Morning All Saturday 8th December How Many Days to go 18 shopping day to go

Jokes to day well let me see

Any body like Ken Dodd well this is one of his: Did you hear about the SHRIMP went to the Prawn Cocktail Party-


How about the Irish Man who was listening to a match?


What do you get if you cross a Orange with a Comedian?


I hope this gets you all smiling ready for the day one more for luck

Why do you call your dog METAL worker?


So I cannot win every time Have a good day enjoy your shopping and dont eat to many mince pies!! xgins

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  • I heard all of those from santas grotto in Liege where you and H left me................

    OOooooH Morning your beards still silky hahahahaha :)


  • Awww,so sorry zeb! I had to take my son to his first school Xmas bazaar and on the way home he wet himself.Then the iPad was taken over by my eldest and I was too tired anyhow to go online :(

  • no need to apologise hunny It was virtual fun come on I spent the night with santa :D

  • Oooh eer you naughty zeb! Come on,spill the beans girl,what did you do? :O

  • What goes on in the grotto stays in the grotto

    LOLOLOL ;) xx

  • Aww,you naughty girl zeb.Will have to get you drunk on the next trip so that I can get you to tell,hehe :D

  • he likes elves :o

  • Morning Zeb do put his beard down it doesnt suit you ! How are you today? It is chilly here what is it like with you ? ffffffrrrrreeezzzzin heheheh xxgins

  • Same here freezing ...................... I'm waiting for porridge that usually helps me warm up in the morning, banned OH from drinking so he's not coping too well so have to approach him gently :o

    Its his daughter's birthday on Monday and his ex-wife stopped him from seeing her and it affects him badly every year, so these measures have to be put in place :o

  • Morning gins & zeb, how did yesterday go, sorry didnt Make it, by the time I'd been to the hosp with Maureen and shopping with her on the way home, it got late, and I was freezing cold and I guess where I'd tensed up with the cold every where felt lie it was seizing up, the way gins why has it got Friday on your post, I was thrown thinking I had the days wrong LOL.......didnt know you grew a beard zeb, doesn't suit you tho....have good day....hugs...Dee xxxx

  • Morning Dee how ya doin ! Today is the 8th there is another post for today you are on yesterdays :) :) :D xxxgins

  • oops sorry Had to change the top it is Saturday is nt it oh Foggy foggy dew---

  • too much Gluvein???

  • Me ? Did I spill something on your top?.........whoops sorry :o :o

  • Santa's beard Dee LOLOLOL i was left in the grotto with santa yesterday :D

    Hope you're feeling better this morning many warming healing fluffies for you :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Yes I knew you meant Santas beard Sian lol lol, dare they leave Zebadee in the grotto... Naughty step for them all today, lol, ....although me thinks zebedaa might have enjoyed ring left in the grotto with Santa, lol did you sit on his knee, was it Boney or comfy..and did you tell him what you wished for, for Christmas, lol, I'm ok thank you Sian , got over yesterday but as I have just told gins in her post it be a very busy but nice day to day Jim lad, (read gins pst) how are you are you ok fighting fit and ready to roll, well in our dreams we might be LOL.....hugs....xxxxDeexxx thank you fr fluffies xxx

  • Hi Dee I'm just boinging with it ;)

    :) xxx :) Hope your day is pleasant and not too hectic............. I'm going porridge hunting now LOL :D

  • Porridge hunting good grief it's near my lunch time hunting LOL, had porridge hunting 7am, only joking, hope you many to forridge out those there oats in amongst the flakes cherrios ect, then once you ave caught them drown the little critters in hot milk ....have good day.....hugs ...xxxDeexx

  • i had success and without a struggle or a moan LOLOL (((Dee))) xx

  • I'm ok thanx gins.. But for a moment there, thought I was in cuckoo land when you said I was on the wrong post lol...but turns out it wa a foggy moment for you!, thank goodness, lol. We have a busy day today, my daughters sister in law is popping in with her 4yr old twins Kaila & Laila and 5yr old son Sammy, and 16yr daughter Erin, you could say we have triplets lol, but they are very very good, they call me Nanny DeeDee, which sounds nice, they are a handful in a nice way, all three want my attention at once, one to do a puzzle the other one to read a stry to and sammy usually wants to talk about spider man, to which I know nothing about but pretend I do, I'm sure he realises what a jerk I am, by some of his looks, but all three are adorable and so good, they are always smiling and laughing, I am very tired and sinful hn they are gone but in a nice way, if that makes sense...we put all our decks up and around last night ..did you get your tree done gins..... And have you finished all your christmas shopping....Hugs...Dee Xx

  • Dee that sounds like a perfic day to me :D Yes my decs are up and sparkling away my cake is baked it just needs topping. Presents just about finished now I can start to enjoy it. Mind you just been taken to and M&S Outlet and it was not my idea of fun.!!

    Have a lovely day xxgins

  • Why was he an Irish man gins?

  • I suppose he could have been any nationality Scottish English Welsh a Briton a Saxon A Norman what ever no particular reason :D xgins

  • I'm Irish and grew up with the jokes about us and laughed as hard as the rest! Have you ever seen Mrs Browns boys? Try to; if only everyone could laugh at themselves a bit we could only relax more.

  • I love that programme too and so does my youngest boy who is only 5 years old lol xxx

  • I am half Irish my mother was from county cork - I love to laugh ! I love Mrs B very brilliant timming and very funny hope she has a Christmas special.

    Take care


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