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Come on Fibro....let's dance

Well Xmas time is on it's way with invites thick and fast

I wonder if I dare to dance how long my legs will last

Dancing was my forte so many many years ago

But now my body fails me, I just do not have the flow.

Part of me would love to just get out there and jive

And throw my arms up in the air and tell them I'm alive

My legs they have no rythym, they just do their own thing

And once were I would be on stage, I can no longer sing.

You'll find me in the corner, hidden behind the Xmas tree

I can't drink booze no longer, for me it's just a simple tea

Everyone is having fun, and the laughter is a plenty

But when I think of all my woes my heart just seems so empty.

Oh look they're doing the Conga, all joined up in a line

They say to me come join the fun, no you go I'll be fine

So was it really worth the struggle to get ready to have fun

When here I sit upon my butt, aren't I the lonely one.

But if I sit and think a while and tell myself it's nowt

At least I got the chance today to dress and then go out

I listen to the music and my head begins to sway

And this will be the only way I am joining in with this today.

But people should be grateful that I even made it there at all

As they don't understand my plight as I begin to fall

So in my head I tell myself I could always take the chance

And I offer out my own invite, Come on Fibro....let's dance.

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Wonderful Ozzy, another masterpiece! I really love this one! What a star you are! - I really look forward to reading your daily poems/odes, another fantastic reason to come into our lovely forum, so bless your cotton socks! :D ((( hugs )))


I will do my best to do at least one a day as long as you promise I can have a day off at Xmas, me and Fibro have a date lol xxxxx


thats not just those with fibro yur describing there.its anyone who loved to dance and cant anymore for whatever reason.,(me being one...


I think so many things can relate to be honest and so many illnesses can overlap too xxxxx


I went out on saturday and rested all day so I could.

It was a fundraiser in a packed room.

I met up with 10 people who I once worked with, we're all about the same age.


the difference was so marked.

I tried to write this down but my mind was blank [or protecting me].

Ozzygirl, you put my thoughts into words, you must be psychic? [sp]




Hubby would disagree and tell you that I am psychotic lol xxxxx


very true


I have always said ti leaves you isolated. Sitting there wishing you could do the things everyone else is doing xxxxx


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