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oh god its holiday time !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone I should be happy as i am of to zante friday. but i am so scared as i have to get to the airport, then walk forever and stand in ques before to get to the plane . am so scated as last year it was so painfull. You see it affects my legs the most. i have to go and hope the heat deos not give me a bad flare up as it did last time. All this because my lovely patient caring husband loves his holidays abroad , and all i want to do is cry. be cause i am so scared i cannot cope. I do not think he would be happy for me to use a the wheelchair service as then he has to admit how ill i am oh what to do what to do i really am down about this just needed a moan thanks for listening webby xxx

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Oh poor you holidays are not all fun for us, i find the change in routine difficult as well.

Could you rest up before you go as much as possible?

Maybe chat about the wheelchair service !

Soft hugs and chill when you get there xxx


Here is an old article on Travelling with Fibro:

I would tell your husband that letting you ask for assistance will mean you can enjoy the holiday so much more!


phone your agent and book wheelchair assistance on both sides dont be proud if hubby demurs tell him it will get him thru border checks much faster that should make him happy. please do this for your own comfort. p


ring the airline and book assisted help if you have restricted mobility you can have help both end and the people are really nice i went to cyprus last month and they were so helpful we got on the plane first and had the front seats there and back

Dont be proud to ask its one of the only things you dont have to pay for but ring them asap

have alovely time and im sure the sun will help any pain go away just for a little while

Lin x


yes yes yes book the assistance! so worth it! i find it a bit embarssing but not omly does it save your body but also the mental stress of finding when and where to go! i cant praise the service enough!




Hi webby, I have decided to book airport assistance this year as found the waiting and standing about very tiring and stressful last year. I am also quite apprehensive as I don't know what is involved but like you have lots of pain in my legs - especially if i am standing for too long. I felt it ate it to the first few days of our holiday as i was extremely tired and grumpy and this year I decided, after reading a few things on Fibro/M.E. websites about taking the stress out of traveling, that I would just go ahead and do it. After all we are having a holidays too...although it sometimes doesn't feel like that eh?

Hope you have a lovely holiday



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