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does this happen to you ?

i know this is a question but its also a blog so i put it here ,

does this happen to anyone else ,you are having a flare cause you over did things so you rest take all your meds and be a good girl ,

so you wake up the next morning and think yay im feeling soooo much better

wahoo you say to yourself ,so you get back and do all the things that have to be done ,

and then suddenly WHAM!!!

the flare comes straight back within a couple of hours or so and you feel absolutly awful ,infact worse than you did yesterday

everything has gone into spasm ,my brain is mush ,i just want cry and stamp my feet like my 2yr old lol

its like fibro is saying ooh look your feeling better only to say ONLY JOKING NUMPTY GIRL

i just wondered if it happens to you guys aswell

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I was really bad last week, spent 2 days unable to get out of bed ! Woke up at weekend and felt ok so cautiously got on with stuff .

This morning............... it's back with a vengeance and though I'm dressed I'm mostly lying down again . Grrrrr for a day or so I thought I had it beat !

( I did cry like a 2 year old last week lol ).

Hugs for you , try and take it easy if you can.



hi Lynz,

I did exactly that yesterday....normally im very gud at listening to my boddy, but I always have so much to do, and yest was 1 of those days when I didnt listen to myself...

it must be very hard for you though if you have a young child....sometimes you have to do things you dont want to when family are so young..hope you are better soon.x


thank you carollynn and helen ,my hubby bless him just took the two older boys out so i can as my little man is asleep ,have irested mmmm well if you call sitting on here resting than iam lol :)


* so i can rest ,that was what it was suposed to say lol ,


Hiya Lynz, yep know exactly how you feel, you have a good few hours so you think you can conquer the world, then BANG, back down to earth you come. Have been there so many times but try not to let it get to you, just acknowledge it, rest and carry on but a little bit slower.

It must be hard for you with the little ones around and all the things you have to keep up with but it sounds like your husband is a help and you are lucky to have your gorgeous children. Had my friends 4 year old yesterday for a few hours and she wears me out with her constant chatter, I actually told her at one point that I had changed my name as she said it so often it was nearly worn out. Absolutely love having her though and her triplet brothers but I can give them back at the end of the day and put my feet up whereas you have to keep going.

If you feel like having a foot stamping session go ahead, it may take away some of the frustration of not being as mobile as you would like, however, dont stamp toooo hard as it may give you a bit more pain.

Take care and try and get some rest, have a few hugs off the kidz and feel better soon. Love Angela xx


Oh yes. I always tend to push myself because I'm feeling ok at that moment...but more to the point, what I'm doing needs to get done -and if I don't do it, nobody else will. Then I'm in agony for a week after the fact. And it can be the stupidest things that any normal person would do in a heartbeat (on top of 20 other things) and get on with their day! This weekend I ironed 4 pillowcases and went to a shop with my hubby. Now in agony! Frustrating!


its the over activity - under activity cycle. They both flare up pain, thats where Pacing even the smallest activity come into action. Easier said than done, but we have to try these things xxxxx


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