Do you know my partner comes to see me very single night we sit on sofa watching things i have recorded on the sky+ box and prob half that time i am falling asleep and he never gets angry or says whats the point in me coming ? its not much fun for him is it? but i suppose its because he loves me and wants to be here but some days i do feel guilty but i have given him a choice and he knows he hasnt got to stay but bless him he does take care love and soft hugs diddle x

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  • thankyou and lady too lol i certainly am not that ha ha but nice you think so take care love and hugs diddle xxx

  • ur very lucky hun

  • aww cute ...

  • he does clearly love you :)

  • He clearly loves you and wants to spend time with you, My Hubby is great with me, we;ve only been married a year and he is very good with me, he doesn't mind if i have to go to bed all the time and leave him to his own devices, he does all the cleaning and washing ( not to my high standards but he tries lol) and i really really appreciate him, i tell him too how much i love and appreciate all he does for me, im very lucky XX

  • you are soo very lucky...enjoy eachother more when you're awake! xx

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