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Wrote this poem a year ago at the depths of my despair, and now health and I are about to collide!

Wrote this poem a year ago at the depths of my despair, and now health and I are about to collide!

There I was just living my life

Having fun, with not a bit of strife.

Then out of nowhere, from the blue

You decided to join in my life too,

You crept up from behind and hit me hard,

I didn’t know my life would be so marred.

First came the fatigue and then the pain,

The fog rose up and filled my brain.

The nights were filled with lack of sleep

My mind wandered shallow, then into the deep.

The unfairness of it made me sigh

And although I tried not to, I cried and cried.

I asked you often ‘ why did you chose me?’

But you gave no reason that I can see.

‘How are you Lizzie?’ people stopped to say.

Fine I replied, then walked away.

When deep inside I wanted to scream

The pain is strong, the aching mean,

My body is tired, my mind is too

Walking through treacle is what I do.

Its easier to smile and let them go

Then tell them really what they ought to know.

The fatigue is creeping back up again

And just to walk is so full of pain.

I look alright, I look quite fine

It hard for friends to know whats in my mind.

And when I do get the chance to say

Silence comes and they turn away,

They try to help but don’t understand

I cant explain, it's like sinking in sand.

So don’t get too comfy for I'm going to find

A way to rid you from my life and my mind.

So pack your things and be ready to go

For I am a fighter and I want you to know

That I will not rest until you are on your way

And I have my life back, and I have the say.

You shared my life Fibro and tore it apart.

Go now I'm telling you, there’s no room in my heart.

Leave this instance and don’t turn around,

Whats that you hear, its my feet on the ground

Running for life with the wind in my hair

You are now gone and so are my cares.

So you just keep walking and never come back

There's no room for you here, there's nothing I lack.

I’m standing here with my arms open wide

My old friend, health, and I are about to collide.

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That's a very telling poem, Lizzie, and certainly says it all. Very perceptive and strong, and shows that you're not going to sit back and let fibro have its way.

Good on ya girl!

Moffy x


Agree with Moffy ... Inspiring poem for people living with Fibro to keep strong !


Amazing Poem ...just how I feel hope these words will help me collide with Health x

Thanks for sharing x ;-)

Rainbow Hugs x x x


lovely poem says it all take care

love beth x


Walking through treacle says it all!!!!!! Nice poem. xxxxxxxxxxx


Amazing .thank you for sharing.may I ask what is your key to success?


Thanks for your kind words.

My story is in a blog I posted the other day, the link is below. But I stress this was just my story and my solution is not the solution for everyone. But. I do believe we know our bodies better than anyone, therefore we need to research and question and don't take no for an answer. I suppose my theory is that we all have fibro but WHY?. Why did our bodies shut down and stop working. If we can find the answer to that we can begin to heal ourselves.



Absolutely gorgeous Lizzie, well done. So beautifully written, couldn't have done better myself! :-)

No it really is worthy of publication I feel

It sums it up in a nutshell, the utter dispair we all feel.....but we'll fight it non the less!

We will win!! -x-


Wonderful poem, inspiring. x


Absolutely brilliant! Would you mind if I posted this?



Of course not, but out of interest where?


I like to spreads the word on anything relevant to Fibro, that might make it easier for people around me to understand me better. I would like to post it on FB, google+ and possibly my blog.



That brilliant, good luck with spreading the message



Absolutely brilliant and very encouraging for all of us.Fight the Fibro.Petra


Thank you all for your comments. I feel that the only way to combat fibro is to be strong and positive and feel that we will win in the end. We will be free and have our lives back.

I wish you all well and hope you find the answers.

Fight. Heal. Live.



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