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"The Happy Tree" another poem previously posted by past member Ozztgirl64

The Happy Tree

When you think your life's no fun

And your thoughts shout 'woe is me'

Look around for my wee ladder

And join me in my happy tree

Pick yourself a branch up high

And settle there for the day

And think of all the lovely things

And smile at come what may

Look down below towards the ground

People running back and forth

And tell yourself how odd it looks

As like crowds of ants they morph

They carry all their worries high

Caring only for themselves

They never think of folk like us

With our fun up on the shelves

We may not do the things once done

And we would never win a race

So join me in my happy tree

And put that smile back on your face

The happy tree is oh so wide

And it stands here proud and tall

So come on all you fibromites

There's room for one and all.

Ozzygirl64 7 Jan 2013

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3 Replies

Thankyou Sandra99b,

I love to read the poems you put on here, they make me smile and forget the pain for a short while :-)

Julia xx


thankyou Julia, we had Poetry corner on the old site, I saved them and am hoping to re-post them a few at a time. Some are mine, some members have left, some are still current. There are some lovely christmas ones too. Feel free to post some.




that would be nice :-) I will look forward to reading them. Julia x


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