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A very religious couple who had never done anything other than kiss were due to get married and on his stag party the boys kept saying to him "Oh on your wedding night your going to get what's what" and on her hen party they girls all told the bride to be "On your wedding night your going to get what's what"

After the wedding party they are both in the marital bedroom in their night clothes getting ready for bed when he turns to her and said "Ok so where is it" and she looks at him very confused and asks him "what are you talking about" ?

Well he said they told me on my wedding night I was going to get "what's what" and she said well they told me the same thing.

I know he said they have hidden it so they both start hunting the bedroom for it and on searching under the bed his pyjama bottoms fall down and she screams "What's that" "What's what he shouts back to her. Oh dear she said "I knew you had it all along" !!!!

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  • Thank you for an afternoon laugh😄😄😄😄

  • Lol. Thats too funny. Thank you.x

  • 😀 Very Funny. 💗


  • Wonderful. X

  • he! he!he! Thanks, that gave me a good giggle! :) :)

  • That was scoop funny!!! I needed a good laugh.Thanks 😄

  • Lol

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