I thought we could all do with a bit of cheering up so let's have a day out at the beach.

We could build castles in the sand or draw pictures instead using things that we find lying about. like our own 'Art Attack' perhaps!! :D

Come on! Let's get the picnic hampers filled, grab your cozzies or wet-suits and let's go have some fun.

As the Fluffmeister Extroadinnaire I can ensure all fluffies shall behave and on watch for 'EC's', the unmentionables :P

Let Easter begin early :D

It's up to you what you choose to do................. how would you spend your day?

Happy sunshiny fluffies to you all

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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  • Oh blow

    I have a prior appointment that cannot not be moved.

    Have fun.

    Will look forward to reading about the fun.


    X put sun cream on. It's too early in the season to become a lobster. And don't forget the sun hat.

  • Aw! that's a shame nedd :(

    .................maybe we'll till be here when you get back :)

    I am sporting a proppelor hat for coolness.............

    .....................no! it doesn't look cool :o but it will keep me cool and prevent cooking :D

  • Oh yes please :-) :-) can it be a doglet friendly beach though (hardly any of the ones down here are :-( ) It's strange you mention the EC's as Poppie has been muttering under her breath about them and I thought it was just her being silly (as doglets who wear pink polka dot bikinis to sunbathe in are ;-) )

    Now, as to what to do, well again, that depends, I take it you being the Fluffmeister Extroadinnaire will have organised the weather and the temperature to suit us all, so I will lie in the sun (with sun cream on of course) and let the warmth get through to my bones and lap up all the Vit D I can, then I might toddle off and do a spot of rock pooling, then go and have a lovely swim in the sea (which you MUST have made sure is tepid for us all :d ) then back to the beach to organise a sandcastle to beat all sandcastles. But of course I will join in with whatever fun is transpiring along the way .........

    Perhaps you could lead us through one of your wonderful relaxation methods too, much easier when you don't have to keep picking up the iPad to remind yourself what you're meant to be thinking about ........ Lalala that's probably just me being very thick indeed.

    I do hope Mr Badger will join us at some point, maybe he could bring along a miniature railway to give us rides on along the beach.

    How I wish dear Haribo was with us, now we don't have to hide all the curly wurlys, it's taken the novelty out of them, I bought stacks to tempt her with, now to no avail, hopefully she will resurface one day and I can give them to her :-)

    Oh and I've booked a Mr Whippy van to be at our disposal, but he is a very very high class one who will make us the most wonderful sundaes that we can ever want........... what would your choice be ?? :-)

    Foggy x

  • Oooooooooh! Mr Whippy yes yes yes Yippee! :P :P :P

    Of the course the doglets are welcome and yes the weather is 'perfick' :D

    There's loungers with brollies and loungers without

    Buckets and spades for mucking about

    Run run as hard as you might

    .................you are going to fly that kite

    Beach balls, board games :o and sand buggies

    super soft fluffies for all those huggies :P

    See you there :D xxx

  • Ooh me too please, what a good idea! I,m bringing cossies, flippers and snorkel, my two doglets so they can play with the others. When I,ve found my sun cream, I,ll be there, will u put some sort of flag on the beach so I can find you? Shall I bring some pimms? Xxxx

  • Oh MY word did I hear the word "Pimms". ( says Foggy hurtling (haha) to wherever wildwoman is with her Pimms). I'll bring mint and fruit and lots of strawberries and Mr Whippy has agreed to let us have copious quantities of crushed ice for our Pimms, I'll bring a second bottle and lemonade just for reinforcement :-)

    Oh happy day......the sun has got his hat on hip hip hooray :-) :-)

  • Mohito's I'll bring the white rum and some peppermint leaves and zesty limes.

    Awfully nice of Mr Whippy to keep ice on tap for us too :D

  • He's a very charming chappy :d :d

  • Hi foggy, I would give a lot to see you hurtle! I,ve been slowed up a bit cos I went back for the bathing machine, so we could all step into the water with decorum! Ooooh I see you all now, I hope that,s not fluffies toasting marshmallows, I can smell burning, or has some one forgotten the sun cream? Btw, where,s Ken, he should be hauling the biscuit tin! Xxx

  • So would I hehehe. Great idea for the bathing machine, I take we will have the appropriate swimwear for the era ? :d

  • ooops dont have a cossie :P

    brrum brrum I

    got a dune buggy. so`s I can go exploring

  • Oh yes, pantaloons and bonnets!

