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It's only a handful!

Just seen the nude pic of Prince Harry ;-)

It must have been chilly in Vegas because he has managed to hide his embarassment behind his hands whilst a young lady is hiding behind him ... and the pic is out of focus.

Another storm in a tea-cup. But you got to hand it to him (no pun intended), the lad knows how to party.

Harry is still my favourite royal :-)

Julie xx

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Lol so julie as the british press have decided mot to print any if these pictures I can only assume you went online to google the crown jewels and stumbled across this pic lol. Like you I think its all a bit of a storm in a teacup I say leave da lad alone hes young fit and single of course hes gonna party nd live it up sometimes, hes a lot of responsibility on such young shoulders so give him a break!! Btw im a nationalist from belfast but havta say i love prince harry and the younger royals they're a breath of fresh air :-) x


Ps have ya ever seen the size of his hands??? ;-) x


Any excuse for the British press to have a field day. In my corner shop today I noticed The Sun had a fuzzy photo on the front cover showing the pose Prince Harry allegedly was in girl behind him. The Sun said it wasn't Prince Harry but a Sun staff member just replicating the Prince's pose.

I think it's all rather petty. Prince Harry is going to be serving in Afghanistan in two weeks' time again, he was in the thick of it out there before. All the young Royals, Prince Harry included did a wonderful job representing our country in the Olympics. He was just having a bit of tomfoolery before his next deployment in Afghanistan. He wasn't exactly streaking in the high street,it was a private bash with a few friends. I think we should cut him some slack on this one, he isn't nicknamed Party Prince Harry for nothing!

I personally think both Prince William and Prince Harry are lovely and wonderful examples of how our Royal Family are adapting to modern times. They do a great job. Just my personal opinion of course. :)


Agree with you entirely LibertyZ x


Thanks Lynn! :)


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