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Time flies when you have fun - already the 8th so looking

to calendar what have we got ..........drum roll .my good ness didnt expect to find Santa had left his hat behind - shock horror what will he use, I have his hat. VG do you have the spare one? He simply canot perform his duties without a hat!

I went and ordered my turkey for christmas yesterday and my friend has bred one with five legs. I said well what does that taste like?

I cannot say we have not caught him yet!

Oh dear that was funnier when OH told it in early morning light on paper it looks dreadful -sorry better look for some better ones.


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Thanks for my morning smile Gins.

Now it's time to get up and face the day ahead. I'll blame the groaning that accompanies it on the corny joke if you don't mind, rather than the fibro, just for a change!






Hat oh dear I though you had the spare one ,,, my cow mystic marigold looked so sad yesterday gazing at the star all on her own at night I gave it her to wear , but today I have a manger full of hay so if she comes back to munch on that.... It won't be needed till Christmas day I,ll whip the hat back off her and send it on to santa that if the OH aka Ebeneezer Scrooge doesn't moan too much about posting it air mail to the north pole.....

Hang on a minute...... Why did santa leave his hat behind a your house,,,,, what were you doing to make him take off his hat..... THAT is NOT going to get you higher up on the nice list, in fact I may just phone Mrs Claus and ask her to shove you onto the naughty list

Grins evilly and puts a gold star on her nice chart for Santa to see



Shhh! looks around dont tell any one will you but Santa keeps his hat at my house because.....................................I am Mrs Claus. there I have told you I feel so much better now. So I will check the list and make sure you are on the Nice one!

Now today I have all he pixies hats to get ready so must fly! xgins aka Mrs Claus


I won't tell a soul, please can you accompany Santa on Christmas eve and while is loading my porch with copious amounts of presents could you just nip inside and clean the bungalow for me, I,ll leave the magic key under the doormat, don't bother.vacuuming though cos you will wake us all up

VG x. :P


Oh dear what am I like, I almost believe your friend really had bred a turkey with 5 legs. Dam you fog!

Gins I am not blackmailing you but if I don't get Donny Osmond for Christmas then I am telling. Na na na na na!

Piggles xxx


What a 5 legged turkey?! Is this real or what haha made me chickle as usual on a saturday morning or is it Gobble gobble ...

Well santa knows he is going to have a very long nite so he took his hat off just for Mrs claus then made use of the 5 fingered marigold that the Vg pixie snook in and left behind ..



Lol Karen, that made me chuckle!

Thank you so much for this thread Gins, guaranteed to brighten all our days in the lead up to Christmas, bless you! :)

Hope you manage to have a good weekend Gins! :)

(((hug))) xxx



Thanks Libs and you too dont do too much xgins


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