  • Easter bonnets :P

  • Bathing machine sounds pretty good to me :D

    Okay! Munchiables :D

    ...............There's a selection of sweet and savoury foodstuffs. Tuck in :)

  • NO! NEVER. Ken has factor 5000 you know., or he turns to dust. I think he's at a Bourbonaholics Anonymous meeting.

    (See Ken, I told you I'd get it in somewhere :P )

  • LOL :D

  • And that's just for an evening out!

  • Bourbonaholics went well. I had to sit there in a group of people and say:

    'I have a problem, I can't stop myself! I just keep eating Bourbon creams and I feel so good about myself!'

  • I have had some lovely homemade choc cookies today! They were delicious! Ooh! Good evening, I am forgetting my manners. Had one of those, if it can go wrong kind of days. I am now awaiting for a replacement mobile phone and for my pain killers to work as I fell over again.

    How are you my friend?

    Ken x

  • is falling over and needing a new phone related? :P

  • Yeah of course! I fell over because of the daylight and then needed emergency Bourbons to revive me?

  • Just follow the noise :D

    Or look for the the sign in the sand which says 'fluffies woz ere' then a little further up 'fluffies R ere' They get marshmallows instead of choc flake in their ice-creams and raspberry sauce :D


  • I actually did this for real.Buster decided he wanted to walk to Berwick today and we ended up on the mud flats of the river where they picked up an old football .thought I might find something interesting but nothign.then onto the beach chasing after rabbits on the dunes and having a good run with no other dogs in sight.the whole beach to ourselves.amazing views over the river and .beyond to the Farne islands and northumberland coast and over the town .swans,,oyster catchers,ducks.gulls and terns amongst other birds

  • Wow that must have been lovely, Mr Benjamin would have loved the rabbit hunt, the most he could come up with today is a mole hole, and not a very big one. It sounds like a lovely lovely walk for you :-)

  • Pretend walks only for us, as neither me or the dog are fit to walk anywhere. I'd love a little remission. Sprocket will virtual hurtle to wildwoman with you x

  • virtual play area can free you from all that shiny here catch................ nice sunhat for you and a lounger under a brolly for you to R&R in :D xx

  • actual rabbit was just a few feet away from her.it froze as rabbits do and luckily she came away.there are a few resident swans that never leave and in the summer there can be up to 700 swans.starting to arrive now and its great when lucky enough to see them flying in.

  • It's lovely area which I love to visit whenever I get the chance to. I like to go to Craster for kippers :)

    Sounds like a beautiful morning to me, heavenly :)


  • That sounds so wonderful, good for the soul.xxxx

  • sounds lovely, how nice to be able to spend a bit of your day like that. I love the shore :)

  • yes it was lovely and especially as the dogs get tired and I can have some peace when i get home which will only last a couple of hours before they are up and wanting food in the garden.needed to stop and rest at least twice -sat on some rocks whilst they ran around.downside is I cant walk back from town -all uphill and in legs painful barely walk -catch the bus home,then "dead"for the rest of the morning at least.when i had my Max-god rest his soul-(profile pic) and in fitter days used to sit on the promenade watching the sun come up.

  • Remember you can eat and drink whatever you like as here in virtual play land it is all free of the naughtiness :P

  • Can I have a fluffy on a stick please? Xx

  • candyfloss can be very messy around fluffies but go ahead don't blame me if they come back sticky and covered in sand :P

    LOL xx

  • Are we all going to have our fortune told?xx

  • There's an idea maybe that's what that little tent is over there :o

    Maybe we could check it out :D

    Will she see us coming? :o :p :o

  • Hope so xx

  • welcome zees ees madame 'amble. I weel tell your fooooo- ure, cross my palm with your credit card. :D

  • Everything is free madame 'amble even this chocolate covered ice cream thingy no need for credit cards ere' :P ;)

    Cloggs! we're gonna have to peg leg it............

