Foggy's riverside picnic party

Foggy's riverside picnic party

Well, despite having be logged out unexpectedly, I have actually managed to come in again hoorah for me ! (Perhaps not so good for all of you ;-) ) so as threatened yesterday, I have made ready for a riverside picnic party and invite all of you to come and join me on this glorious Wednesday. There will be the promised duck race, cow pat hurling, tickling the trout (watch out VG ! ) terrier racing (so bring your dogs along ) and all sorts of other fun things, all suggestions welcome !! Come as you are, or come as you aren't, whichever :-) Think of the scene, a lovely meadow, with the river gently trickling by, (portaloos behind the hedge ;-) ) and a few weeping willow trees to sit under. I have put up gazebos, a few rowing boats and a punt just in case any lovely gentlemen show up to waft us downstream. There may also be a big prize for chasing off the heifers or bullocks, never know which are going to show up I have prepared a veritable feast for you all with jugs of non alcoholic punch and others of Pimms (wish they'd make a non alcoholic version of that, then I would be a happy bunny). I am all ready and prepared and await your arrival with anticipation, please just come and have some fun.

Foggy x

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  • Cow pat hurling is that like welly hurling but muckier?

  • Actually at the moment, they are just perfect for hurling all dried out and like frisbees hehehehe ;-) but if you want welly hurling, we can do that too :-)

    Foggy x

  • What's with your blackness gins ?

  • Ha I KNEW Gins had gone black ,,, she insists its purple .... Hurls a cow pat energetically into Gins Pimms .. Yes they WERE dry cowpats .. Sorry Gins but someone was tickling me ....


  • she's purple on my pc!

  • Must be a quirk of iPads then methinks, it looks like black to both VG and me and we both use iPads

    Foggy x

  • you will go buying these new-fangled toys :D

  • Poppy is muchly relieved at not being side on any more and is honing her skills for the terrier racing :-)

  • Is sitting under a willow tree waiting for people to come, but alas it seems people clearly aren't wanting to come out to play in the heat :-(

    Foggy x

  • Have unfortunately have had trouble keeping my eyes open. But would have enjoyed the picnic along with the cow pat hurling :)

  • COW pat hurling :O

    oops! really sorry Pat! :D

  • Has joined her alter-ego waiting on the banks for people to join in

  • Yawwwwwn! sorry everyone, I crept in early when the gazebos where going up, found a quiet corner and dozed off!

    what an idyllic place! I think I'll move here :)


  • Morning did anyone manage to stay awake to see the moon - thought not ever mind Campers to days adventure will be the bathing beauties contest meeting at 10.00 in the main hall proceeded by parading amongst the campers.

    Nether whallop has never had so much fun since............................................................(please finish the sentence) in 5 words or more.

    Best selected will win bottle champagne at prize ceremony at 6pm. Ball gowns to be worn. xgins

  • who won pin the sail on the donkey? I tried, but couldn't find a sheet big enough :D

    can donkeys float?


    lovely day again foggy :)

    can we play hunt the pirate tomorrow?

  • I'm glad the riverside picnic is carrying on today, or I would have missed it, I was away on an errand of mercy yesterday - well that's my story and I'm sticking to it! :D

    Have brought you a new supply of cow pats and wellies for chucking randomly. Now where's the Pimms? Oh no! Who poured it all into VG's fishbowl? You know what she's like! :O

    Can I finish the sentence, Gins? "Nether Wallop has never had so much fun since Grandma caught her boobs in the mangle"

    Gets out champagne flutes and irons ball gown :)

    Moffy x

  • I just won the donkey derby! :D

    but it's ruined my ball gown :(

  • Struts past in hers looking crisp and fresh ... Moffy just ironed it ....

    Only moffy could bring a rechargeable travel iron to a picnic ... It amazing how refreshing a bowl of Pimms is. ;)

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