enjoy fruit but natural sugars don't have the same effect as the refined stuff. It's hard because sugar is in so many processed foods which is why I cook from scratch and freeze meals so that on really bad days I just have to remember to take it out of the freezer and not bother to cook. It has also had the lovely side effect of reducing my weight considerably :)

  • Do you still get the painful flare ups since giving up refined sugar? I still have the odd aches and pains but nothing at all like the extreme body pain experienced when I've taken sugar. I just can't believe it can be so simple. Also I've not had restless legs, bloating, mid afternoon crashes in energy levels. It's strange, I never even thought that I ate much sugar but I did with the odd biscuit with coffee, bar of chocolate in the evening, a boiled sweet when I was driving the list goes on. Sugar is poisoning us as it's toxic in its refined form. Good to know that you lose your taste for sweet things eventually.

  • Get the odd flare but nothing like I used to. I don't take any prescribed meds - just diet, supplements, gentle exercise, hynotherapy, chiropractor and the hardest part, which is probably why I get the odd flare - learning to pace myself!! This I find absolutely impossible because I love my volunteering weekends. I work part time but at the weekends steward at dog shows. It seems to have replaced the sugar in my addictions :) I stewarded last month for three consecutive days and boy oh boy did I feel it on day 4. My own fault - next year will do 1 or 2 days max. Most shows are in the summer so will try and pace it better next time. Sugar is hidden in lots of things and it's not until you start reading labels that you realise how many so called savoury dishes and treats have sugar in them. If I am cooking and need to sweeten anything I use stevia.

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