    ........ there's a pirate hunt happening :D

  • me no telly fooo-ture then :(

  • awww :(

    ............... what do you foresee madame 'amble :D

  • sunshine zees summer 8-)

  • YAY! liking the sound of that :D

  • Tis a near certainty, the country saying Oak before Ash we're in for a splash , Ash before Oak we're in for a soak. And it's defo Oaks first here yay :-) :-)

  • If you look out the winder and see them thar hills,

    It's gonner rain

    If youm cant see 'em, 'tis rainin

  • can I just add a note -

    the sign saying "lets all go hunt the pirate" states that it will take approximately 75 minutes.

    as we are all unable to join in and march around cheering, boo-ing and shouting "avast behind" and "ahoy", the pirate can be found behind the ice cream stall 10 mins before the end - or now, minus eyepatch, having a pint at the ye olde fish n finger inn!

  • Pirate Hunt................ does it involve Cap'n Jack? :D

    Where's me wenchy gear? and barrel of rum?


  • do you think if it was, I'd have told anyone where to find him?

  • Good point! it may have been a ruse madam 'amble :)

  • Hehehe. When I went to that Doctor Who convention (other sci fi invited) I went outside to look at the car from "Back to the Future" and there was Darth Vader and a cyberman with helmets off, having a fag break. :D

  • LOL!

  • That sounds cool

  • Likewise Blow. Just read this after the sun went down, at least I wont get burnt.

  • Reminds me of an old joke, 'what's black and white and red all over?' Tee hee! :-P

  • Scooby type snigger :P

  • I go for the Mutley snigger myself :d :d :p :p

  • Nah, the feel I get from our badger is more goofy type of scooby, rather than the dastardley muttley.

  • Scooby snack? :P :P

  • LOL :D

  • Medal? Medal?

  • LOL :D

  • Sorry I had to leave the party! I got stuck in the bathing machine when my pantaloons got stuck on a nail, I did hear naughtygiggling though! It may have been a fluffy acting up cos I wanted him on a stick! By the time I got out everyone had gone home! Xx

  • Was that you making the naughty giggling I have an incling you are actually using the fluffies as cover for some clandestine meetings :d :d :p :p wild by name, wild by nature :-)

  • This could go on for however long we want to take it :D

  • Mmm, sounds like a midnight beach party! Yay!

  • Virtual beach parties can go on forever as they automatically move round the world with the sun :P

  • I'm blowing wolf whistles at you now!

  • Ok, so apart from Ken, who got sunburnt? :P

  • Well i have an ultrasound later but i may well surprise the radiographer by turning up in my bikini sipping a pina colada

  • Interesting way way to catch a DJ ;)

    ................ oh radiographer :o my mistake :p

  • I fell asleep on the beach, when I woke up there was a greenpeace bloke throwing buckets of water over me, and four more with oars trying to put

    Me back in the water!

  • I'm not laughing :o honestly!!

    They kept chucking fish at fish me............. arf arf arf :p

  • truly laugh-out-loud lampain :D

  • Was that you? I thought there was something familiar...

  • LOL

    I kept chucking the fish back, got one right in the face............... fishy splat :D

    They started it............... it was an unfair food fight :P

  • Did you see their faces when I got up and got dressed?

  • hahahahahahahaah :) I don't know why people find the game of statues that difficult we did a good job of it :P

  • I only came 2nd 'cos I fell asleep ;)

  • Have brought along a marquee with rugs and fluffy pillows and a solar powered heater (no fumes) also a relaxation CD for our chill out time.

    Poetry and story readings are going on at the smoke-free bonfire, and a friend of mine will play classical guitar. Weather I set fair, come one come all!

  • PS, wheelchair access has been provided. ☺

    PPS bring a bottle a burger and a bun

  • LOL sounds good to me :)

    Just been out for a spin in mine :D only crashed once............ into the door of pub as I tried to navigate around the high chairs blocking the disabled access :o Nice hour out, lovely and sunny :)

  • Leccie chairs are tricky watch out for peoples feet! LoL

  • I'm bringing out the marshmallow gun early. I have a loooooong day tomorrow.

    Good news is we have 6 cows back on the reserve, 3 of them from last year :)

  • okay people, I've set up the portable jaccuzzi - the one with the hoists.

    room for everyone - no bombing and no peeing in the water (you know who you are!)

    enjoy :) 8-)

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