Comedy Corner Captions

Comedy Corner Captions

As you saw what fun followed fenbadger's caption competition

(Well done Paul :D ) was, I had been thinking of doing exactly this, so here is one to start you off. Feel free to put up any picture you think could be fun, it may be an idea to call it Comedy Corner Captions so that we all know what it is and can come and join in and it then also warns others if they don't like the fun posts. :-)

Foggy x

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  • This is what you get for stealing my fish!!

  • I told you you should have taken more water with it !

  • Have you changed your picture?

    Ken x

  • Going to change them according to my mood from now on Ken. Saves me filling up the group with posts :)

  • Oh I see! Are you the beautiful lady in the picture?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • No I used it more for the thumbs up. I will look for animal pics in future.What eats badgers ?

  • Oi! I will get you back for laying on my fish! Or come on mr bear it's karaoke time! Xxx

  • Percussion-Concussion

  • Come on............... hurry up!

    You get married in 20 minutes :o

  • I have this pic stuck on our noticeboard. The caption on it is, "Do one brave thing today...then run like hell!" Lol, Julie xx

  • Hehehehe like that one :D

  • LOLOL good one!

  • Clash of the Titans :)

  • What the h*ll are you on? can I have a pint? :P :P

  • Don't you get it ? :P

  • Oh. Yes. Saw the film :P :P

  • Hehehehe :D :D good one

  • brilliant M

  • Fab idea! Love it. - and the pic

    Really must stop hijacking other posts too. Luckily whoamInow joined in but for someone feeling low that might have been devastating. Self discipline is not easy. I still blame Ken :P

  • Poor Ken :o

  • Poor Ken nothing. There was I wallowing in lunacy, WAI jumps in, brand new to the site and heads straight for world domination. Ambitious or what? And Ken encourages it?

    Mind, she'd be a fab secret weapon in the war against evil cats :P

  • Ah Poor Ken!

  • Ooh you'll have me crying soon. 'nite folks

    Shall we star the next stage on a new post?

  • Might be a good idea as it is taking ages to scroll down this one!

  • It's the catnip it hasn't worn off yet ?

  • Think we need to gently confine him until he's better and debrief - oh, better not he may be wearing a thong.

    Give him a braindirty. That's the opposite of a brainwash. :P :P


    an image I'm removing from my brain thanks :o

  • Ah! Poor Ken!

  • Ooh you'll have me crying soon. 'nite folks

    Shall we start the next stage on a new post?

  • Spot the spelling mistake in your post 'fenbader', fenbadger you 'bad' badger you !! :)

  • No, no, no, I think you are hallucinating either that or it was a deliberate error as he is badder lots of times, but in the best possible way :D :D

  • Did you change it or am I going bonkers??

  • ? :D ? :D ?

  • Think you going bonkers. Burned out maybe? :P

  • Badder and badder :P :P

  • Dinner is served

  • LOL :) He is even wearing a 'Dinner' jacket ! :)

  • Sign of the times or a 'symbol' of penguin past ! :)

  • I was working on something like that very funny LOLOL

  • Personality 'Clash' !

  • Penguin pondering 'Why is the dodo extinct?' CLASH 'oh yeah because it couldn't fly' .....gulp ! :)

  • Penguin Prank ! No sunburn for the bear where I'm standing, the shape will be rather amusing ! :)

  • Polar Express ! :)

  • Hey M , I'll join Fenbadger in wanting a pint of whatever it is you're on, cos you're firing on very good cylinders :D :D

    Foggy x

  • :)

  • Polar bear regrets ppppppicking up a ppppenguin :)

  • Yayayay :D :D

  • Good one :)

  • That is brilliant Foggy

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us all.

    Take care my friend

    Ken x

  • It's time to bring out the big guns Lucy!


  • My work here is done!

  • :P

  • Penguin attempts to 'break the ice' ! :)

  • I like this on LOL I have an image of the penguin clashing the symbols, the polar bear jumping then landing and smashing the ice and ends with a mighty splash and a penguin waddling off chuckling :D

  • Wow heard this was the foxes mint advert!

  • "Its no good penguin, Superman will not save the polar bear he has newspaper to write"

  • Penguin shouts "I said the ice hotel not the mice hotel!"

  • "like my new cufflinks?"

  • A tad too large for the arms methinks :D

  • but they go with the tux!

  • That's a good point san :p

  • very good :D :D :D


    The spring is sprung the grass is ris I wonder where them polars is :d :o :d

    Nimby :-)

  • pppppppesky ppppppenguin - pppppp****d off pppppppolar bear!

  • Here's one for all the people who like science - Penguin tries to increase his 'Animal Magnetism' by playing his heavy metal !

  • How's the hangover? Are you bearing up ? ! :)

  • Polar Bear's Birthday, Penguin chances waking him up singing 'Freeze a golly good fellow' !

  • Brilliant M. :D :D :D

  • Your alarm call Polarbear Sir, I wish he'd hurry up and wake up it's 'brass' monkeys out here !

  • I've just found out Polar bears don't eat penguins, so at least he will live to tell the tale :-)

  • why don't polar bears eat pengins?

    cos they can't get the wrappers off! :D :D

  • Please stop me as they are getting worse !! :D

  • We have to catch you first :p :P :P LOLOLOL

  • And I told you, Polar bears don't hibernate! WAKEY WAKEY!!!

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