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Are you addicted to Sugar?

Do any of you constantly crave sugar and sweet things? I eat a couple of chocolate bars, cake, sweets, pop, anything I can get my hands on really everyday. I never feel hungry and my body doesn't feel happy unless I've had sugar. I'm too tired to make real food anyway, and if my fella didn't cook for me I just wouldn't eat.

I think I'm craving it so much because of the energy boost it gives me, but its only short so I eat more sugary things to try and keep my body going. Anyone else do this? Do you crave sugar?

You'd think Id be fat from the amount of junk I eat but I'm a size 8 and my weight never gains. People are shooked and amazed how I am constantly eating sweets. It cant be good for me?

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Yes!!! Me!!! Biscuits, cakes, chocolate. I've always loved them but I definitely eat more recently and crave more. Not happy with a couple of biscuits like I used to be, it has to be 4 now and I could eat more but try not to.

I read that Gabapentin which I'm on put weight on so I was hoping to blame that but it probably is cos I always have my hand in the biscuit tin!

I was going to say have you been checked for an over active thyroid problem but if you need the sugar to give you the boost and keep your body going, maybe that isn't the problem.

Lucky you, size 8. I'm twice that.


Ha, I must have hollow legs! People in my Fibro class at hospital were all amazed too.I have had thyroid tests but everything came back normal.

A 'normal' day for me is getting up and grabbing two chocolate bars, eating them on the way to work. When I get there I buy sweets and fill my pockets so I can eat them while working, they never last long. I'll drink cans of fizzy pop and on my break have a cup of tea, which is basically milk with 3 spoons of sugar and a hint of tea. Along with a whole carrot cake, 2 boxes of chocolate finger biscuits and more pop, and maybe and sandwich. When home i'll go straight for the sweet stuff and if my fella has made something, that too if I can be bothered.

I've tried taking made lunches with me but I just don't eat it and buy sugar.

People keep telling me i'll get worms! ha


Now I like your diet lol. Even if it is very unhealthy. Not too bothered about fizzy pop but just love all the other things you mentioned.

Good point, you might have worms! LOL It's just so unfair that you're a size 8 and I'm a 16 and don't eat half as much chocolate etc as you. x


I'm sorry :( I do (don't ask me how) work 50+ hours a week. So I must be burning it off. So determined to keep working as much as possible and not let it beat me. It is too much :( but I cant afford to get less hours, and if I quit all together I don't think Id get another job again. I can think of nothing worse but sitting at home all day feeling sorry for myself and alone.


Don't blame you for not giving up work, it's good to keep going if you can. I do 40 hours - I work from home - and I can't afford to give up either and definitely wouldn't get another job as I'm 60 this year. I wish I'd got a job away from home sometimes as it can be lonely.

You're amazing working all those hours a week.


Yes I am always craving sweet things, more so lately than ever.

I've always wanted to finish a meal with something sweet, but now it;'s got out of control.

I've had the thyroid test and all the results are always normal. Though saying that I've heard that the thyroid ranges are not correct. There's a book called the Great Thyroid Scandal. by Dr Barry Peatfield

I got the book from the library but found it way over my head.


I have craved sweet things in the last year but I only have a pudding after my dinner nothing else and its a weight watcher pudding or sugar free jelly.

I must admit my weight started when I went onto my nut nut tablets fluoxetine.


Oooh, I'm on those too.


Yup - anything sugary or carbohydratey and I'm there. Can't seem to get enough of them.


oh yes , i open a packet of kids jelly type things and eat the lot dont even enjoy them ! i crave chocolate when tired too ,hence gained two stone since 2009 :-( but think i comfort eat when in pain


Me too! I hyave no real appetite for "proper" food bit constantly crave suger and carbs in the form of choc, cakes and biccies, brad and cereal. My intake today has consisted of 2 pieces of toast and marmite, a snickers, 3 scotch pancakes a bowl of cereal with bannana and about 10 biccies...Not a veg in sight! I keep saying I'll try tyo eat better but I just dont fancy anything. My son despairs of me and OUR ROLES AS FAR AS FOOD ARE CONCERNED ARE COMPLETELY REVERSED, ooops sorry about the caps.


Hi All, I only have occasional sweet cravings, but when researching recently I came across this - it's long but well worth watching and reveals what an addictive substance it is. I wonder if will put you off the sweet stuff - especially that high density fructose that seems to creep into all foods.


It's quite common. Not only does sugar give you a quick energy fix, but some meds used for Fibro, like Amitriptyline, can make you crave sweet foods.

It won't help your energy levels though...or your teeth! Sugary foods give a short-lived energy boost, then you need more sugar because your blood sugar levels are dropping.

A generally low-GI diet with plenty of low-fat protein sources, fruit and vegetables is good for almost anyone and will help you to maximise what energy you do have,


I gave up sugar and sweetners for a couple of years and felt much better. It is a short term fix, however like all fixes in the short term it feels great.


Yes me also, I hate eating 'proper' meals, i would much sooner eat chocolate, Polo mints I just love, I have to buy my chocolate and Polos every day, if I bought them in I would eat them all one after the other. !!


I just eat sweets, never engery drinks etc.

Ive found this...

'Beat Sugar Addiction Now'

CHAPTER 11: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

Use the SHINE protocol to increase energy and eliminate pain

will have a look


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