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Anyone tried going grain and sugar free?

I have been grain and sugar free since end of July and I cant even begin to tell you how much my life has changed, I also eat very low carbs and high fat.

I was diagnosed with many illness as well as Fibro. I was in so many strong pills I just didn't have a life, spending most of my time in bed or thinking about bed. Depression. IBS, gastric dumping. and so on and on it went. I gradually stopped the pills as I got into my diet.

My Dr is puzzled as all my bloods are now clear of the other illnesses ( autoimmune diseases) my bloods were just before changing the way I eat and my last lot two weeks ago.

I feel wonderful and have lost almost 5 stone into the bargain, without exorcise. Now I am going to start exercising gentle at first, I might add :D

Anyone else have a similar story?

Happy new year to all xxx

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No, but it is great that your symptoms have all ceased! Well done. I would like to know more, can you explain and give me ideas about what you eat? I'd love to try this. Suex


Join a lowcarb group. ( there are a few health care providers on that group link :) ) and there will be many recipes and great info. There are many many articles to read, Just search for Fibro and lowcarb.. fibro and grain free ( by going lowcarb its normally accepted you will be grain free and as well. so do not eat lowcarb processed food :) ) ( many many more articles to read. ) Read wheat belly and grain brain.

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...healing the gut is so important for everyone. The Western Diet has lots to answer for. Paul Robinson has just posted on another forum about the gut and its workings. Check out his blog on it may prove interesting.....OK its about the gut and thyroid but the explanation is good as to how the gut is compromised.....

Am I right in thinking that the books you mention are two books - Wheat Belly - and the other is Grain Brain by David Perlmutter...?


Yes both are books, and more info can be found on you tube.

By curing my gut is how I found myself where I am now. I used to take two tsp of apple cider vinegar (with mother) with one tsp of barcarb of soda. within days my gastric problems had gone and so had my strong meds for the problems I had.. Lowcarb and grain free keeps my gut nice and healthy.


Hi, many thanks, I've just ordered a couple of books from Amazon.


I hope you give it a try and have the same results I have had.

This time last year I thought my end was coming, so did my daughter, I noticed she saved my cards to her for Christmas and birthday ( her Birthday is near Christmas) , she isnt that type who saves old cards but she thought I was dying and wanted to save my last cards to her and the children. How mad is that? And now Im a different person with so much to live for and look forward to.


Thanks for that info. I have been thinking about changing my diet to a gluten free. Of corse that means stop eating many foods. Glad you are doing so well. How did you stay on your diet change? Any advice?


Hi Mark. I have found the higher I get my fat intake and the lower carbs I eat, the better. Then you are never hungry and never crave those high carb foods. I keep my carbs at 20 or under.

This is a facebook group for lowcarb its very supportive and informative

You can also search for "Keto" diet as that is the one I do. I am always in ketosis and have more energy than I know what to do with.

From being someone that naps any free time to someone that never naps is a huge thing for me. I also sleep very well now.

Be aware when you first start you will feel rough and ill for a week. This is just your body getting rid of the old carbs and grain and using fat for fuel rather than carbs.. Once you get past that then you will feel amazing.

To get past "carb flu" drink as much water as you can and stock up on fresh broth ( make your own or find it next to the fresh gravy in the chilled isle and drink that as well, then the carb flu isnt so bad :)


Oh I am definitely gonna give this a go!! I'm fed up to the back teeth of feeling yuck!!! My problem is I'm so damn weak when it comes to food!! I never feel full, I never feel hungry!! I could just eat all day long. I have to fight with myself to not eat!!! XXX


Hi purrrrr

This does sound very positive for you and I am pleased that you have found a diet that works. It is difficult to find the right balance when dealing with many illnesses simultaneously as each one needs different nutrients so am pleased you have won that battle.

I'm currently fighting it by slowly cutting different things in or out too and its very hard but I've always fed my body what it asks for, now it doesn't like it.

I must say that it is always advisable to speak to your GP about any dietry changes you make so that he/she can help you.

Many fluffies

:) xxxsianxxx :)


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