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Another "through the night" poem :-)

Here I am again, "inspecting" the ceiling

My legs are twitching with that tingling feeling

Am I going mad or has the clock stopped

It feels like an hour, since it last tick tocked

I've hobbled downstairs and had a warm drink

Not a good idea, I'm starting to think

I also dipped biscuits, into my mug

Now I am craving, the chocolate "hug"

One more can't hurt, I say to myself

As I grab another packet off of the shelf

When I wake up tomorrow, another diet I'll start

I know all this fat, isn't good for my heart

I've already suffered, one warning attack

My mood is as low, as the night sky is black

I promise myself, tomorrow will be

A healthier, happier more positive me

I'll speak to my doctor, to review my "med"

Then hopefully I'll sleep, when I come to bed

I won't be sneaking, downstairs to munch

I'll have 3 meals a day, I won't skip lunch

I'm more settled now, so I've snuggled down

A smile has replaced, my angry frown

The sleep fairy has sprinkled, her " magic dust"

It won't be long now, but sleep can't be rushed !!!!


Here's hoping you're all fast asleep :-)

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That's excellent Bearess!

Hope you got to sleep and are managing to have a nice, relaxing lay-in :)

Pip xx


Morning Pip - thanks for the reply - I'm up and about :-(

I did get a couple of hours unbroken sleep so that's always a bonus :-)

I hope I don't nod off during X Factor tonight - I did last week and I missed the show :-(

Have a good day



You too :)

I still have it recorded to watch from last week. Hope you stay awake so you can see it. If not, it's usually on again tomorrow I think :)



Hi that was a lovely poem x Sorry you had to have a disturbed night to be able to write it x ;-(

gentle (((((((((((((((( HUGS )))))))))))))))))


Cheers rainbow dancer :-)

I hope you're feeling as well as possible :-)


Such a lovely poem .. I lie awake for hours every night and this put a smile on my face. thank you


Hi vintagerose

Thanks for your compliment :-)

It's a rotten choice between sleeping pills = sleep but then because you've hardly moved all through the night, you're in agony with aches and pains due to stiffness


You lie awake most of the night moving around so you're not stiff in the morning but you are shattered due to a broken nights sleep :-(

Great choice eh ?

Sorry for the late response, I've been "off it " for a few days :-(

I hope you're "flare up free" :-)



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