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"Fibro" a poem written & posted dec 2012 by a past member, Ozzygirl64

Fibro loves to party

He never misses none

He does not need an invite

He's your regular plus one

He loves a celebration

His claws he just digs in

He makes us feel so low

His party trick's a sin

He does not need to dress

He goes just as he is

He knows we cannot dance

And he really takes the p**s

He knows when we're excited

He lurks there in the shadows

And as we dare to hope

Our hopes he disallows

So when we want to party

We keep it to ourselves

We turn our thoughts to Santa

And all his little elves

So now I send you greetings

And tell you to be strong

Even though you know

He will just tag along!!!!

ozzygirl 06/12/12

This user is no longer a member so cannot be contacted

3 Replies



This is amazing, as all her work is.

But I don't understand.

Where is she?

Is she okay?

wanderingwallflower xx


she left a while ago. I hope she might check in again sometime. I'm re-posting poems, I rescued the old Poetry corner before the change over.


Ok, Thanks hamble. I hope so too. That's a great idea. :)

Just a fly in I'm afraid - I don't know if you've seen any recent blogs of mine? But hopefully I'll be back for good soon. :) xx


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