I hate to tempt providence, but appears I might be back :-)

Hello one and all, by some freak coincidence, I was suddenly able to sign in, I hope and pray that this will continue, I'm not holding out too much hope, as I know things arent all fixed yet, but I live in hope. If I am still able to get in I may well throw a party to celebrate and hope that you might come and join the fun, it will be fancy dress, and a picnic by the river , with duck race and all sorts of fun and games ! So think who you are coming as and see what we can get up to the sillier the better ;-)

I think it would be good fun and a chance to try and lift our spirits after the turmoil. I'm hoping VG will be able to swim on in and that Moffy can perhaps give a hand with the catering arrangements, but no doubt they will take on their alternative personas and totally flummox us !!

Hoping still to be here tomorrow !

Foggy x

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  • Who said that ???? ;)

  • Brilliant bobbing ducks like bobbing apples up down up down great your back foggy :) xgins

  • Brilliant bobbing ducks like bobbing apples up down up down great your back foggy :) xgins

  • Arnold Shwartznegger - and Foggie, of course! :D

  • you'll never get the ducks to run in a straight line for a race :) and where would you get their running shoes from? :D

    might be better letting lots of yellow plastic ducks loose and seeing which one wins :D :)


  • If we had a duck race in the river with real ducks we could fit them with child size flippers... Not sure we would get away with painting numbers on them ... Ohhh little hats with elastic with their names written on .. That would do ... They would look so cute..... Whose ducks are we using ... My neighbours have hens ... But I think we would have more luck with them running than swimming .....

    Why don't hens swim ..... Rushes to google ....

  • No we can't use hens apparantly they don't have the oil producing glands ducks have and they would get waterlogged and drown I must tell my neighbour to make sure her hens don't get into my garden pond ...

  • there are "runner ducks" :O

    I googled "ducks with hats" and this came up


  • Welcome Back Foggy :)

  • Hello Foggy...and enjoy your picnic ;)

  • Ohh bobbing for apples of Foggys back ... That could be fun... Thoughtfully provides foggy with a snorkel so she does not drown :)


  • ok where is the bit about goggles from VG it is not here ! oops missing in action! hehe xgins

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