tomorrow s dr appt

have my appt at 10 am tomorrow cos can see have lost more weight in legs and tummy is even more swollen( my trousers only come below my stomach)..when I last went I forgot to mention my neck was tight and larynx feels prominent/and I can feel a hard lump in my neck.wondering if I should cancel it cos will be made to think I am wasting time??? feeling hot one minute and then ice cold the next -should I tell him this.last time he said I don't have lupus as he had tested for it(unbe known to me)but looking up the symptoms-feeling hot, having a hitchhikers thumb,nasal and scalp conditions ,weight loss in arms and legs plus butterfly rash across face and nose-I have all of these.

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  • If you are not happy then go to your GP or another one .... They get paid a lot to look after us I went to my Gp last Thursday and got some advice I got worse over the weekend and went back today .. That's twice in a week... He spent just under half an hour going back through my notes .. I now have 3 more things wrong with me :( and have been told to up one of my meds and is sending a letter to my pain clinic consultant I have upped the med as told and I can feel a slight benefit in pain relief already so don't give up,

    VG x

  • thanks VG.i have a list of things ready so I don't forget anything but I did this before and still forgot to mention stuff.what have you been told you have besides fibro if you don't mind me asking?

  • Hi hon, there is not really a specific test for lupus, so he really can't dismiss it on the result of one blood test. Would be intersting to see what tests he did. Ask if he checked your thyroid. He must check any lumps out, lumps and spiking temps are always a concern, so he must take it seriously, it is also vital he gets that swollen stomache looked at. It is not right. Have you noticed any changes or concerns when you go to the toilet?

  • at drs today and he said my thyroid glands were ok .I did mention that my stomach was more swollen and that I was struggling to cope with it.he asked when my gallbladder op was and I said august sometime and to wait until I have had the op and see how things are with my stomach..i asked him why he thought it was bloating(as he said at last appt)and if so what should do about it .he still thinks its IBS tho I don't know how many times I have told him I don't have IBS.everything is fine with my bowels.he did ask if I was worrying about anything ."only the op".so he changed my meds from fluoxetine to another and to see him again in a month..

  • I have fibro chostochondritis ibs , these I knew .. I also have CRPS ( complex regional pain syndrome ) and I thought fibro was bad .. This flared up over the weekend ... The only way I can explain it is like giving birth through my head and neck... Osteo arthritis with knee replacement looking likely but as I am 48 they don't want to do it anytime soon. And most likely sero negative RA but the treatment for that is with meds I am very allergic too... So its take my night meds which do agree with me ... And am taking diazepam in bigger quantities than I like until things settle down to my normal pain level.. Good luck with your GP today..

    VG x

  • hello VG

    he said today "IBS"but I don't feel I have this as my bowels are fine.i have ahd ibs in the past and I don't have those symptoms now.what symptoms do you have?i still say it is a cyst /mass because it is the only reason for weight gain and abdominal swellign

  • I eat chocolate and my stomach bloats up and goes solid and really presses on my ribs... It's really uncomftable... I would say once you have ibs you always have it ... Yes you can have it under control with diet which I do most of the time ..but as soon as I have the chocolate treats I want I know I am going to pay for it ....

    VG x

  • Hi there honey... Have you been tested for Lymes .? I have just been on the phone to my doctor's surgery... I have telephone appointments now, due to the fact I understand that , as much as my dr. would love to wave a magic wand and cure me of Fribo and everything that comes under its Huge umbrella .. He cant.... I have been in a flare for nearly three weeks now, and today was it.... I could not take anymore pain or lack of sleep... I NEEDED TO HAVE A RANT.... SO HE LET ME RANT.... I have been given diazapam to help through out the day and zopiclone for the night, in a bid to get me back into a good sleeping pattern.. I believe if you have a doctor who is empathetic and understands you are half way there... on the other hand if you have a doctor who has precieved power over you.. in that he thinks he know best because he is educated.. then you need to put him in his place.... You have the right to ask as many questions as you see fit.. and he has the duty to answer them.... you have the right to be examined... he is duty bound to examine you... You have the right to request a second and third opinions, he is duty bound to refer you. finally if you are really not happy with the care being provided then you have the right to change Doctors..... Remember your doctor signed up for a life of Duty of care..... good luck and keep us informed HC xx

  • hello

    no I haven't been tested fro lymes .my dr has never mentioned it and I haven't really heard of it tho someone did ask me once before if I had it.i guess I ll have to wait til I have the op in august and they will then discover whether it is a cyst or whatever. I don't see what else it can be -my ever increasing abdomen.

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